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american heroes honored in france

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
On Monday, French President Francois Hollande presented three young Americans with a prestigious Legion of Honor medal in recognition of their rapid response to a train attack that could save many lives.
Three Americans. -
Two soldiers and one civilian. -
In addition, an Englishman and a Frenchman helped a gunman fly to Paris in Amsterdam.
The train on Friday.
Obama thanked the train attack hero for 27 photos, the first time the French Met Moroccan gunmen near the train bathroom before the United States. S.
Pilot Spencer Stone, National Guard player Alex scaratos and Anthony Sadler overpowered him.
More terrorist activities in EuropeK. anti-
Terror police investigating knife-wielding injuries at Manchester railway station, the French city mourned the death of a fifth victim after the Christmas market attack. Police tried to track anyone who helped the Strasburg attacker, Akbar \"is more of a terrorist in Europe, and British men joined in to help tie the attacker up.
The three American tourists said over the weekend that they relied on intuition and years of friendship to establish close ties, shooting down heavily armed attackers on trains crossing Belgium.
On Monday, they came to Paris to attend the awards ceremony. they walked out of a dark SUV and briefly posed for photos before entering the presidential palace.
CBS News reporter Charlie D\'Agata said that when three young men in polo wholesale t shirts wholesale came to the palace, he was reminded that they were on holiday just three days ago ---
The French president personally praised them on Monday, saying the world \"admires their courage and calmness.
After Hollande spoke, he personally awarded the Legion of Honor. -
Highest honor in France--
Americans and Britons in turn.
The gunman said the American hero, \"ready to fight until the end,\" told Sunday for the first time about avoiding a possible disaster two days ago, with his bare chest tied with a Assault Rifle, seems to be \"ready to fight to the end \".
But he added, \"so are we . \"
\"The three were not bluffing at all, but very humble, and they described the drama in Amsterdam on Friday --to-
Paris Express.
The 23-year-old stone, his arm in the sling, said he was waking up from deep sleep when the gunman appeared.
One of his friends, Skarlatos, is 22. year-
The old National Guard, who recently returned from Afghanistan, \"hit me on the shoulder and said,\" Let\'s go.
\"The French police stood in front of a man arrested on a platform at Arras railway station, who was arrested after Amsterdam opened fire on Paris Thalys high --
According to the French interior ministry, several people were injured on high-speed trains in Arras, France, on August 21, 2015.
Gunmen identified as 26year-
Old Moroccan Ayub
Khazzani was detained and interrogated by French anti-terrorism police outside Paris.
The French and Spanish authorities said,
Khazzani is an Islamist extremist who may have been in Syria for some time. El-
Khazzani\'s lawyer said on Sunday that he was homeless and tried to rob passengers on the train to support himself.
The three-member US authorities, who had lived in France, Belgium and Spain, foiled the train attack and are investigating the case.
The French authorities could legally detain him until Tuesday when they had to charge him or release him.
His case raises questions about train safety, and how a person who has been radar-monitored in all three countries can not be bothered to board the train and load weapons.
Said scaratos.
Khazzani has obviously not had any gun training \"but if he\" is lucky and does the right thing, he will be able to operate on all eight magazines and we will all get into trouble, probably won\'t be here today with a lot of other people.
\"With weapons and a clear firm determination, he presents a huge challenge to friends on vacation who act out of what Skarlatos calls\" intuition.
He said: \"His military training with Stone began mainly after the attackers had been subdued . \" He pointed out that Stone provided medical care and checked the car for weapons elsewhere.
\"We just act a little.
\"There is not much thought,\" he said, at least on my side.
Stone replied with a smile: \"There is nothing at all.
\"Stone and skaratos moved in and wanted to grab the gunman and pick up his gun.
The third young man, 23-year-old Anthony Sadler, moved in to help subdue the attackers.
\"All three of us started punching in,\" Stone said . \"
Stone said he was in a coma.
British businessmen then joined the battle.
Michael Carmichael\'s Stone, California, spoke at a live news conference in the United States. S.
The ambassador, who lives in Paris with Sadler, is a senior at Sacramento State University in California, and is also a scaratos in Fort loesburg, Oregon.
Stone is also believed to have saved a Frenchman.
American teachers suffered gunshot wounds to the neck, bleeding.
Things described by Stoneof-
In fact, he \"just stuck my two fingers in his hole and found what I thought was the artery, pushed down and the bleeding stopped.
He said he had been sticking to the medical staff before they arrived, apparently in Arras. El-
Khezzani boarded the plane in Brussels with what the French interior minister said, including an automatic pistol, many magazines with bullets and box cutters.
When the train passed Billy, he was subdued, but was detained in the northern French town of Arras, where the train changed its course. El-
Khezzani\'s lawyer said her client did not understand the suspicion, the media\'s concerns, or even the injury.
Sophie David said there was no gunfire for him.
\"He was dumbfounded about his actions being characterized as terrorism,\" she said . \".
He called himself homeless, and David said that she was \"no doubt\" true, saying that he was \"very, very thin, like malnourished, with a very wild expression in his eyes.
\"He claimed to have found the weapons in a park near the Brussels train station, where he had been sleeping, hiding for a few days and then decided to detain train passengers.
She said on BFM: \"He thought of an obstacle that can support himself and have money --\"
TV, then \"shoot it out of the window and jump out and run away.
Spanish authorities say El-
Until last year, Khazzani lived with his parents in the southern city of algiras with a drug crime recorddealing.
Both Spanish newspapers El Pais and El Mundo report that he lives in the relatively poor community of El Saladillo, which has about 6,000 residents and the unemployment rate is close to 40%.
It is not clear how long he has been in Spain.
However, kazenaf said that Spain notified the French intelligence service in February 2014 and that he was included in the watch list for potential dangerous personnel.
There are differences between French and Spanish accounts for Gunners travel.
An official related to the Spanish villain
The terrorist group said the suspect lived in Spain until 2014 and later moved to France to travel to Syria before returning to France.
The official asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to be named.
A French official close to the investigation said that on May 10, the watch list signal in Berlin \"sounded\", El-
Kazani flew to Turkey.
On May 21, the French conveyed this message to Spain, which informed him that he no longer lived there but was in Belgium.
According to officials close to the investigation, France then informed Belgium, but it was not clear what action (if any) would be taken after that ).
He did not escape as easily as the Americans did.
\"When most of us ran away, Spencer, allake and Anthony ran into the FireWire and said, \'Let\'s go.
These words have changed the fate of many people. S.
Ambassador Jane Hartley said.
When asked if there was a course, Sadler prepared one for everyone facing the choice.
\"Do something,\" he said . \"
\"Nothing can be done hiding or sitting behind.
If my friend Spencer didn\'t get up, the Gunners would have succeeded.
So I just want to learn in the future, in times of terror like this, please do something.
Don\'t just stand by and watch.
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