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4/20 \'protestival\' still raising a stink after 25 years

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
After 25 years, 4/20 is bigger and better than ever
But Vancouver has caused a stir.
More than six months have passed since the Canadian government legalized recreational marijuana, but local organizers who support marijuana
Cannabis protests and farmers\' markets say that while some local officials have requested payment and/or leave the Sunset Beach, they see no reason to stop now.
Some people mistakenly believe that 4/20 \"protestival\" will be reduced after October.
2018, when the first BC.
The cannabis store was opened in Kamloops, and in the subsequent months the licensed private store opened.
But organizer Dana Larsen says there\'s a lot more to play.
About 300 vendors paid rent, and hundreds of tents were installed free of charge in the suburbs of the main activity area of Sunset Beach.
Headline Hill booked the California hip-hop legend.
When it rained last year, the crowd was estimated at about 40,000 people.
This year, with plenty of sunshine, music performances are also important and much larger.
Vancouver police said at a press conference, just before 4: 30. m.
The population has reached a peak of about 60,000 people.
In tents, dry marijuana and oil are still available per ounce at a lower price than the government charges for legal items.
Many vendors sell food and concentrates, although they have been illegal until next fall.
Some sell illegal \"magic\" naked covered mushrooms.
Wearing a tie
Dyes, marijuana, animal clothing and body
In addition to Lululemon and crisp polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, there is also paint. Old-
School protesters were with young masons and enjoyed the Easter weekend.
Vancouver police have warned vendors that they will be arrested if they sell goods to minors.
Postmedia News has followed the identity cards of several vendors.
Still, many young teenagers were hit by bongs at Sunset Beach.
But it\'s not clear if they\'re smoking government marijuana stolen from their parents\' warehouses, or if they \'ve managed to get around the \"get ID, kid?
The policy is in place.
Behind the scenes-
Social media and traditional media in particular
Organizers, politicians and experts took weeks to scoff at the event.
Some municipal politicians want 4/20 of their money to stay in order and leave the public park, or they will be forgotten.
Last year, organizers said they paid the city and park council about $63,000 in activity-related fees, but the city said the event eventually cost more than $237,000.
4/20 The organizer continues to refuse to pay the police fee for the event, which has exceeded $120,000 over the past two years.
On Friday, MP Melissa De Genova said that she intended to bring a motion to the council to recover all costs from the 4/20 organizers and to trace suppliers, contractors who made profits from the event.
In addition, on Friday, producers and organizers of local events, including the president of the Canadian live broadcast country and the executive director of the Vancouver Pride Association, signed an open letter calling on the city and Parks Commission to do about 4/20.
\"We believe our standards should apply to every event in the city, with no exceptions --
\"There is a need to develop a safety plan, guidelines and pay for services,\" they wrote . \".
\"Holding other events or festivals other than entertainment or festivals should not prevent organizers from following all the same rules.
\"We estimate that 65,000 of Vancouver\'s attendance is 150,000, with a total attendance rate of 4/20.
Organizer Dana Larsen said that despite \"a lot of harassment\" in advance, he felt great this year, about 4/20 people.
Larsen is optimistic that this year\'s sunny weather and the lawn protection they rent for the field will prevent any damage to the grass, adding: \"although I\'m pretty sure the park Council will shut it down anyway. \".
He estimated that the event would cost more than $300,000, including $30,000 for lawn Protection, $25,000 for toilets and $20,000 for safety, the rest of the expenses are for the caregiver, the stage, the cleaning and other expenses.
He said the event donated $12,600 to local charities, including $4,200 to Variety, CKNW Children\'s Fund and the Association for excessive prevention.
Larsen said 4/20 of the people still won\'t pay for the police, saying the police were too expensive to unfairly hurt local activity.
\"I think we should do everything fairly --
Protests, festivals, sports, parades.
I think policing should be seen as community service, and police services should be provided regardless of whether one of you or 100,000 people are on the beach, \"he said.
Larsen said 4/20 is still a protest because the cost of legal marijuana is still prohibitive, the law is more punitive than alcohol, and people are still charged or continued due to past marijuana charges
Organizers will continue to apply to the park Council for a permit, he said.
At the same time, he said the rebound allowed them to move on.
\"If your main concern is only the relatively small amount of money spent by the police in our 4/20 protests, and you are not angry at the billions of dollars spent by our country, it is still arrest, harassment and persecution of cannabis users and all other drug users, and then you are the people and mentality we are protesting here, \"he said.
\"Because the legalization of marijuana and the end of the entire drug war will save billions of dollars and bring billions of dollars in taxes.
According to tradition, about 4 p. m.
In a speech to the crowd, Larsen reiterated the continuation of 4/20 of the information.
Long-time cannabis activist Neil Magnuson then sang \'O\' cannabis, a green leaf ode he wrote to the tune of the national anthem.
\"We\'re here because we\'re protesting marijuana laws, but we\'re really here for freedom,\" Magnuson shouted on the stage . \".
\"This is the most beneficial and least --
Dangerous matter on Earth, if your civil servant can tell you that you can\'t have it, or that you are a criminal, then damn, you are not free. ”At 4:10 p. m.
The crowd dispersed in front of the stage and sat on the grass, while those filled with bags of hundreds of joints threw them into the fog at 4: 20m.
About 20 minutes later, California hip-hop legend Cypress Mountain strolls on the hazy stage, low-key but thoroughpleased crowd.
\"Happy Vancouver 4/20, are you ready? ” asked B-
It was true before marijuana.
Love groups enter their tracks \"roll it up, light it up, pull it up.
\"Just like in the past few years, some 4/20-year-old people have a little too much love for marijuana. By 6 p. m.
21 attendees went to St.
Providence Medical spokesman Ann Gibbon said Paul\'s emergency department.
She added that one person had symptoms of epilepsy and the other person had a \"decreased level of consciousness\" and was being treated in the Department of trauma at the hospital.
\"People came in mainly with food-related issues,\" she said . \".
Symptoms of overeating usually include nausea, anxiety, weakness and paranoia, Gibbon said.
Cpl, Vancouver police spokesman.
Jason Robillard said there were no major incidents to be reported in VPD after the incident, but officials did help B. C.
Emergency medical services with more than 14 medical emergencies. Traffic-
He added that law enforcement officers issued more than 30 tickets and investigated three people who had been damaged by driving.
\"Today is a great example of extraordinary teamwork between the Vancouver police, other emergency personnel, the Vancouver Park Council and the City of Vancouver, providing a safe environment at large events, he said.
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