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20% more parents turning to moneylenders to cover back-to-school costs

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
It\'s August.
You know what that means and the countdown to getting the kids back to school has already started.
But it\'s not a kid\'s game to have your star students prepare for another semester, which is quite expensive. Over one-
Ireland\'s third parent faces debt repaymentto-
According to the survey of the Irish credit union, the cost of the school.
Of the parents who participated in the national study, nearly 70% saidto-
School expenses are an economic burden.
Nearly half of the parents surveyed said they were most worried about the cost of bringing their children back to the classroom rather than about making friends and settling in.
Paul Bailey, head of marketing and communications at ILCU, commented on the findings;
\"Although our economy is recovering at the moment, families are still struggling to cope with the cost of sending their children to school.
\"Monetary guarantees and the difficulties surrounding the approval procedures for banks and credit cooperatives are some of the reasons for choosing a lender as the preferred financing option.
More worrying is that more than three
Several quarters of the group acknowledged that they would use the debt lender again this year to pay the money. to-school spend.
Most parents believe that Irish schools are not doing enough to reduce costs.
Some suggestions on how schools can help reduce costs include reducing book prices or introducing a book rental program, as well as choosing a general uniform or even a free uniform.
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Cost of school uniform
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Commenting on the scope, Finbar McCarthy, group buying director at Aldi Ireland, said: \"Parents are familiar with the annual consensus competition, and we are here to help reduce returns --to-
Without damaging the bank.
\"Every year, families across the country are under tremendous pressure --to-schoolexpenses.
From books to stationery, all the expenses add up.
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