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a cult streetwear brand gets a sleek update

by:QiMeng     2019-10-05
For most kids who grew up after 1980 and 90 s, Stuart is a popular skateboarding brand --
The epitome of California cool.
\"For our generation, Shi Duxi is with other American citizens. S.
Brands like Nike, Levi\'s and champions are uniform at a certain age, \"says Hannes Hogman, who runs tree been with his brother Simon, A Swedish store selling men\'s haute couture and street wear.
This Friday, retailers will launch the Stüssy tres Bien series, a special collaboration that, in Hannes\'s words, offers a more \"minimalist street experience --and sportswear.
Square T-
Shirt, oversized shorts and coach jacket with \"Laguna\" and \"Malmo\" written on the back \"(
Home of Sean Stush and the Hobman brothers in California and Sweden).
Feel Stüssy heart when collecting
It features skaters.
Inspired by the exquisite style of the Scandinavian peninsula.
\"To be honest, these designs are effortless,\" Hannes said . \".
\"It\'s more about removing the details, changing the cut, adding some fabric that you don\'t usually get from stuxey.
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