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arkwear offers polo shirts with a philanthropic purpose

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Marked with its streamlined, short collar and lightweight woven material (usually cotton)
Especially in the hot summer, polo shirts are essential in the wardrobe.
In fact, few items can match the practical elegance it gives.
It can wear a suit jacket and leather shoes, as well as jeans and sandals.
Whit: it can work for a wide variety of people.
That\'s why many brands have this time.
Tested topper in their core series.
The new brand, Arkwear, launched this spring, went further and its entire business was built on polo shirts that offer a variety of colors.
More notably, there is no clear sign in the top left corner of it --it has many.
Where Ralph Lauren has a polo player, Lacoste has a crocodile, a crocodile on all of Nike\'s polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, and Arkwear has a variety of animals (
Therefore, the word Ark refers to the Ark built by Noah of the Bible).
They are more than decorative.
From sharks and rhinos to elephants and orangutans, the founder of the brand, Andreas von dergoz, will highlight the endangered animals as his mission.
In addition, 5% of each sale will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Association, an organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife.
So if you want to update your polo shirt selection this summer, consider Arkwear.
Not only are they impeccable made and walletsfriendly (
The price is $95)
They give back to our environment in an influential way.
Arkwear polo shirt is $95 Arkwear has audit results. com.
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