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as presidency looms, \'duterte harry\' tells filipinos to make his day

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
Paragraph 7 contains language that may offend some readers)
Martin Petti, Philippines and Manuel mojiato Davao, Philippines (Reuters)-
As mayor of Davao City, Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte secretly rented a taxi and cruising the crime --
There was a street with a pistol around him, hoping that the robber would target him.
He took part in a raid by armed police on drug dens, negotiated in the hostage incident, and advocated lynching and killing, and Duterte was called a \"occupier\" in the Philippines \", he\'s an uncompromising provincial hard man, his blasphemy --
Before the May 9 presidential election, intensive speeches and death threats against drug gangs now resonate well beyond Davao.
Duterte, a latecomer to the presidential campaign, is now on the verge of victory, soaring popularity after he promised to eliminate crime within six months.
He will be angry even when it comes to crime.
\"I won\'t let drugs and crime destroy my country, and I can\'t accept that at all,\" Duterte told Reuters last week . \"
Hold tight to take pictures
\"If everyone is sitting on their ass, we will let the criminals go their own way,\" he said . \".
\"We have to stop having sex with our people.
The crime of Duterte
The platform for disruption has taken advantage of concerns that the increasing use of drugs by Filipinos has led to a surge in crime.
Crime rates in the Philippines have reportedly soared by five
According to official data, from nearly 218,000 in 2012 to 1,161,000 in 2014.
About half of them are serious crimes.
Duterte is expanding his lead in polls, surpassing the traditional candidates backed by outgoing President Aquino, vice president jeomar Binet and Manuel Rokas.
Two surveys this week showed Duterte leading his nearest rival Grace Poe by 7 to 12 percent.
His arrogance and his rapid rise from outside political institutions have compared him to Donald Trump, as has his outrageous comments and refusal to serve as president.
The former prosecutor is indifferent to the 1,424 suspected murders recorded by human rights groups in Davao since 1998, and human rights groups say the \"Davao death squad\" is not punished under the surveillance of Duterte.
It is well known that \"Duterte Harry\" denied ordering an extra-French execution, but he did not condemn them \"what you are talking about is summary execution?
Sorry, the bad guy was killed.
But what about the abused?
Who will take care of them? ” he said.
The 71-year-old Duterte has recently been in trouble for remarks about the death of an Australian missionary in the 1989 Davao prison riots.
He said the prisoners lined up to rape her. as mayor, he should be the first. He is a self-
Frank women, wearing jeans, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and casual shoes, live a modest life.
He has no suit or plans to wear a suit as president.
The person who worked with him told an unpredictable, hot story
He is a charity, but he is very strict.
Duterte banned smoking in Davao and threatened to kill a restaurant customer who refused to smoke.
He let him eat.
He stopped the traffic violators, let them run a few laps in the park, and forced them to land.
Take the fake documents and tell him the taste is delicious.
Trisha Corpus, station manager at ABS, said: \"I am sure he will be eloquent and savvy, but now, he is not such a person --\"
Duterte broadcasts on Davao TV every week.
\"He is undervalued because of his simplicity.
\"Live in the air, Duterte cursed angrily and read out the names of the criminals, some of whom died a few days later. Many left town.
Under pressure from regulators ABSCBN had to pre-
Record his show with an average of 30 points of swearing40 per show.
Critics scoff at his criminal plan.
Pattern of destruction across the country.
People who know him say it\'s not impossible.
\"He instilled fear in criminals,\" said a senior Davao policeman . \".
\"If his subordinates obey him, it will be easy.
Former Congressman Jesus Dureza, who grew up in the company of Duterte, has his views overshadowed the brutal image of the mayor.
Dureza says he is an accomplished lawyer who studies economic research papers, focuses on foreign affairs and regularly consults the policy team.
\"He\'s a lot deeper than what he wants people to see,\" Dureza said . \".
\"He was considered rude and simple to shoot from his hips, but he wanted to keep it that way.
He suspected Duterte had ordered an extra-French execution, but said it was not in his interest to keep a distance from them.
\"He made a profit on this picture,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not Duterte who hit it.
But not everyone believes.
The 62-year-old Clarita Alia lost four teenage sons in the Davao street killings between 2001 and 2007, and accused her of believing Duterte was in contact.
\"I saw the devil when I saw his poster,\" she said . \".
\"I pray he won\'t win.
Father Amado \"Picx\" Picardal, the Catholic priest who recorded Davao\'s murder, feared that Duterte would keep his promise of the crime.
\"I don\'t think it\'s an exaggeration to win the vote,\" he said . \"
\"He thinks that extra-French execution is reasonable and I look forward to what he promised and he will try to do that.
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