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all the slogans that are fit to print

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
Gary Norman, who answered the phone, explained: \"My brother picks up lint on the floor. \" Lint ? Lint.
Brother Norman-
Gary and Michael-are the T-
West Hollywood\'s shirt giant, a happy and disrespectful duo, will hold angelenos politically correct and incorrect ideas forever.
Shrink 100% cotton* FREE O. J.
Breakfast per meal (
For the Hollywood restaurant owner).
I\'m twice as much as Heidi fridges.
Two kinds of free Mendez.
California: I still love you even though you have many shortcomings.
\"Good taste is not a problem because we have no taste,\" said Michael.
\"He has been making custom Ts for 27 years as a wizard.
They will print it out, you said. -
On shirts, bats, sponges, rolling pins.
But don\'t ask Snoopy or the lively mouse (copyright laws).
They don\'t make any obvious racist or real sense. spirited. (
For people who want to fly the Nazi flag on Ts, this is \"no). Otherwise--
This is Hollywood.
An aspiring screenwriter can send a producer a T-
Promote his masterpiece.
Work resume may be in T.
Michael likes to talk about a studio ordering T-
Dirty shirts are everywhere.
It looks like a very big star won\'t wear a really dirty shirt in a fight scene.
\"We took a shirt outside, ran a few times in the car, and then stuffed it into the laser printer,\" Michael recalled . \".
On a recent afternoon, artist Richard Cronin was picking out several shirts that he wanted to use to attract supporters.
Published the book How to dig your infinite self.
\"His design: a black man with a double sex --and-
White figure, arms extended to the night sky.
John Gowans of Van Nuis, a member of Mt of the United States
The Everest expedition came to pick up 3,000 shirts, which the team hoped to fund 1995 climb.
Design, whimsical landscape of snow-
A Sherpa guide leads Mount Everest and a Tibetan village.
Slogan: \"Because it\'s there!
\"* Eclectic has few customers who describe the Wizard.
\"We are neighbors,\" said Michael. and-pop shop.
It\'s just that our customers are not moms and dads.
They include top-
TV shows, blockbusters and charts
More than rock groups. And bears.
A pr guy once ordered a custom shirt for a trained bear in a movie;
Bear is going to the Cannes Film Festival.
The Norman said, no problem, he ordered xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-
Large shirts provided by suppliers (where else? )Texas.
It is reported that in France, a few seconds after a cargo plane took off, the bear tore off his shirt.
In case another bear appeared, the Normans stocked up several giant bears.
A shirt was hung outside.
\"Some Arab chiefs came over and bought it,\" Michael said in a bit of confusion . \".
While he was talking, Michael was playing a slogan on the Mac about Judge Ito and his discord with the media. (No orders--yet).
He is recalling the time of Elf silk.
Screening salad plates similar to a big TV deal-
A good dinner.
Everyone is very happy. -
Until the silk sieve is dissolved in vinegar sauce.
\"There was a black ink pool when they got to the bottom.
He boasted happily, \"we ruined everything.
\"They turned the fabric into soup and shipped the blank shirt.
\"If the spelling is wrong, I may succeed,\" Gary said . \".
He did a job at a construction company and Michael added, \"We also did something for Mayor Palm Spings.
\"* The Norman is not T-shirt makers.
Michael wants to be a psychologist. (A part-
Time consultant, he\'s been working on his PhD for 20 years. plus years. )
But, in the early days, life was disturbed, and in order to survive, he opened a plant store, a plant wizard. Custom iron-
Ons is a small sideline. -
Until the day the gas leak killed the factory.
So we\'re at T-shirt business.
A few years later, Gary joined him, who had been billed on cable as a professional handicap for \"racing Gary Norman.
\"Brothers will help you tell the world if you don\'t want to know who they are, what they prefer to do, or what their other car is.
Maybe you have seen these shirts?
Riots, floods, fires, earthquakes.
Four Seasons in Los Angeles.
Wizard again.
My parents went to LA to Rob. A.
All I got was this bad T-SHIRT.
Remember those babies in the trunk?
Is my other car a broom? (
Bumper sticker for witch convention. )
* Whether it\'s shtick or statement, T is usually the preferred gift for someone who already has cashmere.
Peter Lawford used to buy interesting shirts on his way to the Kennedy family party.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Ill, the sick cream, printed on the friend\'s casual clotheswell wishes.
Several big sellers in the past may be re-running.
That\'s Shadan Hu Sheng\'s darts.
And the surrender shirt of the Iraqi army.
White so the wearer can tear it off and wave.
Some things about bowling will never change and I can\'t explain at the party that reopened the earthquake last weekend, the cosmic forces attracted me to Tarzana
Destroyed the Corbin Bowl.
To the extent of excitement, I put bowling and Olympic stuff together, where they always ski and stop to shoot from time to time.
OK, I haven\'t bowled since it was done in a place called an alley.
Now it seems that the alley is \"center \".
\"The score is saved with a computer, not paper, pencil, and projector.
New technology, old image: \"People seem to think that the only person in the bowl is the Alch Bonk crowd,\" said Sheldon Clackman, chairman of the entertainment world (
Igloo, new owner of Corbin Bowl).
Krechman took the time to go on a strike and asked, \"Do you know there are 35 million people bowling in this country?
\"In lane one, wearing a pair of sneakers and a yar hat, the Irish Mosie Cohen --
Rabbi born in West Los AngelesA.
Jewish outreach team with his wife Judith and four children-first-
All the bowling guys.
On the third lane is Jim Altman, a marine parts salesman from Tarzana. -and a pre-
Earthquakes often occur here. -
And Debbie and Gary Scholes.
In a driveway over there, Ingrid Altman is staring at people who are smirking ---
Daughter Alison celebrated her ninth birthday with a group of friends.
Debbie skores checked her score. \"Fifty-four.
The year I was born
But: It\'s fun and clean.
As Jim Altman explains in the banging of the ball on the wood and the relentless clicking of the pins, \"This is what they bring you food and wine when you do it
\"Now, you can get drinks by pressing D on your computer.
Throw a hit and the screen flashes a big red X for everyone to see. The ball is colored. Weight code--
Pink, purple, blue, green, orange.
Take this for example, there are rubber bumpers in some lanes that can keep the ball out of the ditch. (
It is not considered a sport for adults. )
Some things will never change, though. Bowlers smoke.
Bowles drinks beer. (
Buds are general, mostly. )
They also wear plaid Bermuda shorts.
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