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5 family birthday traditions

by:QiMeng     2019-10-06
1 start treasure hunt children and adults will have treasure hunt!
These organized searches can be a fun and competitive way to celebrate family members\' birthdays.
Simply divide each person into groups and ask them to name their own team.
It\'s always fun to put a crown on the head of the birthday boy, and if your party is big enough, create a custom T-shirts (
\"Mike\'s 30 th birthday! \")
Can enhance the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
Next, distribute a list of items found in or near the house (for kids)
Or in town (for adults).
Kids can look for things like candy and dolls, while more mature people can look for photos of someone with a hairy mul or a single eyebrow.
You do not have to actually collect these items;
You can take digital photos of what you found.
No matter which team finds everything on the list and lets it win back first.
Give the winner a prize, maybe a gift card or a stupid trophy, and he will be allowed to keep it for next year\'s treasure hunt.
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