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by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
Most sales galleries will have a model of their property, sales people and property --related talks.
However, IJM Land decided to adopt a different approach to celebrate the fashion scene in Malaysia with the work of local designers, including hosting a speech on the fashion industry at its ice gallery, Pantai Central Park.
The modern interiors and high ceilings of the hotel gallery provide a suitable venue for the event, called PSP (
Pantai Central Park)En Vogue.
During the event, Feruz Landan showed his latest collection of men\'s polo wholesale t shirts wholesale called FR Blue Label;
Finn Cai showed off her batik.
Wear range, collection of Xavier and Alfred he, footwear.
This is his fourth series, says Fairwood, marking his fourth anniversary as a fashion designer.
\"The difference between this range and the previous one is the style and detail of each shirt.
Also, I decided to choose dark shades such as denim blue and chili red instead of yellow and green because I felt the market was still conservative about the color, \"said fairuze, the label is customized by ferruz Ramdan.
On the other hand, Cai Meier hopes to re-introduce the aesthetic elegance of Malay batik by combining traditional and contemporary elements.
\"I want to inject a modern feeling through simple abstract prints to appeal to the younger generation and thus break the perception of what batik should be,\" she explained, adding that, her works are all handmade. painted.
Cai Meier\'s label is called FERN with the title \"New Batik \".
The founders of footwear labels XALF Mah and Hor brought three from their nine series-nudity, Eternal Love and Africa.
\"Our footwear combines the classic vintage aesthetics of the past with bohemian New York --
Style and meticulous craftsmanship.
We offer customized services
\"The shoes we produce allow our customers to change the design and height of high heels, in addition to having their feet measured in size to ensure comfort,\" Made revealed . \".
IJM also invited celebrity stylist and fashion critic Zaihani Zain to share her vision for fashion with guests, and in her \"are you fashion enough? ” talk.
\"The most important advice I can give you is that you can\'t create style.
If you focus on trends and details, you will know what fashion is and what fashion is.
\"Even if the budget is small, you can come up with a nice outfit.
\"It\'s not about how expensive something is, it\'s how you combine these things with the use of accessories to add the final touches to your outfit,\" she said . \".
What\'s interesting is how a real estate developer combines fashion with real estate elements.
Grace Foo, land sales and marketing manager at IJM, explains that their Xinxiang-Pantai Central Park-is a quality development project that emphasizes a quality life.
\"We\'re trying to cover every angle so everyone can find the PSP they like.
\"With the PSP En Vogue, we want to provide our guests with the exclusive look of the world of luxury in fashion and design to give them a hands-on experience of the value of Pantai Central Park.
\"Like a fashion designer who is very detail-oriented, such as stitching, the right fabric or the perfect combination of colors, every aspect of the PSP is carefully designed, to achieve eco-sustainability, community-friendly and cost-effective, \"commented Foo.
Across the 23-seat Pantai Central Park.
47ha is an integrated development project that aims to integrate seamlessly into the forest, allowing the residential and working communities to enjoy the privileged and balanced lifestyle that is integrated with nature.
Located in the new Golden Triangle connecting Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar and Badaling, via The New Pantai Expressway (NPE)
Swap with NPE, which will be ready in two years. To-
Date, the first two residential stages have started and Inwood has seen the full development
Secoya house has more than 50% of the priceup rate.
Secoya is the latest stage to introduce buyers.
It was launched at the end of 2015 and is expected to be ready by 2019.
Its advantage lies in the shallow floor that promotes sustainable living, which allows sunlight to penetrate into all units and provides plenty of natural light to provide an amazing panoramic view.
Sitting in only 1.
2ha, apartment offers 243 apartments for buyers
The area is between 1,050 square feet and 1,670 square feet.
The price starts at RM800, 000.
Total development value (GDV)is RM275mil.
For more information, please visit www.
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