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Eleanor Harding and Mark prig of The Daily Mail were published at 12: 26 on April 29, 2013 | update: EDT 02:35, April 30, 2013, this could mean the end of the laundry day-or at least let them do the housework less often.
Manufacturers claim they have invented a shirt that keeps it clean even after 100 days of wearing.
Clothing manufacturers claim that the clothing can effectively resist the smell and smell fresh even after wearing it in strict sports.
It is said that because it is made of wrinkles, no ironing is required
Free materials that can withstand the worst handling.
The American wool Prince says they have developed this shirt for men who hate to wash clothes often.
They sent researchers around the world, wearing shirts, backpacking in the Andes Mountains, dancing at the New York nightclub on the back of sweat stream sweaty, testing their designs.
The shirt is made of wool, six times longer than cotton.
Laboratory tests have shown that wool fibers are able to resist tearing and can be bent more than 20,000 times without breaking.
Cotton broke after 3,200 bend.
The elasticity of wool to wrinkles is also high because it has a natural curl.
The company says that while sweat itself has no smell, it produces an unpleasant smell when Sweat remains on the skin and bacteria grow, but wool reduces the situation, because it absorbs sweat more effectively than other textiles and evaporates it into the air.
The company spent six months developing trade. marked Cotton-
The shirt is made of soft wool.
A spokesman said we used the best wool shirt yarn.
It is usually reserved for the luxury fashion industry.
Our fabric will redefine what you think about wool.
The company says they don\'t want anyone to wear their shirts for 100 consecutive days and they have to wash them at some point.
One of the testers, consultant Aaron Flack, said: \"When I run around the city, I knead it in a ball and put it on the bottom of my backpack to see if I can ruin it.
No luck-ready to wear every time.
Investors in the company can buy these shirts starting at £ 63 each.
Normal retail prices have not been announced.
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