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ask the kit: how do i dress better at work?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-26
I watched Mary condo on Netflix, and like everyone else, I seem to be thinking about my wardrobe these days.
I work in the office and this year I want to start sorting out a professional work wardrobe that makes me feel like I \'ve been pulled together.
Where should I start? —
Anyone who knows me (hi mom! )
I know I like the idea of dressing in uniform and minimalist wardrobe.
Not because I\'m. Messy or counter
As some critics might say, happy, but excited by the thoughtfulness behind the carefully curated closet. Well-
Think the wardrobes are like Swiss Army knives: they actually fit the palm of your hand, but with them you have any weapons.
In this turbulent era, what is better than feeling that you can solve any problems that may arise in the world?
When building the most versatile work wardrobe, there is only one starting point: white shirt. How do I know?
When I just started my career, I traveled 48-with a bunch of editors-hour junket.
I have to check my bag.
Ultimate humiliation among experienced travelers.
However, a senior editor walked in easily carrying an oak-sized suitcase.
It has only one white shirt and a few simple matches.
For the next two days, she looks better at every event than the rest of us: Well-
Pressed at the breakfast meeting and gracefully pressed at the cocktail party.
Wearing the perfect white shirt, you can be Lauren Bacar, Caroline Besset, of kaikelago-
Kennedy on Kennedy\'s arm.
Or yourself, have a business meeting.
Newport Kimberley
Cute Canadian brand \"pink plaid\" designer Mimran is the epitome of the dayto-
So I called her.
\"Do you want to build a wardrobe? ” she asked.
\"Well, a black high-collar shirt is great, and the work pants in the technical fabric are also great, not wrinkled, so you can go from the table to dinner.
You should buy a good suit.
But a white shirt?
This is important.
She explained that the top priority of the white shirt is its eternity.
\"When something is too fashionable --
Forward, it can go wrong, but a pressed white shirt always looks good.
This is the power dress. ” Newport-
Mimran has her own advice: she wears a white shirt four days a week, seven days a week.
There is no doubt that the key to finding the perfect shirt is the details.
In order to really finish their work, the basic things must always be executed perfectly
People who have made pizza skins know this.
Newport said: \"I love a white shirt that lets you take off your collar as it covers your face, so look for a collar with a little extra fusion to provide this structure
Mimran explained that she made the shirt by hand in a men\'s suit factory, so that the balance between the female fit and the classic cut could be balanced.
\"Look at the quality of the button and consider the process.
\"There is no real shortcut to building quality.
You have to feel the fabric and the stitching, so although this is an offense to the way most of us shop now, I would suggest trying to wear a shirt in real life --
Dressing room and all
Don\'t just buy a \"hope no problem\" piece online at the request of an attractive email promotion.
At the very least, make sure there is a simple (and free! )return policy.
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Fitting is also a major problem and it is best to find out by putting on a shirt.
Newport said: \"I love the fit and the oversized look
For the office, Myram likes a nice white shirt to hide in a higher place --waisted pants.
On the other hand, a slightly oversized shirt means a relaxed elegance that can be easily personalized to suit your mood.
\"In both cases, the way you plug it in, roll up your sleeves, or take off your collar is often the most personal. ” (
In the weekend atmosphere, the popularity of \"casual\" wearing half of the shirt is why the pink plaid will sew the shirt on the side at the bottom so that it is easier to partially gather. )
Pay attention to other clever design details.
Taste like a woman?
Find a wellplaced ruffle. A minimalist?
Buttons may bring you happiness.
Once you promise to find a white shirt that really suits you, you can easily see the difference between each dress --
They all seem the same at a glance, though.
This is a feature of Newport.
Mimran reimagined the perfect white shirt over and over again.
When she talks about the products of this season, she mentions them carefully and individually, just like cotton snowflakes.
\"The white shirt is my favorite one, even though it\'s clear,\" she added . \". “A well-
It\'s a pleasure to wear constructed clothes.
You feel good inside.
\"This should be the definition of the wardrobe body.
Send your urgent beauty and fashion questions to Catherine at ask @ thekit.
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