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ashford university review

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
Who is the author of the Ashford University review this review?
During my academic career, I attended 10 different universities and campuses.
This review should be weighed against this experience.
I have attended university courses in California state university systems, Ivy League universities, universities in the northeast, southeast and west of the United States, online and overseas.
In January 2012, I completed all the main courses of my bachelor\'s degree in international business online at Ashford University.
Is Ashford University compared to other bachelor\'s degree programs?
For the reader, this part will be more valuable than the rest.
Recruitment classics ideally know how online degrees come to the right place compared to campus degrees.
Those who want to know how difficult it will be to complete an online degree compared to a traditional online degree
The class process also came to the right place.
The 12 universities and colleges I attended include: veterans up program at National Defense Language Institute, Monterey Peninsula College, San Jose State University, San Joaquin Delta Community College, University of Maryland Copper Hill College, University of Pennsylvania Primary School, Athens Technical College, Barton Community College, finally, Ashford University.
Two of these 10 projects are online: Barton and Ashford.
Two courses at the University of Maryland are in Okinawa, Japan.
Athens Institute of Technology is in Georgia.
UPenn is in Philadelphia.
San Jose State University, MJC and Delta are all located in central California.
Therefore, the comparison provided here is based on more personal experience than most universities in the United States teach.
Most American campuses have two mainstream scoring systems.
The most common is A straight A to F system based on level 10%.
A is 90 to 100% and a is 60 to 69. 99%.
Less than 60% is a failure, an F.
The next public system is the \"curve\" and any campus anywhere can be used by individual professors.
In this method, professors will pass very strict examinations to separate the most dedicated and best-studied degree applicants.
In addition to what is printed and stated directly in the text, the problem is raised in theory.
Candidates must answer novel questions and apply course materials.
This is the nature of every math, physics, chemistry, and engineering exam.
At the University of Pennsylvania, this form of examination and grading is held in many courses.
On a traditional campus, students surround the bell tower and the brick wall covered by Ivy (
Especially networking like sports teams and Brotherhood)
Please list which professors rate in which way.
They will also write a copy of the old exam.
These old exams tend to be the source of several questions for this semester\'s exams.
Online Grading is similar to level 10 grading systems, but more is formatted and less variables.
First of all, you won\'t meet anyone at frat house with Professor Smith\'s old history test box.
You know it yourself. Second, the X-
Strange, the factors of the professor who studied were removed.
You won\'t be surprised at the first F article because the professor gives unlimited deductions for spelling, grammar, and sentence use (his discretion).
Ashford University has a \"scoring Standard \".
\"The coach at Ashford must use the scoring criteria.
This title is a detailed matrix that assigns values to each component of the article.
As you may expect, most views relate to what each article must provide: Answers to all questions raised in the assignment;
Demonstrate knowledge from course work and assigned reading;
And provide length requirements.
Minor requirements include grammar and spelling, correct formatting according to APA standards, and other technical issues.
The main points of these small details are limited, with a total of less than 10%.
Teachers rate papers using a fillable matrix.
Once an article is graded, the completed title is provided to the student for review.
This is one of the great advantages of Ashford University and general online programs.
The traditional campus system should not take long to catch up with this standard. (
Maybe 10 years? )
In your \"basket\", the tasks and papers returned by the review will be returned to you.
\"In my last online course at Ashford (
One of the improvements I noticed in two years)
, Each returned article is marked in Word with notes detailing every point lost.
One of the things that never happened in my article was the loss of points because the professor did not agree with my answer.
I have encountered this in other classes on campus.
The biggest point lost in the AU will be the failure to respond to a part of the subject.
Other types of return work include statistical and accounting operations.
Almost all universities have an official policy that requires professors to state the weight of material requirements, textbooks and assignments in the syllabus
Final and final exams.
This syllabus should be published on the first day of the lecture.
On the traditional campus I attended, the first day was not always given to these.
Sometimes they are late enough to have a negative impact on understanding the course tests and how the scores and scores will work.
In the Arabic language course at the University of Pennsylvania, I have never received a syllabus.
This means that the Egyptian coach can score as much as he wants.
This means that two mediocre Muslim students got A, and the previous Marines received an incomplete.
Because not enough classes!
I never knew the minimum attendance requirement.
She made it up to justify her hatred of my military service.
No student in Ashford can be abused on the spur of the coach.
Weighted fully programmed into course format.
For example, international finance 450 bus companies break down the grade weight like this: Discussion, 40%;
Operation 10%; Quizzes, 35%;
The last paper, 15%.
You have to do the work twice a week.
Login is not eligible.
Monitor your grades: through online schools including Ashford University, you can monitor your grades at any time.
You never have to visit your professor\'s office hours to check and make sure that the scores on the papers you hand in back to you are the same as those entered by the teacher\'s assistant in the grade book. (
I bring assignments and exams to a campus professor more than once to correct mistakes in my score.
TA made a mistake.
The same is true of professors. )
Using the Ashford University Gradebook tool, you can see exactly the weight of each discussion, assignment, quiz, exam or paper.
Some reviewers wrote a bad experience or two while reading reviews on the review site. I only had one.
What I really appreciate in my course is the instructor (
Even the one I hate.
Everyone has more than ten years of experience in the public sector.
At the primary school in moderstowe, a lifelong math teacher was disgusted with the field.
He has never worked outside of teaching, using examples from previous versions of the text as his teaching, and then taking exams outside of the classroom.
At Ashford University, I have never had any problems that go beyond the actual application.
On the forum (
Two questions must be answered every week and actively discussed and developed)
The instructor often gives practical advice.
Most of the time, the teacher knows the business or work of one of the students, and an activity worth participating in starts from there.
Many students are also engaged in professional work.
Because of this, the forum makes people feel how the text material is applied and how it works and how it doesn\'t work.
In all this, the instructor guides and facilitates the discussion.
Staff at Ashford University have easy access to.
Which learners perform better in knowledge testing: online or face-to-faceto-Face?
This question was easily answered by a major research group comparing distance learning and campus learning.
This work is called the phenomenon of no significant difference.
The following link will allow you to search hundreds of studies comparing online and online learners, their tendency to stick to or give up (no difference)
, Performed in the final exam (
Better done by distance learners)
Total cumulative score (no difference)
There are many other factors.
In addition, there is no significant difference in the phenomenon, although there is no study comparing the income of online degrees and online degrees
Campus degree, which changed in 2012.
According to a report released, online degree holders earn more than those registered in state or private non-state for 6 years after registration
Profitable University.
Is Ashford University a good school?
As a student of 10 colleges and universities, I can say, \"Yes!
\"I attended two online schools at Penn Ivy League school, Barton and Ashford, Monterey\'s school of defense language, and a nervous military school, my total number of college semester units is close to 200.
Ashford University is a strict program.
The graduates of Ashford have learned a lot of knowledge.
Writing is demanding.
Reading is more intense.
Only UPenn needs more reading.
Only UPenn and DLI need more work. Even my (non-engineering)
Courses at San Jose State University are easier than Ashford.
As an international business school student, I learned about business and I never knew about international business or even management.
I understand how forex works, why risk is an important understanding in each contract, and how risk can be mitigated and controlled.
I understand the importance of employee retention and customer satisfaction.
I learned about logistics and law.
Ashford taught me the importance of good contracts, arbitration and international law.
Although I used to have three successful businesses and now have my fourth, Ashford has given me a lot of applicable knowledge.
Textbook Ashford\'s authors and textbooks are bought and sold on campuses in the United States and Europe.
The only difference is that the Ashford textbook has a special cover and is marked with the \"Ashford University Edition \".
I believe this is because Ashford negotiated a better price for the purchase of these texts.
Publishers protect the market by making them look different from other higher-priced textbooks.
Increased the difficulty of these re-tagged textbooks competing in the market, protecting the profits of publishers.
The content is the same.
The only concern for students is that they will read most or all of these texts.
After all, it replaced the lecture.
The Ashford University rating used the votes of the top 86 people responding to this article survey with an average rating of 4.
24 out of 5 possible.
This is quite high for any school. Update (July 3, 2013)
: After 115 votes, the average rating is now 4. 18 out of 5. Update (
December 1, 2013)
: After 131 votes, the average student review at Ashford University is 4. 21 out of 5. Update (April 17, 2015)
: After 185 votes, the average is 4 votes. 23 on a 5-point scale.
Ashford University mailing address if you need to send money to Ashford University, this is the address: Diego, 13500 night Creek Avenue, Ashford University, if you do not use a student loan and a Pell grant to cover your fees, you will need to send a payment for the tuition fee.
There is also a final fee of $150 at the end of the course;
This one does not belong (by Federal law)
Covered by loan or Pell.
In order not to violate any laws, be sure to pay the final amount using other funds.
San Diego is home to Ashford\'s administrative functions.
The main campus is located in Iowa (
See picture right)
: 400 North Bluff BoulevardClinton, how IA 52732 calculates how your GPAEvery College student learned to calculate the average score in high school.
Add up your points, add up your units, and divide the former from the latter.
The adjacent table shows the point value of each letter level at Ashford University.
These are typical values used by most institutions of higher learning.
In fact, I don\'t know if I sent level D.
My minimum score is C, so I inserted the value I didn\'t rate myself directly and pushed out all the values below C.
How to get good grades in Ashford: in my first class I made a \"good\" effort.
I read most of the necessary reading.
I use an extra page to write a paper, \"brainstorming\" the theme and process of each paper.
In those early classes, most of my grades were Grade B, and I got grade C in a mixed class.
However, in my international HR management course, the instructor is very cruel in scoring (
My only bad professor experience at AU). To get a B-
I have to read everything, spend three times as much time on each article, cite every source of information, nothing is called \"common sense \".
\"I also looked at some job openings that required GPA.
So, I decided to put the best effort into each class to get as much a as possible.
This is what I have done before.
I made 4.
I have 0 semesters 9 times in my life.
After extra effort, I have won 9 A in the last 9 classes.
Two of them are-grades.
However, if you are ready to do all the reading (
Two or three times)
Take the time to take the quiz and prepare the paper with design and research, then you can get A or maybe even 4. 0.
According to their website: Ashford University certification®Recognized by members of the Higher Education Council and the Middle North Association.
Ashford University also applies to the Higher Colleges and University Accreditation Board of Western schools and college associations for accreditation (WASC).
Ashford obtained HLC certification through 2014
Academic year 2015.
The WASC certification body rejected the application for AU on July 2012.
However, they encouraged Ashford to re-apply \"early next year.
Strangely, they made a good mention of the Clinton campus in Iowa.
In addition, they raised an issue with the San Diego government and the campus.
They advised some managers to move to the Iowa campus.
Personally, I would like to know how much of this result is the work of Senator Harkin of Iowa.
He actually set up a committee to \"investigate\"
Education for profit.
Really, this is a joke.
Even public schools are always considered non-public schools
Profits actually send tens of millions to the country every year.
Harkin is really struggling with his work in San Diego.
He wants them to move to Clinton, in my opinion.
This will help with his work report
Is it election time?
Read the extract from The WASC report and it sounds like they are really saying, \"you are really approved.
But we\'re going to, uh-
Well, it is recommended that you move as much work as possible to Iowa.
Ashford University received initial certification from WASCI and received an email notification on July 12, 2013
Ashford has obtained the \"preliminary certification\" of Western colleges and school associations \". Way to go, AU!
The email further informs the school that it will transition from HCL certification to WASC.
Here is a sentence in the email: our transition from HLC to WASC will not affect you or your Ashford degree (s)
And, no matter when you graduate from Ashford, you graduate from a certification body.
Of course, no one with normal intelligence would think it would be different or affect the class in any way.
But I understand why it is wise to make it clear that students or degree holders will not care about any issues.
Ashford University RankingIn 2007 (Online Education Database (OEDb)
Start ranking online colleges and universities.
The current list shows that Ashford University has 33 out of 65 schools.
This gives AU a middle. of-the-
32 schools are ranked first, and 32 are ranked behind.
Ashford University ranked in strye (47)and Kaplan (45).
Colorado State University is ranked fifth in OEDb\'s list.
The University of Phoenix did not appear in the ranking.
On OEDb\'s website, you can search the rankings of online schools by degree and type.
Ashford University\'s international business program ranked ninth among 54 schools in 2013. Nice.
Contact to apply for Ashford: the admissions consultant I used at the beginning, and when I interviewed for different online programs, he answered all my many questions, Felicia Handsend.
You can contact her at: 866. 974.
Handsend @ ashford
After graduation everyone wants to hang their diploma on the wall.
I ended my last class two weeks ago.
Today, I received an email informing me that I will receive the diploma in the email, \"about six minutes later (6)weeks.
\"Maybe, Bridgepoint, can you all outsource this job to the Craigslist supplier?
They can always get things sorted out within two working days.
But the day has been going on for two years.
I think it is fair to predict my graduation because I started my last class with 8 a and 3 A grades. 6 overall gpa.
I saw others complain that the delivery was late;
I think it\'s stupid and certainly not normal.
But six weeks seems to be the standard delivery time.
A graduation fee of $150 will take two months to deliver the diploma?
It may look small.
But I\'m excited.
I want to see my diploma!
After all, perhaps more important than knowledge, I have invested two years and $13,000 in paper that I can show during the interview, and my clients can see it on my wall.
It\'s like my birthday has been rescheduled.
Here is the email I received on February 13, which I received two weeks after my last class on January 30: Congrats that you have completed all degree requirements!
This email is to inform you that your diploma was ordered by the registrar\'s office.
About six (6)
In a few weeks, your diploma will be delivered to our Archived address at the end of the month you completed all project requirements.
Your diploma will show you all the degrees and honors you have received at Ashford University;
However, your diploma will not show any minor, concentration or major earned.
As part of our new diploma program, which started in July 1, 2011, your diploma will now be fully designed to help you demonstrate your academic achievements correctly.
Congratulate on this great achievement!
However, I must point out that Ashford has done a lot and a lot for me in my two years --
They did it quickly.
So, they still get 99% support from me. But. . .
Graduation certificate! C\'mon, people!
Update: I received my framework diploma within the promised time.
It is presented in a very beautiful frame with a golden-
Embossed University logo with triple toplayered matte. For my 3.
62 gpa, the university gave me the best grades in my name.
On the 2012 th, Ashford started a volunteer service project.
It was held on April 24, 2012.
Ashford students enter their communities to volunteer and make changes.
This is important for Ashford and online schools.
The only thing that online schools do not do as well as campus schools is to let students go out and volunteer.
Personally, I don\'t see how this can be a better manager or psychologist.
However, brick and mortar campuses are selling the average number of hours their student volunteer service is available.
So Volunteer Day is just one thing that makes Ashford better.
It\'s almost two years since I graduated. Ashford U.
Continue to send me an invitation to a free webinar on job search, resume writing and interviews.
There are other topics.
All invitations are for activities to promote workhunting skills.
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