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atm founder tony melillo on the 5 fashion basics every man and woman should own

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
Sometimes the hardest work in your closet
White T-shirtin jeans—
Get the least attention.
But having a solid foundation is the key to any wardrobe.
That\'s why Tony Melillo, founder and creative director of ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo, created his work.
\"Six years ago, when I launched the ATM, it was to create a perfect T-shirt with a lifestyle,\" he said . \".
\"Lifestyle is a relaxed and elegant atmosphere that really caters to customers who like quality and comfort.
I think sticking to this principle is key when we design anything in our collection.
Our clients are very responsive to this personal feeling.
Although it looks like any T-
Shirts will be made and it is worth investing in infrastructure.
\"A good foundation will never be out of date,\" Melillo said . \".
\"Quality is also important.
With cheaper cotton, washing multiple times will make fabric pills --
This is the opposite of raising your appearance.
\"In addition, have fashion, good
\"Doing the basics\" means it\'s easier for them to dress up or dress up.
\"The high quality basics never seem to be that basic,\" Melillo said . \".
\"They look classic and chic, not sloppy and old.
The ATM infrastructure can be used to simplify the look or to take it to a fashion rather than a crazy place.
The advantage of ATM is-
It has a lot of different styles.
Melillo shares five basics that everyone should have: the easy jacket.
\"He needs at least a simple jacket.
A field jacket with multiple pockets can travel on an entertaining night. ” T-shirt.
\"Men need great T-shirts.
They should be the style that suits you.
ATM has about four fabrics to choose from and different ties.
Whatever style he chooses, he needs at least three black and three white. ”Chino pant.
\"All people need a classic but cool chino.
What should we do?
ATM creates a unique fitness device by losing weight, but not extreme.
We also added a raw hem to the cuffs so the pants have a little personal style.
There are a lot of colors in cotton twill, but Brown and Army Green will be great as a staple in the wardrobe.
Perfect for traveling, then go straight to a meeting or dinner.
They really stick well and always look united and don\'t have much effort. ”Hoodie.
\"I like them because they keep your neck warm if you leave the gym.
They fit well too, so you look good. ”Polo shirt.
\"This is the perfect choice for tee or button off.
The length of our polo shirt is good so don\'t worry about Tucker.
Just wear it.
In addition, the pique polo we developed is lighter and stiffer than the classic of the old school.
It makes it more comfortable.
Melillo shares five basics that every woman should have: tights.
\"She should have a great set of tights as a support.
There\'s nothing better than having no lines or worrying about stuffing the tops in.
A good body suit can do this.
Cashmere cardigan.
\"Next is a soft cashmere cardigan that you can wear all year round. It’s versatile—
You can travel in it, go to a restaurant in it, or go to the office in it, for example.
Our version is long enough to cover the hips, where it feels comfortable but looks slim, and it is easy and comfortable.
Make sure it\'s not too heavy when you want to buy a cardigan.
It\'s easy to pack and go with a light one. ”Field jacket.
\"A versatile field jacket with stretch cotton twill is the third perfect choice in any wardrobe.
It just pulls everything together, and the washed twill can still make it feel casual or cool on things like silk petticoats.
Slim black trousers.
\"Classic slim trousers in basic black are always a must.
We made one on the ATM and it stretches well to make you feel very comfortable and keep it in shape. ”T-shirt.
\"Regardless of her size and figure, she must have at least three good black T-shirts and three good white T-shirts.
Choose from several styles and stock them up.
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