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bill clinton’s fashion challenge: how to dress when you’re no longer center of attention

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
Bill Clinton is sorting out what it means to wear a power uniform but not a power uniform.
He is playing the role of a backup actor.
The Silent Partner on the stage, his eyes must always be full of love and devotion
No matter how familiar these applause lines are.
Bill, who made your suit?
Because labels are important, be sure to know. Is it American-
Import European manufacturing or what?
Is it from a big company or from an independent company? a much-vaunted small-
What kind of business owners do political institutions like to attract?
Because the fashion industry is important, your clothes are always important.
You \'ve been wearing Martin Greenfield and Donna Callan from Brooklyn for years (
When she does men\'s wear).
But if this presidential campaign works for Mrs. secretary of state, your clothes will become more important because they will now represent you.
They have to do this because unless the agreement is ignored and the tradition is subverted, you will not perform speaking on oath --
Toast at the state banquet.
The subtleties will be important, as will your designer, just as your favorite sports team, musician, and even your golf game will be used to gain insight into your personality, you want us to believe who you are.
In nearly eight years, Michelle Obama has gone through the cycle of dozens of formal dresses, some of which offer a bit of fashion diplomacy, other dresses are designed to change the image and race of the female body.
Can the male occupants of the East Wing use fashion in a similar way?
A first-generation gentleman can integrate the fashion business more deeply into the US industry through global influence.
Maybe take part in the men\'s show and highlight the craft of the tailor.
Discuss why shoes and exquisite knitted garments are rarely produced in the United States.
Of course, Bill Clinton may, like he has praised Shinola and his watches, endorse the clothing trade.
Yes, Bill Clinton is a child prodigy. all his connotations come from Detroit. based, blue-
Collar craft.
Men\'s Dress resonated.
According to a person familiar with the matter, President Obama seems to have relied on two dresses during his tenure.
A thorough investigation of the photos.
There are two-
The button peak lapels he wore at his first inauguration on 2009-
He said at the time that his first new tuxedo in 15 years was produced by Hart Shafner Marx in the United States.
But there\'s one.
The button peak lapels tuxedo seems to be the regular rotation of the state banquet.
Or there\'s a lot in his closet. alike tuxedos?
The White House did not provide any information on the issue.
Yes, we asked.
Maybe the female president should stick to the fashion monotony.
How many black evening dresses for all official events?
Custom smoking at state banquets?
Let fashion in the hands of the first gentleman.
If the votes are exactly the same, it doesn\'t matter that the East Wing might become a man\'s cave instead of pretending what the first spouse is wearing, perhaps the country will learn to discuss the clothing, clothing industry, its cultural significance and all other issues with a new focus and intent.
At the same time, the campaign revealed a former president who, like many male power brokers, wore an elegant four-piece suit with the best aestheticin-
Hand, not when he chooses business leisure.
But in Hillary Clinton\'s campaign, the most common thing about business casual wear is uniforms, because the job is not to express power, but to express sympathy.
The husband has everything from the buffalo plaid shirt under the Hickey Freeman suit jacket to the plaid shirt and polo shirt.
He especially likes to wear a polo shirt under a sports jacket.
At the men\'s watch home, this is a controversial move that combines formal and informal.
It sends out a mixed message;
It confuses this.
If a man insists on such a combination, then the jacket should be informal, which is his non-informal.
It shouldn\'t look like a suit coat with his pants missing.
Like many politicians, Bill Clinton uses dress to show his relationship with ordinary people. the more rural the environment is, the more he looks like he is ready to come and trim your lawn --
Or at least have a beer in front and talk about the factory.
But if there is any indication that the husband is not a candidate, it is the special accessory on his lapels.
In the history of the contemporary presidential campaign, candidates are identified by flag pins that are always stuck on their lapels.
Patriotism must be expressed in the form of a brooch.
One must act in the shadow of America.
The candidate is God. bless-
The United States wrote a lotNot now.
Hillary tagged bill.
He\'s wearing Hillary. for-
The president spoke during the campaign.
Sometimes this is a small H with good taste.
Sometimes it\'s a disc-sized medal.
This time, he is not selling America himself.
He sold the country to his wife.
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