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as wimbledon approaches, we take a look at the sportswear labels with a renewed affection for courtside classics

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
When you hear the word \"tennis\", all the words that come to mind --
Wimbledon shorts Ivan Lundell
\"Cool\" is rarely one of them.
I said, I\'m super-underrated to my fellow countrymen-
I\'m Andy Murray.
Although tennis has always been a much appreciated activity in the Premier League --
Okay, maybe champion. for the Pimm’s-
The sport has never enjoyed the advantage of any style.
This may be due to the price of the ticket being too high, and the belief that in this country you are just playing with something white.
Except for some moments of genius.
See bejorn Borg in the middle of Fila
Boris Becker in his 70 s
This side of the tennis style channel has been surrounded by the strict demands of Wimbledon. white code.
This means that young enthusiasts have never accepted the \"search\" of their favorite gamers \"--
Hang out with your companions or enjoy court activities such as a pint of beer in the local boozer.
It may be interesting to watch tennis, but it is not public tennis.
Easily related market movements
Or accessible.
More importantly, head-to-
Toe white is a bold look to keep quiet in the bar on Thursday night.
However, tennis is closely linked to street clothes.
Witness its iconic polo shirt and zip
Up sportswear top-
So it makes sense to go out once. of-
Step sport should work slowly on style radar
It\'s not just people who are involved in the campaign.
At a men\'s wear conference in Florence last week, Russian player Gossa luchinski put tennis on the map.
Gosha is a designer who is committed to becoming famous for himself by welcoming classic street dress norms into the world of luxury fashion (
He was affectionately called
A love letter was given to Fila, a brand immersed in the history of tennis, collecting T-
Shirts and sweaters with the logo of the brand.
Have seen the effect of T-
Shirts from the 90 s outdoor brand North Face are once again favored and will certainly have a considerable impact on the way fashion purists view sportswear brands
It may even be the tennis match itself.
The charm of this young designer is so strong.
It\'s not just Gosha that makes this happen.
Many sportswear brands are keenly aware of the appeal of their early or original series and are re-designing
Original Products released on the 21st
Century consumer
Among them are the Italian brand Ellesse, its starched net skirt, striped shirt and stadium --
Topshop now has ready-made crop tops.
And Nike, a very popular brand.
When it comes to the leisure or non-leisure value of using sports, sharp
The active lines, further, create a limited
Version collection of tennis
With the help of Liberty, a typical British printing expert, inspired coach style.
Lacoste is a label that strives to expand the range of sportswear, including not only tennis, but it also seems comfortable to yell at its game points this season.
This is a welcome to tennis for our wardrobe
Fashion world means Court
Side kit can be worn every day.
It looks a bit retro for men.
Like Gosha\'s vision, the re-emergence of these labels is a nostalgia for youth culture and a post-90 s \"lad\" fashion.
A Jersey that is heavily printed is the key and there is no denying that you can\'t see it on Andy Murray.
Nylon shorts are also crucial for this look.
For women, the tennis theme can be understood literally.
It is worth noting that tennis skirts are everywhere this season.
A team of flying cotton skirts
There are a lot of Topshop
In the summer, wearing a neat polo shirt in a soft color
Martina Navratilova will be proud of its ready-made look.
Tennis Dress
City Outiffters from Fila-have a lovely choice
It\'s also a smart plan.
In terms of footwear, Stan Smith (
Maybe the ultimate retro tennis comeback)
Continue to earn points for the game, and Nike\'s stadium range will attract those who need color.
Basically, if winter belongs to Margo Tenenbaumthanks, Gucci -
That\'s what happened to her brother Ritchie this summer.
Really, what else is cooler than this?
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