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before buying more clothes at h&m, read this

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
This article is part of the Huffington Post \"recycling\" campaign, an ongoing project that shows the world waste crisis and how we can start working on it.
As a spokesperson for fast fashion, H & M seems to realize that the excesses of the industry are becoming obsolete.
The Swedish clothing giant is making big strides to change its way of life.
But is its efforts to recycle clothes and reduce environmental impact enough to make shopping in its stores an ethical decision?
The answer is complicated.
Last year, H & M sold $25 billion worth of cheap clothing worldwide.
Second only to Zara-
In terms of sales, the company\'s owner, Inditex, is also helping to create a culture of consumption that sees clothing as food that is about to expire.
Americans now throw away about 70 pounds of clothing each year on average, equivalent to more than 200 pounds of men\'s clothing.
Almost all the shirts were stacked.
H & M works with textile suppliers in China who are heavily polluting waterways and their factories use dyes and other runoff.
On 2013, a sweatshop building in Rana square, Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,135 people. Although H & M has no direct link to the disaster, H & M has taken the lead in trying to reform the industry.
But the company soon failed to deliver on its commitment to overseas workers.
However, H & M has recently tried to improve itself.
In April, the Swedish clothing giant launched a campaign called World Recycling Week, which requires people to throw away unwanted, old or damaged clothes for the company to recycle or renovate.
By rapper M. I. A.
, Aims to expand the coupon program created by H & M in 2013 to offer discounts to customers who donate old clothes.
Another 3,600-
Chain stores sell a \"conscious\" series made of recycled fabrics and adopt a more sustainable approach than is usually used to make clothing.
So, how ethical is it to buy clothes from H & M?
This is still the core of fashion.
The focus of the Huffington Post editorial campaign \"recycling\" phase 2-documenting and responding to the world waste crisis-is even more serious this month.
There have been a lot of reports about the ethical challenges faced by H & M shoppers.
Instead of going back to the steps of these writers, we made a list of stories worth reading before doing any reviewto-
Shopping in fast Mallfashion giant.
Does all the talk about sustainability by H & M mislead customers? [
Quartz/Mark Bain]
Conclusion: it\'s hard to say, but if you\'re going shopping fast
Fashion retailer H & M may be your best choice.
In addition to corporate environmental protection, do I expect more? [
Guardian/Lucy Segal
Summary: cynicism.
Even the recycling week for H & M was ripped off by the more sincere grassroots movement in the UK.
Myth of moral shoppers [
Huffington Post/Michael Hobbs
\"We will not turn ourselves into a better world. . . .
Behind the 50 demonstrators, 300 customers extend around the block.
Reduce the power of buying by buying better [
Atlantic/Elizabeth Crane]
Conclusion: people start buying higher SportsLonger quality
Long-lasting clothing should bring hope to us.
In H & M\'s pursuit of sustainable development of fast fashion [
Forbes/Lydia desman]
Summary: H & M really worked hard!
Let\'s give credit when it\'s due.
Filed a lawsuit against Fast
Fashion cooperation [
Fashion Business/Eugene Larkin]
Conclusion: do not expect high
Final Designer Series for Fast
Fashion retailers improve the overall quality of retailers
Clothes produced.
There is still a huge gap between high and high.
Fast fashion-Fashion quality.
Fast fashion is creating an environmental crisis [
Newsweek/Alden WickerConclusion: “[W]
H & M did nothing special.
The clothes it recycles go through exactly the same process as the clothes donated to Goodwill or anywhere else.
Planet currency T-Shirt Project[NPR]
Conclusion: This is not a specific problem for H & M, but it provides a strong meaning for the operation of the global clothing supply chain.
The project tracks production on a planet.
Through its 20,000 brand shirt-
A mile journey across three continents to New York.
Fast fashion is the second dirty industry in the world, second only to big oil [EcoWatch]
Conclusion: do not look for a solution from the huge fast
Fashion company.
Designers like Irene Fisher and Ralph Lauren are taking real steps.
H & M said 77 have been collected.
Since the start of the recycling program, there are 6 million pounds of clothing.
\"Our goal is to create a closed loop for fashion, where old clothing and textiles are reused, recycled and converted into new fashion,\" a spokesperson for the company told HuffPost . \".
\"It will reduce our dependence on new resources and shift us from a linear economy to a circular economy.
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