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a look at the popular fashion trends this chinese new year

by:QiMeng     2019-10-04
Ready to decorate from head to foot with 50 kinds of red to welcome the Year of the sheep.
For many people, it is traditional to wear new clothes in the Chinese New Year, because it symbolizes the new beginning of the year.
It\'s also a great excuse for shopaholics and fashionistas looking for new clothes or custom new clothes in the mall --
Did it at the tailor.
Every year, you find
Shirt with Zodiac pattern, this year and the year of the sheep is no different.
However, since fluffy animals look more attractive, you will see more patterns of sheep than goats or Rams.
Red is the color of the Chinese New Year, just hang around in the mall and you will see retailers send out all the red and show it on the storefront.
However, if you don\'t like the pow that looks like a walk, you can choose to mix your red-
Go with Chinese clothes of other colors, or other festive colors such as orange, pink and yellow.
Black and White are still a big taboo.
No, some people are not very strict with dress code.
But for the sake of safety, especially when visiting older relatives, you can choose to wear black jeans with a red top.
For some traditional things, you can go to cheongsam or cheongsam (
Despite the controversy over the origin of Manchuria), be it store-
Buy or customizemade.
Don\'t forget your underwear.
Shops and supermarkets began to display red underwear and underwear, some even printed with auspicious Chinese characters.
This RMB is suitable for short-cut crops.
According to Bosco Eng, Bill Code hair salon manager, Times Square, Berjaya, customers have chosen shorter hairstyles.
\"Those with long hair want to cut it a little shorter, while those with short hair want to cut it a little shorter or shorter. Eng said dip-
Last year, death was all the rage, but due to its overwhelming popularity, some people will choose \"splash lights\" where you can see the horizontal highlights on your hair to stand out.
Gray gold or gray green is a popular color for men.
For those who usually shy away from bright red nail polish, it may be time to try.
Maggie Lim of Amante Nail Spa and body care, Berjaya Times Square, said customers often choose renminbi colors such as red, gold and orange.
\"Now, customers are daring to try shocking red or pink tones and neon colors.
\"We also have customers who come to nail art with their children;
We can\'t do nail art for them because their nails are too small, but we will decorate their nails with nail stickers, \"she said, adding that the price of nail art is about every
You can also decorate your nails with the designs of cherry blossoms, carp, gold ingots, oranges, Chinese characters such as fu (Prosperity)
, Chun West Cai, Spring (Spring)
Even the god of prosperity.
To celebrate the Year of the sheep, there are even designs for some sheep to choose from.
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