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15 things you know if you only wear hoodies

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
When it comes to clothing, the humble hoodie should always be in the front, followed by leggings and of course sweat pants.
The hoodie is comfortable, it is cross functional, it can protect you from bad weather, and most importantly, it is your favorite outfit.
If you don\'t wear anything but a hoodie, there are 15 things you will recognize here.
When you put the hoodie on your head and let it devour your upper body, you will feel like you have slowly fallen into a warm bathtub with candles and a bunch of chocolates.
There is no more comfortable dress in the world than a hoodie.
It\'s a bit like being able to snuggle up and down in a special love blanket all day.
Nothing will shake your spine, and you will suddenly sweat like you realize you are attending an event that requires formal clothing.
You actually considered submitting the notice because the HR department refused your request to allow the hoodie to work.
This has happened several times and, frankly, you plan to consult the union on this.
Without a hoodie you are always looking for something special or funky.
Because of this, you have a lot of things-some are pockets for your essentials, some are not, and some are hood with faux fur lining.
You have a lot of hoodie and you have now created a central file system.
This involves a common project.
Consistent color and comfort.
You won\'t be interested unless it\'s wool.
You refuse to wear anything that is not cheap.
A common misconception about hoodies is that they are only for casual wear, but you want to challenge that.
In fact, you really have an occasion hoodie at a special time in your life.
Just like the Dark Custom hoodie you wore on your first date.
You can\'t think of any other dress that will match every dress you have like a hoodie.
Can you rock the shirt and tie? No, no, you can\'t.
It\'s a bit annoying that you get discriminated against wearing a hoodie.
This is annoying and the message is wrong.
But you understand why it is-everyone is jealous of how comfortable you are. Haters.
It\'s kind of like all parents have a secret favorite kid and you have a favorite hoodie.
Of course, you will never be able to reveal this to many of your other hoodies as it will cause too much commotion and uneasiness.
Perfect for traveling, sleeping, gym, Netflix.
It can even protect you from bad weather and can be said to be more reliable than any umbrella you ever had.
Is there any activity that hoodie is not good for No?
When it comes to birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries, you\'re happy that everyone around you understands your love for the hoodie as they always give you a new hoodie to add to your collection.
They probably don\'t understand that\'s all you give them, but oh, okay.
You have a special hoodie with Rudolph\'s face on it and you take it out every Christmas.
It will light up, of course.
Nothing can bring you more joy like wearing a new hoodie, just immerse yourself in everything it can offer.
Even a free Nandos will not have the same effect.
You\'re sure, thanks to your dedication to the hoodie, you \'ve saved an absolute fortune on the heating bill.
Unless you can get your nana to play her weekly bingo game in a hoodie, you won\'t be resting.
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