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american apparel gets back to stores

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
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This article is published in 7/5/2018 (424 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
American clothing is returning to the physical world.
Landmarks in Los Angeles-
The headquarters brand is set to open a flagship store in its hometown later this year, its first foray into physical storesand-
After bankruptcy proceedings, all the locations of the mortar shop were closed.
Gildan sportswear, new owner
Montréal, which bought American clothing at an auction last year but did not buy physical stores, said the new location would complement e-commerce
Business operations and serve as an incubator for measuring trends.
\"We\'re going to open one, which is like a test model store for us, and then we\'ll see where we\'re going in the future, gildan CEO Glenn Shandi said in an interview in Montreal last week.
\"We can also join. we can open a few more. we haven\'t decided yet.
\"The new store will open in the fourth quarter at a closed US clothing store on Melrose Avenue, once the largest store in California.
Gildan spokesman Garry Bell said in an email that it would be a little bit smaller to allow customers to \"participate in the entire American clothing experience in addition to buying products \".
Since buying American Apparel for $88 million, Gildan has integrated the brand into its low-end market
Cost manufacturing chain, initially focused on selling blank T-
Shirts and other items are provided to wholesalers, and wholesalers customize shirts and other items for sports teams or events.
Then it re-launched the brand\'s U. S. S.
The website expanded online sales to 200 countries in August and last month.
The physical store closed after bankruptcy last year and was excluded from trading with Gildan.
Although American apparel companies claim that all clothing is made in the United States. S.
Before bankruptcy, most items were now produced at Gildan\'s factory in Central America or below the United States
Signing elsewhere.
The site also offers some U. S. -
Provide some brands of domestic products to customers
Source of manufacture-
It looks the same, but it costs more.
According to Chamandy, the initiative is not getting much traction.
At its peak, American Apparel ran 280 stores and five factories, with sales of more than $0. 6 billion.
Gildan paid $2.
Sales last year were 8 billion, and sales of the brand are expected to reach $100 million in 2018.
American clothing also gives Gildan a foothold in the lucrative field of fashion Foundation. —
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