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argentina: tango and sass

by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
Argentines have a saying about their country.
\"God is everywhere --
But his office is in the capital of Argentina . \"
Stay there for a few days and you will understand why.
The central city of Argentina is the capital of Argentina.
Nearly three people in the country live in metropolitan areas.
It is the capital, the birthplace of tango.
This is one of Argentina\'s greatest victories.
The darkest moments
To put it simply, Argentina and the rest of Argentina follow.
Going to a city whose own travel agency claims to have more theaters, football fields and psychiatrists per person than any other city in the world would be an interesting experience.
Paris in Argentina is described as Paris in South America, compared with it, which is not disappointing.
Amazing buildings everywhere
From the magnificent and well-maintained public buildings like Congress and the presidential palace (Casa Rosada)
To the 19 th of decline-
The century facade sits on the cobblestone streets of bohemian San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood of the city.
There are two different sides of the city-
The size and grandeur of the central city is in stark contrast to the grittier neighborhoods like La Boca.
Both of them are equally fascinating, and that\'s why it\'s unique to Buggs.
It has the best of two continents --
European elegance with South American style.
Part of this fascinating city is its history.
Getting a guide is well worth it at least half a day, because once you get to know the political history, you can start to get to know people and their culture.
It\'s complicated, bloody, and exciting at the same time.
They are still looking for their feet as a country.
The last brutal dictatorship ended in 1983 with reminders around the city --
From street murals to the silent march of the \"mother of the missing\" every Thursday in Mayo Square, they are seeking justice for about 30,000 missing persons (Assumed to be killed)
During the military regime
More recently, 2001 of the economic crisis shaped the country, when nearly the population lived below the poverty line.
There is no room for indifference here, and it will be refreshing to see people with such firm beliefs.
Our guide told us that the Argentineans were passionate about two things.
Politics and football
No middle ground-
You\'re either on one side or on the other
They are not afraid to tell you which side is right.
Get the goods of the football team in the wrong way to the cafe and you will be fine-
When we witnessed a lunch time, it was naturally recommended to take it off.
There is no denying the poverty in this city.
It is estimated that 10 per cent of the population lives in slums.
But for those who are capable, the way of life is enviable.
The upscale suburbs of Recoleta and Palermo offer a glimpse of how the other half lives.
Palermo is full of boutiques, cafes, parks and upscale apartment buildings, and is home to the Argentine Polo Open, the venue for the Argentine Polo Open.
The fortune and privilege tournaments held in November and December each year are considered the most-
The prestigious polo event in the world, if you are in the city, you should not miss the opportunity to attend.
I was surprised to learn that polo is so popular in Argentina.
This is one they are good. of the top-
Ten world-ranked players and nine Argentines.
Recooleta is arguably the most popular tourist attraction in the city
Recolita Cemetery
Some of the most across four city blocks-
Expensive real estate in the city, which has been buried here since 1822.
This is not the kind of sick experience I\'m looking forward.
Known as the \"City of Death\" is a surprisingly beautiful and peaceful place where you can easily spend hours exploring. The most-
The visited tomb belongs to Eva Peron
Argentina\'s most popular Evita
But there are more high-profile graves, some of which have been declared National Historic Sites.
Travel to Boca, and you will experience grittier in Argentina.
While the suburbs themselves are known for the brightly colored buildings on El Caminito tourist magnets, La Boca is known for its soccer team, Boca Juniors.
Boca is the former club of Diego Maradona, and despite his past indiscretion, Argentinian still consider him God.
A game at team home La Bombonera is described as one of the top games
Sports events you should watch before you die.
Due to past violence, the club will no longer allow fans of its competitors to enter the stadium and will no longer sell tickets to the public.
Your best option is to go to an agency, mainly to handle ticket sales for visitors by paying members using their season tickets --
From the secret nature of our guardians, this practice is not entirely legal.
Services like this will pick you up from your hotel and accompany you to the game, which is a great option considering Boca is not the safest place in town.
I felt a little nervous when I walked into the stadium.
We get a long list of things we don\'t do: Don\'t wear red or white (
Color of main competitor River Plate)
, Remove your jewelry and don\'t bring anything you don\'t want to risk being confiscated (
This includes pens that can be used as weapons)
Hurry up, don\'t speak English out LOUD, don\'t show your tickets before you need them, act as if you should be there.
In the end, it all just adds to the experience, and when you end up at the top that seems like you \'ve never arrived, there\'s nothing to prepare you for the sight that greets you
End the flight of stairs and enter the stadium for the first time.
A slight stun soon passed, and it was impossible not to be swept up immediately in the atmosphere.
I must admit that I spend most of my time watching the audience and immersing myself in the surroundings rather than performing on the pitch.
True South American passion is included in a stadium with a population of 49,000.
The \"rogue\" fans in the stands kept shouting and singing the whole game, taking off their shirts, standing on the railing, gathering crowds and drumming.
After Boca goal, the entire stadium broke out and 1940 of the concrete structure trembled under pressure.
If you don\'t know these songs before you go to the game, you will definitely know them at the end of the game --
The crowd continued to sing when we spilled onto the street.
I came out of that game.
Boca Juniors-
But before I venture too far from the stadium, I made sure I took off my official team hat.
The most important tip for traveling to Buenos Tours is the experience, not the sightseeing.
A lot has been said about the crime there.
I was urged to be careful, but it is no different from any big city
Keep your wisdom, don\'t leave your luggage unattended, don\'t go where you shouldn\'t be, and make common sense your guide.
If you need one thing when you go to the city, it is its endurance. Portenos (
Local people)
Don\'t go out for dinner until after nine o\'clock P. M. and later on the weekend.
Every night of the week, bars and restaurants are busy until the early hours of the morning.
Spend the day at a slower pace so you can keep up with the locals at night --
You won\'t be disappointed.
Familiar with \"blue dollar \".
Restrictions on currency trading have led to blackmarket dollar.
Listen to people shouting \"Cambio\" on the street and you can get 40 cents higher than the official rate.
Although not strictly legal, it is a widely accepted practice.
In some newspapers, the dollar exchange rate is printed together with the official exchange rate.
Instead of falling into the tourist trap of watching tango shows, go to a class and try your new moves in Melonga (dance hall)
With the locals
Taste local cuisine and don\'t be afraid to taste something strange on the menu --
They really enjoyed the Argentine clutter, a precious part of any mixed grill.
Don\'t leave the city without steak (
Argentina is famous for it. for every reason, it is unique)
Cameron, Florida (
Caramel sauce for breakfast, or better, with dessert)
There are also Argentine national cookies alfajores.
Ready to throw your diet out of the window for a while, don\'t pack your skinny jeans
When I left the country, I was obviously tighter.
The author traveled to Argentina from Air New Zealand.
Direct flights to Auckland will begin on December.
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