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420\'s long, strange trip to pot holiday began in california

by:QiMeng     2019-09-08
San Rafael, California
Friday is April 20, 4/20.
This is the digital code for cannabis high holidays, a tribute to the lasting appeal of cannabis, and a common slang for smoking.
The celebration is planned to take place globally and eventually smoke simultaneously at 4: 20. m.
What about marijuana-
It is believed that this world of love dates back to five Northern California men who are now in their 60 s with bad back and white hair.
They are unofficial masters because they created code almost 50 years ago as a student at suburban high school in San Francisco in 1971.
\"We thought it was a joke at the time,\" said David redikes, a filmmaker and retired CNN photographer. \"We still do.
Reddix and four of his friends
Steve Karp, Larry Schwartz, Jeff Noel and Mark greevich
Is a stoner group, hanging out on the wall between a class at San Rafael High School.
They call themselves \"Waldos\", a term created by comedian Buddy Hackett to describe eccentric people.
One afternoon in the fall of 1971
Waldo came to the wall with an intriguing story and a rough map.
This map shows the location of the hemp garden in the forest near Reyes national coast.
The classmate said it was his brother\'s. in-
The law, the Reserve personnel of the Coast Guard stationed at Reyes point.
The classmate explained to his brotherin-
The law is paranoid about exposing and cleaning up the protected area, giving up ownership of the garden.
He handed the map to Capper and said Waldos were welcome to join marijuana.
Five excited friends plan to find weeds after school and decide to meet at 4: 20 in front of the Louis bath statue at schoolm.
When the two of them finished their football practice
They squeezed into the Capper\'s 1966 Chevrolet Impala, in a Grateful Dead 8-
When they arrived on the coast 45 minutes by car, track tape and joints passed on.
Now five in the middle.
The class father, wearing a polo shirt and khaki cloth trousers, laughed as he rolled from the smoke of marijuana --
When they arrived at their destination, they were filled with cars.
\"The film was directed by Cheech and Chong,\" Schwartz said . \".
They didn\'t find the patch that day, but vowed to keep searching.
If a new attempt is planned, they will whisper \"420 Louis\" to each other in the hall, indicating that they should meet at 4: 20m.
In front of the Buster statue
No patch found.
\"We may be too Stone,\" Schwartz said . \".
But \"420 Louis\" was labeled with the code \"let\'s get Hi on the statue after school.
Soon after, it was shortened to 420, meaning \"make us high everywhere \".
\"There are a lot of reasons why teenagers use code to talk about smoking marijuana in 1971.
Cannabis\'s growing social tolerance has been around for decades, and people have been sentenced to severe jail terms after being caught with a small amount of marijuana.
Another important reason: Noel\'s father is a drug agent at the California Department of Justice.
\"He has a hint of US smoking,\" Noel said . \".
\"But I don\'t think he ever caught up with 420.
The five Waldos have never left, and they are all very close.
Greevich\'s youngest daughter went to school at his alma mater. his eldest daughter graduated recently.
Both said they had long known that their father had been involved in creating 420 people.
\"The kids here think it\'s cool,\" said Julia greevich, a sophomore.
Until they start hanging out in the back of the Thanksgiving Death concert, the code is still limited to Waldo\'s social circle.
Reddix\'s brother is a friend of the band member Phil Lesh, which led to the back office pass and smoking sessions with band members and other members who picked up the code.
The figure really began to circulate in late 1980, when leaflets were distributed at the death concert, announcing that 420 was the password for stoner culture.
The leaflet continues to explain that 420 is a marijuana smoking code that California police are working on.
No, but this and other origins stories continue to circulate to Capper and Reddix promising to keep as much evidence as possible that they are the originators.
They found the Coast Guard Reserve, recorded his memories, confirmed that he had planted a cannabis garden and mapped out a treasure hunt.
With his permission, they obtained his Coast Guard records showing that he was stationed at Reyes point in due course.
They keep these records in a safe rented by a bank in San Francisco, where they also store other documents, including letters with postmarks they exchanged in the middle
Discuss 1970 of 420.
As it happens, the address of the Bank of San Francisco is 420 Montgomery Street.
After reviewing Waldo\'s records, the Oxford English Dictionary added 420 of the vocabulary last year and credited these people to the creators.
Over the years, using this number has earned millions of dollars from T-
There are shirts and hats for 420 cannabis businesses.
The hotel and travel companies promote themselves as \"420 friendly\" and the dating site contains a list of \"420 compatible\" people.
Even though dozens of 420
The relevant trademarks have been issued to companies, and Waldos holds only one copy.
But they started to cash, even a little bit.
Beer Brewing Co. , Ltd.
In the nearby Petaluma, it will release the season\'s \"special Voldo beer\" on April 20 \".
The brewery offers five lifetime passes for free beer.
The Waldos also reached their first deal with cannabis.
They support the Auckland company\'s vaping pen, which will be released at 4: 20 on Friday. m.
All five plans will attend the company\'s launch party and plan to donate revenue to the Drug Policy Coalition, a non-profit organization that lobby for the legalization of marijuana.
\"Everyone cashed out cash on 420,\" Noel said . \". \"Why not us?
The story corrects the name of Julia greevich, not Sophia.
Elias is a member of the Associated Press cannabis strike team.
Follow him.
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