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1978-1998 vector

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Propaganda of vehicles and drivers-
Other magazines from around the world have also joined the vector parade.
The propaganda of the car is trying to maintain financial support for the company and there is no sign that the car is about to be produced.
At 1984, Wiegert has restructured his company and started another media blitz.
Vector: The fastest investment in the world is titled in a brochure that promotes the company\'s product and capital needs.
In addition to the information cited in the literature \"producing\" cars, the brochure also comes with an order for advertising vector goods: T-
Shirt with vector logo, polo shirt and flight jacket included.
For product information, video tapes, posters and three kits ranging from $15 to $75 are available.
Nevertheless, the issue of currency continues.
International (vector car
New name of company)
Allow the car to be hired to increase exposure and raise much needed cash.
Therefore, the vector can be seen in the advertisement of the Timex watch, the Medas silencer.
Chevron Petroleum and vantage cigarettes.
Tommy Lee Jones\'s film Black Moon rises also features it.
In 1987, Wiegert reorganized the company again, this time vector airlines.
Now, on the North Ocean Drive in Wilmington, California, the group seems ready to sell cars.
AutoWeek magazine to 8-
Cover Story.
This article uses a large number of references from Strother McMinn, a teacher at the school of design, arts center, to describe Wiegert (
\"He shows a variety of talents, including sensitive skills, and he is a bit like a businessman \")and his car (
\"As the machine itself ,[the Vector]
Great potential. \").
However, the author Mandel of the Netherlands compared the plant to Peter Pan\'s Neverland and compared himself to P. T. Barnum.
Mandel concluded that the vector \"is a long way from production.
After the article was published, Wiegert and Vector filed a $5 million lawsuit on the grounds of defamation.
The lawsuit did not succeed, but it set a pattern for some cases that ultimately helped fund vector reasons.
Other actions include R. J. Reynolds (
The use of vectors in cigarette advertising is not ideal)and Goodyear (
Trademark infringement of their vector tires).
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