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adult onesie from a t-shirt

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
For those who don\'t know that onesie is t-
Shirt with snap in crotch.
You can pick it up around for babies, but for adults you need to order a professional dealer.
They usually start at $25 plus shipping and then start there.
You need this project. 1. A T-
A few shirts are too big.
I wear a large size and use 2 XL2. A t-
Shirt for pattern. Scisors4.
Sewing equipment.
I sew it with my hands, but the machine will be faster. 5. Pins. Lots of them. 6.
Marker pen or chalk for placement. 7.
Tape measurement 8. Snaps.
I sew with a snap but also with Velcro. (
The 9mm shown in the picture has been replaced by a stronger 21mm)1.
Big t-
The shirt unfolds from inside out. 2.
Small t.
The shirt is on top and the top is aligned.
Use a marker pen or chalk to draw a line straight from the underarm of the big t-
Wear along the smaller shirts on both sides. 4.
Take your circular object, track the radius from the line you just drew to the underarm of t-shirt. 1.
While keeping everything flat, keep many pins at the bottom along the lines on both sides. 2.
Carfuly puts on his shirt, determines the split position of the leg and marks it.
From a straight seam under your arm to the mark you made for the rip.
It\'s a good idea to redecorate.
Use some extra stitching to strengthen the bottom of the split.
I use two lines of manual splicing.
Seems to have left an extra cut around centimeters on your appearance. 1.
Fold the shirt in half. 2.
Decide how wide the crotch you want, divided by half the number. 3.
Mark half of the required width from the center. 4.
Lift each layer up and turn the mark to it.
The distance from the center should be the same.
Sew a hem along your pin.
Cut the triangle of the material and finish the hem. 1. Turn the t-
Shirt on the right. 2.
Turn the bottom sides up.
Arrange them so they are close.
In this way, you can see where the snapshots are placed on both sides. 3.
Sew the first snapshot from the top and back. 4.
When you do other things, put them together and let them all line up.
To improve the fit for the next time, I will start with a larger shirt so I can put the snapshot more in front than in the middle.
I would also not make the front and back exactly the same, but rather make the front a little narrower.
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