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being in charlottesville broke my heart. it also filled me with hope.being in charlottesville broke my heart. it also filled me with hope.

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
I started filming six movies last week.
The National Geographic hour documentary series explores the key social, demographic and cultural changes that are currently tearing us apart.
The first episode, I am exploring the national dialogue on monuments and statues;
Who and what we commemorate, what they symbolize, and whether we need to reassess how we tell the story of our country.
I know Charlottsville is at the center of this debate because of the man\'s statue in the city center: Robert E. Lee.
There were so many comments and articles about what happened there that I felt I needed to do my own description of my three days in Charlottsville.
As an American in 2017, it has become a symbol of US and it breaks my heart.
But it also filled me with hope.
It\'s not just another task.
This is personal.
I graduated from the University of Virginia and my late sister Emily died of pancreatic cancer from 1996 to 2006 and has been a state senator in Charlottsville.
Emily Couric Cancer Center at the University of Virginia has demonstrated her commitment to ensuring that cancer patients in Virginia receive the best possible care.
When I was in Charlottsville, a lot of people told me how much they missed her voice, especially when it was so difficult.
Last Thursday, my first stop was Liberation Park, which was not named Li Park until recently.
On this warm August morning, I came to meet some people behind the battle of Robert E statueLee.
Kobe is a 16-year-old player. year-
The old Charlottsville high school student who initiated the change petition.
The statue was removed more than a year ago.
Kobe told me that the statue was a symbol of slavery, simple and clear, and that it made her feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in her own town.
When we looked up and saw Lee\'s huge bronze statue, he rode his horse rider and actually put him on a few feet high granite base, I tried to understand what it was like to be a young African
American teenagers live in a place where they fight for the United Nations and slavery.
Kobe has inspired a lot of people.
Among them, Tang gathered, a 58-year-
An old African-American grandfather who moved from Richmond to Charlottsville about five years ago.
Inspired by the positive actions of zyahna Kumar, he decided not only to join her career, but also to start the Charlottsville chapter of the question of black life.
When the mayor of Charlottsville responded to a petition asking the City Council to review the issue, Gathers soon volunteered.
The statue is a lingering symbol of slavery, white supremacy, and black oppression, especially when KKK arose in Virginia and it was built in the 1920 s, and the brutal discrimination was part of Jim Cronan.
For him, the statue of Lee has been reminding him, and the town\'s memorial landscape ignores most of Charleville\'s black history.
For example, just a few blocks away from the statue of Li in the historic Court Square, and there is hardly a small plaque on the sidewalk that marks the slave auction block.
When you looked at general Li, Tang told me that you looked up.
When you look at the plaque, you look down.
He was sure it was not an accident.
Frank Earnest, the heritage conservation coordinator for the Virginia division, son of the Southern Union veterans, has a very different view.
He traveled from Virginia Beach to tell me that he denied the \"unity justice\" rally scheduled for the next day because he felt that the participants had a common
Li\'s logo was chosen to advance a very different agenda.
But he had a heated debate about keeping the statue in place, saying that the statue paid tribute to the southerners and the Southern Union ancestors who sacrificed their lives.
For him, it represents his tradition and history and is a monument to veterans.
He claimed that the Civil War was a war about state rights, not a war to uphold slavery, although he acknowledged that slavery was part of it, and he said that it was not the main cause of the war.
Historians refer to this as a \"lost cause\" narrative, thinking that the loss of civil war is so great that the South needs to create a story of heroic struggle, that honor and sacrifice romanticize the Confederacy, and minimize the role of slavery to justify their actions.
Historians say that this false narrative is considered an absolute history in the imagination of the United States, when it is really a historical memory of the continuation of early works, memorials, art, popular culture and stories are passed down from generation to generation.
The day before the rally, I also talked to two history professors at my alma mater: one was white and the other was black.
They all think that Li\'s statue should be left and used as a teaching tool (
City Council voted2 to remove it)
But only with the statue (
Someone suggested taking Lee off his base.
The establishment of another monument, perhaps to commemorate the sacrifice of many black people in the Albemarle County who joined the coalition army.
It has been argued that the search for historical figures without flaws is an impossible task to accomplish.
Others, including Mike Signer, mayor of Charlotte (
Who voted against it)
I also call for an increase in the background, such as the logo and the memorial to the civil rights movement and the equal struggle.
As Saturday approaches, I realize that this rally will be much bigger than expected, especially after the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a warning that it will be the largest hate rally in the United States in decades.
The UVA Hospital canceled the day\'s elective surgery in an emergency.
At the beginning of the school year, there was a strange alchemy in the air, mixed with uneasiness.
St. on Friday night.
The bishop\'s church of St. Paul is just across the street from the circular hall of UVA, where people of different religions crowd in pews to hear the message of love, the need to conquer hatred, and the importance of fighting against prejudice.
Many people from all over the country took part in anti-protests and mentally prepared for the rally.
Tunnel West, a well
The famous civil rights activist gave a fierce speech on the podium.
Pastor Traci Blackmon, departing from Ferguson, Missouri, asked the crowd, where did all dreamers go?
When the congregation began to sing my little lamp, we got the news that so-called âx80x9calt-
On the right is the place nearby to light the tiki torch, ready to march on the UVA ground as they are called the tiki torch and have Charlottsville preview Saturday\'s rally.
My mom would have asked many of them to clean up --
Wearing kha pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, through the heart of Thomas Jefferson\'s Academic Village and university, shout \"you won\'t replace us ! \"!
Jews will not replace us!
White Life is very important!
In front of the circular hall on the other side of the lawn, a small group of counters --
Protesters built a human chain around the statue of Thomas Jefferson, chanting the importance of black life!
Shortly after, alt-
The crowd on the right came up and down the stairs, surrounded by a circle of protesters in the center.
Within minutes, quarrels and chaos broke out.
Items such as cans taken out of the tiki torch were thrown into the air.
At the same time, it is not clear whether the Sea of the torch is heading for the church.
The people inside were instructed to go out from the back door.
Elderly women help each other to make sure they get on the ground safely.
Everyone is very nervous.
The next morning, when the sun rose from Charlottsville, the clergy met at the \"First Baptist\" of the town\'s most historic black church.
Professor Cornell West has assembled a group determined to launch a peaceful counterattack --
As an accusation against the participants of the rally, demonstrations outside the park.
He began to say how sweet it was in the struggle for justice.
His speech was about love for all: black, white, gay, bisexual
Sex, Native American.
\"I am who I am because someone loves me,\" West said . \".
What is love, what is justice.
He embraced Don Gathers, who was also the first deacon of the Baptist, and who prepared for the day.
Soon, as they walked through the quiet streets leading to the rally scene, most of the gathering went out of the church and sang spiritual hymns and civil rights hymns.
Gather ahead, ready to meet his opponent, stride forward with the goal, and straight forward with his eyes.
A small group of priests followed and, as they walked through the street, their arms were connected, firm and silent.
A woman ran out of the store to watch, and as they passed she said \"thank you\" in her mouth \".
They walked straight to the front of Tahrir Park and soon met dozens of people holding shields and waving flags. Around 10:30 a. m.
The crowd is getting bigger and bigger, and the air is full of tension.
Men in camouflage uniforms are on both sides of the street, with many armed with automatic weapons on their backs.
Their commander told one of my producers that they were a group of volunteer militia there to protect the right of the parties to exercise their freedom of expression.
\"We are here to represent the middle class in the United States,\" he said . \"
It\'s still an hour and a half before the actual rally starts.
Soon, a series of distant
Including a variety of so-called âx80x9calt-
Right wing supporters from different fields
Nationalist and anti-Southern
Communist and free will
They proudly marched, with some armed with sticks, helmets and homemade shields, many waving the socialist flag of the American Vanguard, the Traditional Youth Network and the traditional Workers\' Party, the Southern Poverty Law Center said the organization was working with neo-
It is well known that the Nazis blame the Jews for the problems of the world.
There are armed groups waving the flag of the Confederacy, motorcyclists wearing camouflage suits and guns.
As they gathered in the park behind the metal barricades, many began to shout loudly-k you f-
Ggots and commcommie scum.
At the same time
Protesters also dropped on the Market Street at the southern end of the park, with many holding homemade signs that read \"crush white supremacy,\" \"boycott,\" \"Virginia,\" prepared for lovers rather than racists
Some people just stand on the street, with their backs in the right direction.
Other people shouted in droves, no Nazis, no KKK, no fascist America!
When other people shout about the importance of black life!
Controversial anti-racism cluster-anti-racism
The fascist militant group also marched in the St market.
Holding a \"fascist villain\" flag, while firmly shouting \"anti-fascist\"Fascista!
These groups are known for mobilizing events against the destruction of this nature by white supremacists.
Some of the Antifa people we saw were wearing pink helmets and shields, while others were wearing goggles and holding a sign that said \"Nazi home \".
Seeing the rise of protest slogans, two of my producers stood high in the park and suddenly they were doused with a mixture of human urine and mud.
It was thrown into the air of the crowd from where they thought it was a water bottle.
They are still not sure who threw it and who the goal is.
At the same time, a massive violent conflict broke out at the corner of the East Market and 2nd Street.
We stood on the hillside at the entrance to the park, overlooking the ocean of those who tried to find cover.
We saw shells throwing back and forth, including bottles and brown balloons (
Another reporter told me about feces).
By noon, from where I stood on the south side of the park, the anger in the air was obvious.
When I asked them why they were there, many of the marchers wouldn\'t look at me.
Some people look straight ahead, but a young man who looks in his teens or twenties said to me that he came because it looked interesting. âx80x9dAn 18-year-
The old man from Youngstown, Ohio, also talked to me.
He said he considered himself a white nationalist who admired Richard Spencer and supported him at the rally.
He repeated many of the talking points I heard the day before when I met with rally organizer Jason Kessler.
I asked marcher standing next to him about his family background.
He said his grandparents were from Italy.
As a grandson of immigrants, I asked him why he was so rebellious. immigration.
He says he doesn\'t mind immigration from some countries, just from third world countries and from places like Africa or the Middle East.
Elsewhere, my team is embedded.
Walk nearly two miles along the main core to MacIntyre Park.
Police earlier told the group through a megaphone that they had to evacuate Tahrir Park, a gathering considered illegal.
At about the same time, I was in the south of Tahrir Park, in a cafe, the clergy and the-
The protesters used it as a safe place to rent.
I\'m talking to the doctor.
Conell West, who shared his impression of the day with me.
He said that in his life he had never seen so much hatred in the eyes of his fellow human beings.
I was talking to him and the others and suddenly there was a commotion in the cafe ---
There are rumors of a car accident on the street.
We ran four blocks east, passing through an armored vehicle, walking through the ambulance, finding the medical staff and the people who were carried away by the stretcher.
I remember when a woman was taken away, I watched in horror as she received a chest press.
Witnesses at the scene panicked.
They told us that a car was passing through a group of counters.
Protesters threw people in all directions.
Later that day, we learned that 19 people were injured and one was killed.
The next day, the name of the deceased was published: Heather Heyer. She was a 32-year-
A young woman who is passionate about social justice, an old lawyer assistant.
The last sentence she posted on her Facebook page was: if you don\'t get angry, you don\'t notice it.
On Sunday evening my team went back to the corner of the Fourth Street and the water, but this time it was a candlelight vigil where sad community members gathered to pray, sing, and write a message to Heather with chalk on the sidewalk
We reviewed our footage earlier in the day and it wasn\'t until the next morning that we realized we were only a few feet away from James Field, 20. year-old Nazi-
Sympath, Ohio, and a suspect accused of second offence
The degree of murder related to the death of Heyer.
Saturday\'s incident also claimed the lives of two Virginia police officers whose helicopter crashed while being recalled to assist in law enforcement.
Looking back at the incredible weekend, full display of hatred, violence and loss of life, Don Doji stood in a daze at the Sunday vigil.
He told us that more than a year ago, when he joined the committee to review General Robert E.
It will cause such tragedy and heartache in his hometown.
It highlights a fact that I realized during my short journey back to charlottsville.
These monuments and statues are more than bronze and granite;
They symbolize our long and imperfect path to the present.
But it is a valuable and important job to reconsider and debate who we respect, why, and the message that is sent.
A professor told me that judging most historical figures by today\'s standards is futile, just as many of our contemporary leaders are unlikely to bear the judgment of future generations.
But our history should be the history of all of us, not just those who have the ability to record it.
At the beginning of this article, I said that what happened here broke my heart, but it also filled me with hope.
During my three days in the city, I saw strong hatred and pain, and aroused anger and anger.
But I also saw kindness, compassion and generosity.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle, I saw Muslim, Jewish, black and white protesters whose arms were connected to form a human chain.
At the scene of the accident, I saw strangers comfort relatives of the injured with strong compassion ---
It\'s like they\'re family members.
I saw the priests and pedestrians running towards a chaotic scene and didn\'t know what else was going to happen, but I was determined to help.
On that day, Charlottsville stood up against hatred, white supremacy, racism,-
It\'s not the world we live in, it\'s not part of what we want to be, he said.
We know that hatred will come to the surface again;
But the same is true of its enemies.
Like the sultry Saturday in Charlottsville, Virginia, on August.
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