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10 tips to succeed in lawn care and landscaping business

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
Series of articles: launching the lawn care and landscaping business landscape and lawn care services industry how to start the lawn services business and equipment for lawn care and landscaping business marketing and promotion of landscaping or additional services and revenue for lawn stream of landscaping or lawn care business 10 tips for successful lawn care and landscaping business resources to help start landscaping or lawn care business tips for successful lawn care and landscaping how successful business Greening: 1.
Your success in the lawn care and landscaping industry will depend on your preparation for the work and execution.
You need to take the time to evaluate your business and how you do different jobs by asking some key questions: how can you do this more effectively next time?
Have you reached your budget this year?
Is your business profitable?
Do you know the cost of running your device per hour?
Do you know what your overhead costs per hour are? 2.
Closely track the financial performance of the business, especially the cost related to sales.
According to the Journal lawn and landscape, the general industry standards are as follows in terms of sales-related costs: for a maintenance company l5.
Manage your number of workers correctly.
The number of your staff should depend on your typical workload and average size of work.
Avoid having too many or too few crew members on board.
Productivity drops if you have too few employees, and profit margins drop if you have too many.
You don\'t want too many staff to do nothing because you did some small projects for them.
You also don\'t want to rush from job to job because there isn\'t enough crew on board. 6.
Train your crew.
Avoid the crew after arriving at the work place, just idle and nothing but waiting for instructions.
Give them all the necessary instructions and what their responsibility is to make sure the work goes smoothly.
In addition, they need to be trained in various types of plants and other important information about the customer\'s yard.
You don\'t want your team to trim the crape myrtle and then trim the customer\'s award-winning rose plants.
Make sure your crew is friendly and the work is complete and complete.
Before they leave the workplace, make sure they do their job by checking the location and making sure they don\'t do unbalanced work.
Make sure that things in the yard removed during work, such as toys or flower pots, are put back in place.
A good lawn company does not just come out and trim and leave;
They weed the flower beds and water the lawns. 7.
Always use high quality equipment and maintain good maintenance.
Invest in good equipment.
For example, a high-quality Gilmour lawn sprinkler can last longer than a cheap watering tool.
Check all your equipment and tools before going to the work place.
You don\'t want your device to fail at work.
Also, if your employees are not in charge of the equipment, it\'s also likely that they don\'t care what kind of work they do. 8.
Focus on maximizing production and profitability and eliminating wasteful behavior.
One way is to learn to schedule time intelligently.
Quote and arrange work in the same area and same day to reduce travel time and save fuel. 9.
Solve the equipment problem immediately.
If the crew breaks the tool, design a system that forces the crew to report the problem, not just leave the broken tool on the truck.
Specify a place where the crushing tool can be placed.
In this way, when the staff is working, their productivity will not be hindered by tool damage, while others in your team must drive between work and bring tools to replace the damaged tools. 10.
On top of your bill and collection process.
Follow up on the work you provide and make sure you leave a note to your customers that you come to work in their yard.
End the bill in time.
Track bad customers and ensure stable cash flow.
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