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artist finds inspiration in the humble t-shirt

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
Nicklas Hadis won\'t give you the shirt on his back, but he will draw you another one.
For a few months, 48-year-
The old artist has been creating a hand line.
In his Wine Factory studio in the case commodity building, he painted T-shirts and other shirts for men and women (No. 74, studio 303).
He shared space with two other artists.
His small room included a blue copy turntable that played David Bowie. “I’m old-
School, \"he said.
\"I kept all the vinyl when I was a teenager.
Hades was born in the traditional Toronto of Greece/Macedonia and is a classic hunger artist.
He still lives with his parents. (
They divorced, so he separated from them. )
He does not drive without a phone.
Some of his works were done with fabric and acrylic paint;
Some are made with sharp. “They are hand-dyed, hand-
He said, \"cut and draw.
\"It took 32 to 40 hours for this shirt to work with Sapi, and then I drew them.
Custom shirts range from $300 to $1,000 (
Price negotiable).
$30 to $50 custom T-shirt-
He is watching TV.
A printing workshop that makes his work more affordable.
The latter \"is the theft of original works.
My first shirt sold for $300.
It paid me three months for transportation.
\"We are greedy for circus/clown shirts that we don\'t sell.
\"I did it when I was 19, and it got me into the art school,\" he explained . \".
\"This is my dad\'s chef shirt in his 60 s while working in Cava --Bob.
It took me a year.
I drew the clown out of black. and-
White photos and color them after \"80 s.
I left the plain behind.
Hadzis went to OCAD to learn painting, painting and sculpture.
\"I graduated in my 80 s but didn\'t commit to being an artist full time until 2001,\" he explained . \".
He worked at retail and public dining tables at the Toronto Metro Convention Center and held his first exhibition at the newbach gallery in 2001.
\"I have 50 oil paintings and I perform with accordion,\" Hadzis recalls . \".
\"I started fashion very seriously this year. I love fashion.
I have a high sense of fashion as an artist, but I don\'t think I am a fashion designer.
I\'m learning sewing.
\"Contact Hadzis via email at nhadzis100 @ yahoo. com.
One of Hadzis\'s favorite pieces is an \"internet porn shirt\" with exposed men on it.
\"I turned it into comics and cartoons,\" he explained . \".
\"It took me two weeks;
There are 80 drawings. ”How much?
\"Give me an offer --
How about $1,000?
He also liked the fish shirt, which was originally the fern shirt \".
\"I made it with a marker,\" he said . \"
\"This is a fern that evolved into fish. It is $500.
We like roses\"
Shirt: Rose in front;
Abstract drawing on the back.
\"This is a Calvin Klein shirt that can be worn by both men and women,\" he said . \".
\"Rose is in my mother\'s garden.
I went to a tattoo shop and I liked the bird so I drew it in front of me.
Price to be determined.
$30 to $50 custom T-deal DUOOne
The shirt has a majestic tiger face on a gray-green background, blue-
Stripe details.
\"I took a gray T-
The shirt I bought on Spadina, the fabric dyed, cut the sleeves, pulled the bottom, and distressed.
\"This is for the bohemian,\" Hadzis said . \".
The other woman had an orange face that looked like Lisa Minnelli crossed with the little orphan Anne.
Hardis called it \"Millennium Barbie \".
Hadzis said: \"On the deck, my new project is a snow spinning skirt from Bergdorf, New York, and I found my love for $4 in courage.
\"It\'s an outdated bridesmaid dress and I\'ll cut it short, put the skirt under it, and put a men\'s tuxedo shirt on top.
\"There will be a studio visit from April to October, and some of hadzis\'s work will be displayed on the table downstairs.
But he prefers customers to come to the third floor.
Ritazekas @ Rogers.
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