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by:QiMeng     2019-10-11
The French capital Paris, with its splendor and architectural beauty, became the star of Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, as some houses were carefully designed for outdoor display on the most iconic square in Paris.
Louis Vuitton uses the smearing of the new bridge to show its blooming flowers --
Theme men\'s design
Guests including model Gigi Hadid, NBA star LeBron James and actor Joel Edgerton sit in a bistro chair sipping Vuitton\'s coffee and eating designer\'s
The place of Vosges is the stage for San Zhai\'s life choice, and even by the standards of fashion week, it is a rare thing.
In the 17th-century square, Franco used it very calmly.
The grand music festival held by the Japanese pavilion to honor the civilians.
Here are some highlights of men\'s spring --
Summer 2020 series.
The onlookers of Louis wutton\'s time saw this spectacular scene and stopped to watch it.
Elastic Castle, balloon sculpture, Louis Vuitton-
Brand flags, and even Louis Vuitton\'s crepes stand are on the square of Dauphine, a square that is usually very quiet --
Among Parisians, the spring product of designer Vergil Arbor is known as the walking territory.
This season, the theme of Abloh is blooming flowers.
He used it in floral garlands accessories and loose silk twill shirts or bouquet prints on a silk hoodie with streetswise edge.
But he also used it as a metaphor to make a show, at the heart of which is to grow and develop personal identity as a boy.
\"Young people\'s experiences in clothing and fashion have not yet been influenced by social planning in their youth days.
Our exploration of the dress code has been liberated. . .
\"Social norms, gender conventions,\" explains Abloh . \".
The idea became a springboard for a lot of experiments in 58 appearances.
Big straw hats, loose purple-red skirts, rolling gray poncho, white rubber boots, and a few that look intertwined with a big kite.
But while there are a lot of ideas, there is a kind of emptiness in some appearances, which seems to be more about delivering a forced message than a wearable aesthetic.
Miyake\'s party in the park if the setting of one of the most beautiful squares in Paris looks grand, then the fashion show of the latest series of Homme Plisse in Sanzhai life is a suitable occasion.
This is a program different from other programs.
Models dance with umbrellas, run, play football, tie ribbons on the colorful flagpole, and finally start a full game
At the carnival in the park, bands and drummers are everywhere.
Even if it\'s regular-
The fashionista of Lip\'s mouth got up and danced.
With all the commotion, some people almost forget the reason why they came: clothes.
This is a simple but efficient collection of loose proportions.
As shown in the brand name (
\"Plisse\" means \"ple\" in French)
This is the signature of a house that shows a lot of bouncing and folds.
In fact, the use of folds and cuts
The edge technology in fabric construction was originally responsible for making the house founder Sanzhai famous during the 80-year-old heyday. Eye-
The stunning colors are pink, bright mid-blue, lavender blue, straw yellow, and Venetian red, which add a summer lift to the simple outline for the folds to speak.
A simple tubular trousers were given a sublime piece of paper
It feels good because of the crisp folds.
A blue loose hat shirt that looks almost luxurious as the folds of the interlocks fall and bounce from different angles.
Still not sure if the Homme Plisse series will be a permanent fixture on the Paris calendar.
Owens said he was stimulated by the United States. S.
President Donald Trump\'s policy on the Mexican border wall is to explore his own personal Mexican heritage on this season\'s show.
The references produce a typical funky and sophisticated presentation, but it seems to be just a very loose presentation based on the Mexican theme.
A key look is sharp
Shoulder custom silhouette, often on the bare chest.
Owens said it sometimes has a dizzying sequel, \"just like the folk dress my mom wore at the School Games where she grew up in Puebla, Mexico.
Raised in Southern California by a native Mexican mother, Owens said his father worked with Mexican migrant farm workers, which affected his creative process here.
Long hair with center-
Apart, perhaps a recognition of the Native American style, the proportion of cowboy boots is bold in addition to the large leather platform.
The logo of the immigrant farmer features the Aztec Eagle in coats and T-shirts.
The exhibition is set in the fountain district of Tokyo Palace, featuring sculptures by British contemporary artist Thomas Houseago, who said \"it has also been taking into account border walls and azz\" Hieroglyphic-
Decorated with aggressive shape straps
In tribute to house ago, wear the black trousers of the wax \"megalace.
But other styles, including bodysuits and silver jackets, blend the cosmic and space Ages of Gnan rock in a stylish mad hat melting pot.
The latest design ideas of christian louboutin, a famous shoemaker, include Christian Louboutin\'s jewellery red casual shoes and shoes flashing with silver leather tassels and paint spots.
The French fashion star presented his 2020 spring designs in a celebrity show --filled circus-
The theme party was held at the Paris amusement park museum on Wednesday evening.
\"Riverdale\" actor Charles Melton and singer Mika are among the guests who have been chewing popcorn and marshmallow since yesterday and playing a wooden fun fair game.
Some take selfies with performers on stilts, while others try to avoid clowns playing with fire.
The 90-year-old pop star Robin S\'s \"Show Me Love\" reputation has made revelers hit the dance floor at a party that\'s already gone --
Tired fashionista sleep time.
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