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a life without shirts

by:QiMeng     2019-09-26
It may sound strange.
But this is true.
Most elderly people living in the Devarayaneri colony near Thuvakudi in Narikoravas have been red shir for decades.
Some of them don\'t wear shirts in their lives.
Many old people in the colony said that they always liked half a dhoti and a \"thalaipagai\" according to their community customs \"(headgear).
They can\'t be forced to wear shirts even if it\'s cold.
They crossed the state as nomadic people, selling wreaths made of Gypsy beads.
Some of them are frequent visitors to northern India.
Whether they stay in their colony or anywhere in the country, they have only half of their traditional clothing.
\"I don\'t remember going through my shirt in my life,\" recalled the 65-year-old --year-
Old patanham Durai, a native of Perambalur district.
A few decades ago, he settled in devaranari after a colony dedicated to narico lavas.
\"I was born in the forest and was hunting animals most of the time.
We shouldn\'t wear shirts when hunting animals, because they can easily identify us with shirts and escape from the scene, \"said pandanan Durai.
\"When I feel comfortable with the dhoti and thalaipagai I\'m used to, why should I wear a shirt?
He said with a smile. M.
The 37-year-old daughter Seetha confirmed that she had never seen her father wear a shirt in her life.
\"On special occasions such as festivals and marriage, we did buy new shirts for our father.
But they stay in the suitcase forever. \"She added. S. Mittai (70)
The same colony said that he did not wear a shirt even during his marriage.
Many elderly men and women in this community rarely go to hospitals to treat the disease.
Pattanam Durai and Mittai said they use herbs in their daily food.
\"When we were kids, we got meat from a variety of natural herbs and jungle animals.
Even now, they keep us in good shape, \"they are proud of the traditional medical system.
The devaranelli colony on Tiruchi
There are about 300 Narikoravas families on the Thanajvur national highway.
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