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blanking on what to wear with your t-shirts? here\'s all the inspo you\'ll ever need

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
From cosmolitant-
There must be shirts in anyone\'s closet.
They are a good choice if you want to find a low one
Key atmosphere but you can dress them too!
Also, did I mention how comfortable they are?
No need to handle buttons or hooks-and-
Because you just throw them on your head, close your eyes as well. Easy!
But not so easy?
In addition to a good old pair of jeans, I would like to know what to wear.
If you need more styling inspiration, get inspiration from these celebrities and influencers who prove the versatility of a regular T-shirt.
Paired with the sportswear model Paloma Essler, her sports casual \"fit\" with the help of a quilting clutch and matching high heels \".
Decorate it with a white T-shirt with a scoop neck, highlight her necklace and finish it with a hardto-miss earrings.
Suit jacket and CutoffsA T-
The shorts shirt may look too casual depending on where you\'re going, but add a jacket and two more
Like Rihanna did here, the toned heels definitely lifted up the whole band.
With a matching SetIf, you can match
Y pieces, pair the graphic T-shirt with a coordinated suit coat and a short film of la Bella Hadid, which is definitely a good play for you;
Also, it will take you five minutes to pick it out and put it on.
Go with thick white sneakers and wear bold oblique crossbody and sunglasses on the way out.
Another lovely way to dress up a simple T-shirt with a pleated skirt and MulesAnother?
Put on statement silver jewelry like metal pleated midi, mule and Laura Khalil and you will glow and heat.
In this suit, the cool coat and HeelsCandice Huffine look avant-garde and crazy.
A striking leopard
The printed jacket and patent leather high heels are very delicate, while the black casual T-shirt and skinny jeans are not too fancy. Genius.
What\'s going on if you want to go to more drama? !
Camila Coehlo is wearing her white T-shirt with a lace bodice
Jeans, pink heels, and a bag that makes this look boring.
The popularity of colors does highlight your shoes, while street artists bring extra interest to shirts.
Go with a bold suit and wear a simple white T-shirt underneath, just like Amy song here, to keep your colorful suit all your attention.
Want to make it more fashionable?
A thick pair --
Soled sneakers will work (
Though, you look good in this high heels too).
Hayley Bieber gave some advice as a costume designer
Try the shirt dress with fishing net tights and boots.
She looks cool, right?
Pro tip: you can buy a T-shirt of a larger size (
Even the size of a man)
Make the skirt longer, or choose a skirt specially designed to make the skirt.
A pair of overall Polka
Dot overalls add a lot of fun to the basic black t-shirt.
Also, if you go with sports kicks, stylish oblique crossbody, fine jewelry and stylish oval sunglasses, you\'ll find the perfect balance between fun and fashion --i. e.
You don\'t look like 5-year-
I was old during recess.
If you are just knotting in the middle, like Ashley Graham here, it will change your whole vibe.
When worn with the form
A nice dress with a fork, white-
Hot boots, belt packs and cats-
With your eyes in the sun, you\'ll have a completely sexy, retro ensemble to start.
What we learned from cool-eyed brown France, this is the \"French tucker\" art presented by Emma Roberts.
Especially if your T-shirt is slightly oversized, this simple trick will make it look more polished.
Wear it high with distressed jeans
Top and gold-
Top handle with accent, whether you\'re on a business trip during the day or going out for the night with friends, you\'ll look neat.
You \'ve seen midi leopard skirts everywhere, and they don\'t go away very quickly. Trust me.
Since the pattern has neutral tones, you can use any T-
No matter what color shirt
Go all out with a belt bag and striped shoes and you will definitely have an eye --catching lewk.
Selena Gomez with classic jeans and white T-shirt set but green-
The dark sun and the clever metallic sneaker make it less sleepy. Opt for step-hem jeans (i. e.
When hems are not even available)
For skinny jeans with only a little extra. (
You might like it too)
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