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are you feeling stressed? just take a whiff of your partner\'s t-shirt

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
According to a new study, fear that the upcoming interview will strain your partner can ease the tension.
Researchers at Columbia University in the UK found that women smell t-
Before experiencing a stressful situation, the shirt was less stressful than the woman who smelled the stranger\'s shirt.
Stress was measured by questionnaires and cortical hormone levels.
Hormones released when your body is under pressure.
The researchers found that elevated levels of cortical hormone in women who smelled strangers may be an evolutionary response.
\"We know that humans have been afraid of strangers since they were young, especially for strange men,\" said Dr. and lead author Marlise Hofer . \".
\"Thus, the smell of a strange male can trigger a combat or escape response and lead to elevated levels of cortical steroids.
\"According to this finding, women wearing partner shirts are expected to produce a lower level of cortisol, but surprisingly, this is not the case.
To figure out why, the team investigated 63 women who smelled and knew about partner shirts --
Excluding those who do not know the smell of a partner.
In this inclusive group, the level of cortical hormone decreased significantly.
This raises the question of whether relieving stress is related to actual odor exposure or whether it depends on belief in odor exposure.
\"We want to know to what extent (these findings)
\"This is because of the mental performance of \'This is my party\', not because of the smell of a partner and there is some kind of unconscious connection to safety,\" Hofer said . \".
There is ample evidence that people will feel calm when their loved ones are around, but there is little evidence that it can relieve your nerves as long as someone smells.
Hofer said that from a practical point of view, the results of this study can help people manage stress in the future.
\"We often go on business trips or go for interviews alone, so in this case we may bring a scarf for our loved one, which helps to relieve stress, she said.
The study included 96 couples of the opposite sex.
Give women five minutes to prepare for the interview, and then they are asked a series of complicated math questions.
Their stress levels are monitored before, during and after this stress procedure.
Although only the opposite sex partner is included, Hofer believes the impact of this study is much broader.
\"I predict (these results)
\"More broadly, it has to do with social support, not partner-specific,\" she said . \".
\"Even if you know the smell of your friend, maybe a calm roommate, or even a gay romantic partner, we will see the same thing.
\"In the future, Hofer and her team are also planning to look at other odor-prone connections.
Research shows that babies are comforted by the smell of mother\'s breast milk, and Hofer wants to know if toddlers will also react to the smell.
\"There is not much research except for babies and their mothers (
About smell)
, I want to see when the children are separated from their parents for the first time --
Maybe when they go to the daycare or when they start sleeping in their own bedroom, \"she said.
\"It would be interesting to see if scent cues can help ease separation anxiety.
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