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5 ways society trains men to expect sex from women

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
Are you familiar with the stereotype of \"good people?
It was a man who took the time to be with a woman, bought her things, praised her, smothered her, but more out of the hope of finally getting into her pants, not true friendship.
Then, when a sexual relationship never develops, he becomes painful and angry because he feels that all the \"good\" things he does have him get sex.
This is a toxic relationship for this man and his apparent friend, coincidentally.
But this character is not produced in a vacuum.
This is how it happened.
Pop culture tells people that I\'m going to start with talking about it and being passive is rewarding because I\'m a hipster and know what kids like these days.
In my years of growing up, I have seen a lot of things to soften my amazing athletic abilities, and if there is a lesson about interpersonal relationships, being passive is more effective than being honest.
The longest performance
From the first episode to the end of season 7, the plot of run is that Niles is attracted to Daphne, but too weak to do anything about it.
Don\'t just say \"Hey, I like you, want a coffee and a joke about the opera ? \"?
\"He secretly smelled her hair, looked at her body, came up with some thin excuse to touch her, to be alone with her, to spy on her, to sneak into her room, help her.
He did everything you could think of and he would leave without the track to laugh --putting.
In rare cases, he believes that honesty, disaster almost strikes, and he is portrayed as a wise man who continues to suppress his feelings.
Then, just before Daphne got married, fate brought them together, and he took the courage to admit his love.
She loves him too, of course, because you won\'t spend seven years building a plot point just to throw it away.
So Daphne abandoned her groom, and she and Niles lived happily ever after.
If you\'re not familiar with the storyline because you\'re young, or, uh, one person, that\'s half of all the popular cultures that involve relationships.
The message over and over is that if you are too shy to tell a woman that you are attracted to them, you just need to go around and eventually there will be a situation, let you sweep them out.
It may take years, but if you are a good friend or an interesting partner
Romance will inevitably bloom.
True love is a video game owner and all you need to do is grind the exp before you are ready to face it.
The female role has never been represented in this regard.
When this guy says he\'s been in love with her since he first saw her drinking cod at The Cannery eight years ago, they\'re always fascinated (spoilers for ).
Because what lessons will these shows bring if patience and effort are rewarded?
So many popular cultures equate temptation with cleaning the garage and the like.
All you need to do is invest your time quietly without fussing or complaining, and you\'ll be able to finish the project in the end.
Persistence is more important than honesty.
When it comes to pursuing a woman, there is a line between persistence and harassment, but not in popular culture ---
If the two characters are \"destined\" together, \"no\" is just a more dramatic \"yes\" in the future \".
All this reinforces the subtle illusion of good people.
Despite the stereotype that men are willing to beat any woman with a pulse, some men would rather wrestle with Lions than approach women.
Everything about dating is exhausting and scary for them as we will discuss this later.
So all these stories about meek men falling into perfect relationships convince them that they are right not to invite women they like to eat, watch movies or the new Hollywood Executive Office --
Theme escape room today
If women hold on to them, they will eventually find that their long secrets will be lovely, which is an anxiety --
Reduce godsend
So they have been waiting for the \"right\" time.
But that time will never come because their lives are not written by hackers.
So they feel pain and frustration because they don\'t just feel rejected;
They felt like they were cheated, just like they were love, but somehow they were rejected.
The reason they feel this way is because. .
If you ask a good man if they respect a woman, they will promise without hesitation.
They often do so in many ways.
They would condemn harassment in the most common form, such as unsolicited pictures of Dick, rather than shutting down David Foster Wallace.
They will support feminist policies such as abortion and birth control.
They laughed at the women and lonely boys who screamed death threats because Laura Croft was wearing the wrong one.
New color shirt.
Society begins to do a decent job, teaching good people to treat women as human beings, not to conquer.
But society has also done a terrible job of teaching men that sex is an interesting cooperative activity rather than a reward that a woman sees fit.
So while many men in the past few generations think female orgasm is a myth and the clit is an African insect, it is important that most good people easily accept the sexual satisfaction of women.
But in conveying this message, we accidentally start telling men that while it is wrong in most cases to try to seduce a woman, you \'d better be at this point when sex happens
Think about it, how do we laugh at men who break sexual ideas, hold different political opinions, or just aren\'t likable, probably because they don\'t have a culture.
They may have a small penis that doesn\'t last long, can\'t find a clit, and can\'t find a female orgasm.
They are not good at meeting the sexual needs of women, which means they are bad guys.
How many jokes have you seen about Donald Trump? He has a little dick.
Good Men, they usually have no sexual experience (
Keep in mind that a style of pop culture makes men ashamed of virgins)
When people joke that a politician has said something stupid about women\'s rights, he must have the sexual vitality of the sleeping banana nose slug worm, I will have a good laugh.
But inside they will think, \"Oh my God, is that me too ? \"?
\"This is equivalent to men, and some men want women to be the impossible combination of experienced sexual vitality in bed and pure virgins in public.
Good people are taught that they need to respect women, and they are not accurately interpreted to obey them endlessly.
But if there is sex, if they do anything but give a woman more than one Earth, they will be humiliated
Break the climax.
We treat sex like DC treats their movie world because we seriously exaggerate how incredible every time we go out.
It\'s a subtle, obnoxious way to reinforce the outdated view that women are sex gatekeepers who can make up whenever and wherever they are, but like porn spoof villains
The value of a person still depends on how often he can get it.
Good people just think that the key is to over-flattering and unwanted gifts, not to trap a woman in a hotel room.
If someone starts joking about how strange it is
It must be terrible to put women on their heads, because they simplify her role in society to sexual behavior, and they are naturally punished.
But we still think it is appropriate and interesting to reduce strange, unusual behavior.
Put men on people who can\'t satisfy women if life depends on women (
As we will see, good people think their life depends on it).
Searching for \"little penis\" or \"clit\" on Twitter, once you \'ve filtered out a ton of shocking porn, it\'s an endless parade, people attacked men they thought were short-staffed.
We connect men\'s selves.
Their sexual skills are worth it, and then humiliate them for lack of sexual skills.
It\'s not surprising. -
This is done to women somewhere between most of history and all. -
But it makes good people think they don\'t have any value or power.
That\'s why when they think that the woman they are pursuing continues to treat them as if she thought he was a friend of the permaculture, resentment and anxiety can have an impact on the good people.
He thinks that everything he does is right and he has shown that he is interested in being a woman as a person, rather than holding on to sex as improperly as any celebrity did when you read the article.
Then, when sex never happens, good people don\'t just think they are rejected;
They think they are not enough.
There is nothing more annoying than thinking that others think you are not good enough.
The fact is, the situation is getting worse. . .
If there is a pop culture prototype that gives the impression of good people more than milquetast dude, who is caught in love, we will hype up the romantic failure, which is a warning from those sad old people, if you don\'t follow a girl like a puppy until she has sex with you (
Hope not like a puppy. Remember ?
A full film about how sexuality makes you a frustrated loser destined for an empty life?
This is the most feared fate of good people.
They were told that friendship with only one woman was not good enough ---
They fail if they don\'t go to bed.
Again, how do we fire people we don\'t like?
Why are they in the basement?
Of course, the virgin who will die alone. That\'s the go-
Dismiss someone immediately because his opinion is irrelevant.
I\'m not saying you should be more sympathetic to death. threat-
Send the bastard, but think about the message.
If a terrible person is lonely and unsexual, then the implicit opposite is true ---
Being alone and not sexy makes you a terrible person.
\"But that\'s not what people mean!
\"Sure, but if you\'re already feeling anxious, you\'ll explain it that way.
This is a message from a society to men (and women, )endlessly.
But shouldn\'t this inspire good people to take a sip and ask women out in a right, respectful way?
Yes, just like your motivation to not be nervous before a big exam or interview ---
In fact, this did not prevent many people from getting butterflies, nor did they accidentally tell the interviewer that their biggest weakness was the \"amulet \".
\"For good people, they are not just asking a woman out for coffee to see if they click;
They are rolling the dice to see if they will suffer in the rest of their lives.
Tell men over and over again that their value lies in having a woman in life.
That\'s how we let men choose between asking a woman out and facing a firing squad, and they will think repeatedly about whether they are ready to meet their creators.
This is partly because we paint a good relationship very low. key.
There is an obsession with finding \"that\" through grand romantic gestures, because when couples buy groceries and then fall asleep before a baseball game, the potential for storytelling is small, because they are all exhausted.
You only learn about these aspects in a relationship, but if you are too worried about potential possibilities to even try, you can\'t be in a relationship.
In the same way, women always feel the pressure.
There are thousands of terrible rom
About Women and trendy, lovely friends who have a great career in publishing or baking, but it is said that they missed something in a sad life because they didn\'t have an ordinary handsome man.
But it is presented to men in a more subtle way.
How long will pop culture describe a rejected person as a normal and ordinary person, and how long will it be funny and humiliating?
Politely invite someone out and politely be told no, there is no comedy or drama and both are continuing their lives.
Such a good man has seen countless stories in which women have vented their creepy encounters with the men who interrupted their lives, which surprised them.
Venting is understandable. -
If I am constantly harassed by my beautiful outline while running errands, I will also be very angry.
But the ultimate impression of good people is that meeting is either a complete success or a reminder of why people are invented.
They think there is no room for mistakes because people have been worried that failure will end in loneliness and humiliation.
This is a cruel contradiction.
Good people are told they need to meet new people, but they will be laughed at if they make a little mistake.
This makes it difficult to ask someone if they want to watch a movie and then talk for hours about why it\'s bad.
Especially since. .
Women must avoid offending men, and the strange idea that makes men complain about classic good people is that women are only interested in assholes.
This is usually said after their crush had the courage to date someone who actually asked her out, not the one who bought her so much unsolicited coffee that she could pass.
\"Asshole\" made us imagine a stereotype that smelled like a body spray and called a woman a slut, but it might have been imagined by a good man, they really mean anyone who is not as afraid of taking action as they are.
Maybe he even makes gentle fun of her at times, rather than endlessly flattering her from under the huge pedestal!
This caused some people to complain that they were in so-
Known as the friends zone, it\'s a love that doesn\'t pay off and they come together with gangs to complain about how unpopular they are.
\"She said she liked plush toys, so I bought her 30 and got off work on Friday and arranged them at her house, however, would she rather have a date with a man who only bought her one and then spent Friday with friends?
This is too bullshit!
\"Maybe someone told the good man,\" I value you very much, like a friend \"or\" you are like my brother \"or\" I suppress all sexual desire and I want to retaliate against the murderer who killed my parents.
\"Life tip: each of these statements is a polite code of\" I don\'t want you to be disappointed.
\"There may be various reasons for this, from your sense of humor to your ugly but highlighted collection of Blu-ray
But they don\'t matter.
Why don\'t they come out?
If men look at women (in a non-creepy way)
For a long time, they noticed that women were encouraged to let men down gently.
Maybe it\'s time to make an office lunch plan, maybe it\'s time to get hit in a bar.
If it is the former, women will be taught that it is a sin to create conflict and annoy others to make them look mean, or at least, if you insist on Thai, steve, an accountant, will be unhappy all day.
If it is the latter, women are taught that being harsh on men can lead to men killing them.
How often do you hear \"I\'m not interested in you, please don\'t talk to me\" when a woman is hit \"?
It\'s usually more like \"You look good, but we have a girl\'s night tonight\" or \"I really have to go, I have an early morning due to a rare illness, I can only mate at the full moon.
\"Then the guy went back to his friend and complained that she was an ugly B ** h.
Even if a man thinks a woman has power, it is a dynamic, because women sometimes say no boldly.
Therefore, men punish women for being honest and then cannot or will not read between the lines, thus believing that a woman\'s polite resistance can be overcome.
For good people, this means doubling down on \"assholes\" who are not as good as they are \".
Wow, she must have thought our friendship was incredible!
I \'d better make her feel that romance is worth taking risks!
I know she wants a cat, but her boyfriend is allergic, so I\'m going to adopt 12 of them and give her a key to my house, so she can visit them at any time!
\"It rarely becomes\" and so on, if she values me so much, why is it that I am the only one to initiate a conversation and give gifts? \" because self-
Reflection is hard and denial is comforting in the short term.
Insisting that women always deal with the man\'s self like babies, blame women for not responding to sexual interests because their safety response is considered a shy joke.
A simple \"I\'m not interested in you because of X\", whether X is a strong political point of view, a different standard of household cleaning, or some strange intangible element, it is dangerous for women and painful for men.
Good people will continue to exist until we do not punish women who say this and teach men that it is not the end of the world to hear it. But for now . . .
It all creates a cycle of punishment, so what do you get when you add it all up, except for a younger, more stupid self, he spent a lot of time Googling what is a \"normal\" romantic milestone and panicking about the results?
You will make people who feel that they are fundamentally broken, so believe that they are rejected, and what they are often told is a normal life experience.
Have you ever seen a joke about being a straight person like living in a relaxed mode?
No, if that\'s the case with you, I\'m not going to complain loudly that straight people are actually oppressed.
But the message to good people is that they fail on something that should be easy for them.
No one likes to fail, but it\'s especially painful when you\'re told it\'s important and only losers fail.
At the risk of breaking the schedule of countless porn fan novels about me, I started a little slow in the romance department.
Since then, I have understood this as much as anyone else and have sex with enough women to realize that the whole thing is a bit exaggerated (
Although fan fiction is correct about how good I am in this area).
Relationships and sex can be fun and helpful, but they shouldn\'t define you and there\'s something worse in life than being single.
But before you understand that, you really feel like a loser.
With each passing day, you believe you will fall behind the curve more and more.
It becomes a self.
Fulfill the prophecy.
You lack experience in relationships with others, but you swear you need some experience to start a relationship.
You feel trapped in a deep, dark pit without any tools to start a long climb.
Part of you don\'t even want to start climbing because it\'s terrible.
So it will eat you and every bite will make you less healthy.
This may be a difficult topic, as it is understandable to some extent that the lack of experience in romance is punished.
This lack of experience can make women feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or even threatened, and any story of a man\'s sadness cannot or should be prioritized.
No one has the right to enjoy sex and love, even if you are a good person, even if the lack of sex and love in your life is painful.
Good people have to accept the fact that doing the right thing and being a better person is a process that may mean that they have to deal with this pain indefinitely.
But this is better than continuing to hold on to the impossible.
A big turning point in my stupid life was when I finally got the courage to show romantic interest in a friend, she said no, when people gathered together to laugh at me, instead of being the spotlight, we continue to be friends and life continues.
Once you start getting some dating experience, you will understand the rejection because you start giving instead of accepting the rejection.
You will date and love women for a variety of different reasons, but will not date or want to sleep with them.
This does not mean that any of you are bad guys.
Unless you refuse them because they are super racists.
We are in a big change because of the sexual assault that was once covered up under the carpet, and the powerful are brought to the task.
This is not only an opportunity to clean the house, but also an opportunity for men to re-examine the basic way of looking at women.
For good people, it means understanding that women don\'t owe you anything, there is nothing wrong or shameful about just being friends, you should be honest with your emotions and accept the fact that, that is, although rejection is bad, your life will continue.
Because in the end, men and women are the people who should be.
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