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a guide to the best of southern california : fashion : j. crew in the flesh

by:QiMeng     2019-10-01
It\'s not uncommon to see customers in the new J.
The crew shop wandered around and touched all the goods.
Shopping here is more tactile than usual as this is J. \'s first Southern California retail store
The crew, for many years, has provided the basis for their men\'s and women\'s sportswear and dressy is separated only by catalogue.
Hands available-
What is taking the exam is J.
Necessities for men and women\'s general wardrobe: cotton polo shirt, endless changes for T-shirt crew
Shirts, rugby shirts, high-collar shirts and sweaters (
From $12 to $50).
Men\'s sports jackets are also available in the store (about $175)
And women\'s wool pleated trousers, silk shirts and custom faux silk jackets ($70 and up).
Underwear, shoes, pajamas, belts, swimsuits, hats, ties and handbags are available.
Although not all catalog items are in the store, there are indeed some exclusive items in the store that are not in the catalog.
The simple design of the store itself is an oasis of calm in the frenzy of shopping malls.
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