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a white revolution

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
Many years ago, he was still in his 20 s. R.
Nagarajan went out to dinner with his business colleagues when he was five.
Star Hotels in Chennai.
When his colleague was wearing a suit, Nagarajan chose to wear a white shirt and dhoti.
When his colleague was allowed in, nagarayan was stopped by the guards.
On another occasion, a receptionist asked to verify his documents before allowing him to enter the conference room.
Nagarajan cannot forget this.
Twelve years later, these memories gave birth to the national anthem of \"Ramallah.
There are movie stars, industrialists and other material men in dhotis in these advertisements, who are five years old from shining cars --
Star hotels, banks and other important places.
Security guards, receptionists and even elephants salute them!
This is the way Nagarajan says dhoti is respected.
Now, the logo of the Ramraj brand-white cotton shirt and dhoti-appears in famous retail stores and airports.
Politicians and industrialists are proud to wear white cotton shirts and dhoti, which has become a very well-known brand in Tamil Nadu.
After Nagarajan completed his SSLC in 1977, he realized that he could not afford the cost of continuing education.
\"It\'s very expensive to go to college because I\'m from a very common place.
So I decided to go straight into business and learn trade skills at work, \"he said.
Nagarajan spent 18 months at dhoti manufacturing in Andhra Pradesh to learn about production and marketing.
In 1983, he set up his own small office in tirumble, with a table and a chair, and called it the ramaggi Hadi merchant.
Ramraj is a combination of his father Ramaswamy and his own name.
Nagarajan is purchased from dhotis and is sold daily from Avanashi by bike to Tirupur.
Thirty years later, his vehicle was a silver Honda Accord.
\"I used to travel by bus, but the monthly fare was Rs.
\"It\'s too expensive,\" he said.
So he rode back and forth 14 km kilometers.
At that time, Tirupur was more known as Barney, and there was no quality dhotis in the market.
People who take part in events and long trips usually carry two dhotis with them, because one person will eventually be torn apart.
By 1987, the traders of ramagi Hadi became ramagi cotton because Hadi was replaced by cotton.
Nagarajan himself, wearing a dhotis and a white cotton shirt, walked up and down during the conversation, which annoyed his wife, children, nephews and nieces very much.
\"When we go out to the movies or shop, my family often asks me to change my pants and shirts,\" he recalls . \".
Now, wherever they go, his nephew is wearing a white shirt and a veshti.
His eldest daughter and sonin-
The law has introduced their own sportswear, t-
Shirts, sportswear and women\'s clothing have further modernized the brand.
Ramraj Cotton now produces 2,500 different types of Cotton.
They recently organized a fashion show at a popular hotel with all models wearing iconic white shirts and dhoti.
2009 Tamil sangm Federation of North America (FeTNA)
In Atlanta, there are 700 men and women dressed in ramaggi de Hortiz, sarawaal and saris.
Plans to set up dealer outlets in northern India and export clothing in the near future.
Ramraj will open 39 of its branches soon.
What motivates Nagarajan is more than just business and money.
As a disciple of Vethathiri Maharishi, he is equally important to the peace of mind, business and the morality of the family.
Yoga, meditation and vegetarian diet are now part of his life.
He published a monthly magazine \"Venetians\" with the theme of contemporary social problems.
The latest publication talks about teenagers and how they can cope with distractions and uncertainties in life.
\"My costume depicts purity outside, and my attempt through this magazine is also to make the mindset of my shareholders pure.
Money, houses, and cars will bring you joy in the first place, but it\'s pure character to make sure you get through the toughest times, \"he concluded.
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