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all report to roughrider fan camp

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
Column originally published June 13, 2000)
Anyone who plans to treat the next four minutes as cheap crappy jokes can now hand over his or her pompoms.
At Saskatchewan Roughrider fan camp, we need serious commitment and hard work.
So, let\'s become a real professional football fan and start working directly.
Refresh your morning coffee and have another drink
Make yourself comfortable with the pie in the toaster.
This year, you will see some new faces in the fan camp, similar to the team\'s real training camp.
Experienced rider fans may recognize the name of the training and chalk conversation of previous years, but the guest coach in charge of the stadium and Television Training is new to the province of SA, everyone is completely unfamiliar and frankly speaking, we made it up as we move forward.
Like the old men in silly hats said at Taylor Stadium, you can\'t tell the players without the program.
There is nothing different about the fan coach, so we start with the introduction. “”: Don Green. . “”: Sonny Dey. . “”: Rufus Dry. .
\"\": Noel Avader. .
\"\": Mike EstherFriessen. .
Varen went wild with Tara streewave. .
\"\": Ivanah Wiz and Anita P. Reelbad. .
\"Warren d. Stantz. .
\"Randy hollemir and Misti kikov. .
Hugh jumbella. .
\"\": Jotham Pat and Tommy AK. .
\"\": Armand Hans Zuppendown. .
Xavier money. .
Lotta is waiting. .
Bob Loeb. .
\"Gloria Steem. . “”: Ike Ride. .
\"Kenny duwatt, Betty Kant
Howie and R. U. Breathing. . “”: Stew Pud. . “”: Rhoda Buss. .
Ralph dolov and Phil were disappointed. .
\"\": Afrizaz. . “”: Tanner B. D. Skreet. . “”: Gladys Dem. .
\": Holden mccrockett. .
Danielle atalat. .
\"\": Serge de Sawyer. .
Kerry Ryan Kirk.
\": Abe and Luke E. Looky.
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