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6 budgeting tips to combat back to school blues

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
August is usually the month to organize children to start school or return to school.
This is a concern for many parents-the cost is the top priority of the worry list.
There have been many recent surveys, including the latest survey by barnardos, indicating that the cost of returning to school in the country and in secondary schools is increasing.
And for those with low incomes, there is some financial support, in fact, all parents still find it difficult, especially if they don\'t budget for it . . . . . . So here are 6 suggestions that you might find helpful
Ed: If you do that, it\'s a compliment! ].
This may help measure how much more you may need this year.
For this purpose, you may even deposit an amount in an ordinary savings account every month (
Best Regular savings-save between 100 and 1,000 euros per month for the agreed 12 months and withdraw money at any time --is EBS’s 3%. . . ).
If you don\'t, it may be time to start thinking next year.
Money must come from somewhere . . . . . . Check what you have and write down what you need-see what else can be used or passed on to another child if you have a child.
Of course, you can sell last year\'s books before you buy a new book.
You may be forced to buy from a supplier at the school.
Check if it\'s possible to get out of these vendors-for example, you can be allowed to put a badge on a school uniform you buy from outside.
If you feel the school\'s suppliers are too expensive, don\'t be afraid to tell the management committee.
Ask your school or other parents to see if there is a second
Plan unified sales.
Some websites or local groups on social media sites are also on salehand uniforms.
Pay attention to the special promotion activities of the school uniform store, such as \"3 to 2\" for items such as shirts and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale \".
Try to buy regular outfits like gray skirts or pants.
These are all good for big chains. But keep in mind that stocks don\'t last when demand is high, so it\'s a good idea to buy early instead of waiting until the start of the new school year.
Some chain stores discount school uniforms at the end of September or the end of October, so you can buy a few pieces for your child in a larger size in the second year.
Second check outhand books.
You can buy the second one --
Due to the school book website, the hand school book (e. g.
& Name only 2)selling second-
You are also allowed to sell the hand book of your book through their website.
If you buy the second one
Hand school book make sure to check first if your school needs you to get a specific version or if they have a book --lending scheme.
Everything is labeled for quality.
Clothes are constantly lost or stolen, so label everything-the more it stands out on your child\'s sportswear or jumper, the easier it will be to identify.
In the long run, cheap buying is not necessarily the case.
If that means a year instead of 6 months for a bag, it might be better to buy a more expensive bag.
Review the school lunch.
Instead of buying pre-
Buy lunch for your child and prepare lunch at home.
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