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8 of the best turkish hammam towels

by:QiMeng     2019-10-05
In addition to the beauty, Hammam towels are versatile and one of the most valuable home and fashion accessories.
The clothes were originally used in the bathhouse of ancient Rome and later adapted from Turkish culture, mostly still made there.
Super light and compact, they still have the same absorption capacity as normal towels, but are faster to dry and more versatile.
From beach towels to sarong, these are great little holiday buddies. 1.
Haman haveru is a company dedicated to making beautiful Haman towels.
A large collection of colors and designs focuses on fantastic pastel colors that make you feel nostalgic about the summer you spent in your childhood on the beach.
The Indigo star pattern is about two metres long and faintly visible from 100 of cotton.
Harman haveru 30, buy it now.
The Conland store Hammam TowelThis version of the Conland store has hot or light pink and looks great on the white beach (
Unfortunately, this part is sold separately).
Conran store £ 35 buy it now.
The round design of Hamma is popular this year;
Populate our Instagram feeds faster than we double-click.
Elegant and cool with this charcoal stripe;
This is the perfect seaside habitat for sunbathing.
35, Hamma Mas, buy it now.
These classic coastal blue stripes have denim-
It\'s like quality to them.
If you want to wear a white shirt or hang it in the bathroom for a classic sailing feel, you can wear it.
22. Haman and his family, buy it now.
The design of the Bohemian Inca towel is so complicated that the effect of hand weaving is quite amazing.
It\'s so beautiful to wear, which is a great choice for a bed or sofa.
36. bohemian, buy it now.
Bread Turkish towels claim to be made from the softest cotton in the world, a great choice for skin-sensitive little ones.
35 pieces, bread. buy it now.
What\'s more vibrant about Ailera Clara Hamam TowelFor, head to Ailera, where there\'s a variety of neon and conflicting prints.
We love this blue and orange item, but it\'s hard to make a choice with such a delicious choice.
14 per set, why not buy one set?
£ 15, Ailera, buy it now.
Sorbet blueberry towel this vibrant purple has small and large size, as well as the color of the whole rainbow.
Choose a personalized Christmas gift for each family member.
20, ice cake, buy it now. The best product reviews are just, independent suggestions you can trust.
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