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broken on the court: when the all-boy band visited the all-girl school.

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Two worlds collided today.
Fortunately, only one stereotype broke during the shock.
I was the only one who taught.
Women\'s secondary school in Oakland, California, Julia Morgan girls\' school.
Today, at the rally on Monday morning, the girls listened to the only one
The only boy chorus
Oakland boys Middle School, Pacific Boys Choir College.
From the Beatles to Backstreet Boys, yore\'s boys band will be proud of their young offspring and the noisy performances they have staged. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Before going to school this morning, the excited girls gathered in our sacred Academic Hall, emphasizing mathematics and science.
To the teachers\' great chagrin, the girls did not think about Homer\'s philosophy, nor did they discuss European geometry.
They didn\'t even whisper as usual: how cute the survivor\'s actors are, how single women choose the wrong hopes.
On the contrary, although the faculty did their best to keep the concert of the day confidential, the word was not spoken: the boys were on their way. Give Me an X!
The boys wore white shoes, baggy khaki pants, green polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, and oversized Santa hats.
They even brought a foreigner.
Exchange student plus that mysterious bad-boy flavor.
The appearance of his meditation excited the girls.
Red Level, middle-school concert-
The extreme risk of screaming once the boy starts singing.
As the band conductor prepared his young allegations, a \"ahhhhhh\", as the youngest member of the band-the necessary lovely member-wore the biggest soft Santa Claus hat, took a step forward throughout, and solo at the opening ceremony.
The boys sang while half holding all the girls eyes, ears and hearts
They rotate in the middle. school stardom.
After numerous quarrels, the boys finished their show and the girls wanted the answer: \"How old are you and you ? \"?
\"Where do you live with you and you ? \"
\"Directly to the core of things (
Directly achieve the goal of self-confidence communication between teachers and professors)
\"Do you or do you have a girlfriend?
\"Lunch time is after the morning rally, the student union gets the coveted honor of eating with the boys in a private room.
In the canteen, I often find myself meeting a group of angry female thugs at lunch time who have brought me a string of charges and complaints (
Best Direct communication)
About the school\'s preference for Student Union
Fortunately for me
School girls seem to like the same food as boys, and although they are confident, their lunch soon caught their attention.
Give me a free throw!
After lunch, there was time for the girls in the cafeteria to go to the gym and grab a basketball.
Like a hint, the boys opened the door and were immediately surrounded.
In the subsequent melee, one of the boys, without considering the consequences, grabbed the ball, aimed at the ball, shot, and watched the ball fall from the basket, sending out a satisfactory
The poor boy used his beautiful lens to unconsciously turn the middle
The collision course between the school girl world and him.
In a blink of an eye, a non-alliance, non-recognized, roughand-tumble, boy-versus-
The basketball match broke out.
The boys found themselves a visiting team packed with families in court.
Advantages of the court
It is commendable that they played bravely and attentively in the last match
To defend their broken world.
Alas, the boy band finally bears the brunt in the middle.
School world collision
Being broken in court is a deep-rooted stereotype in our society.
Maybe that\'s why I\'m single.
That\'s what sex education is.
Ian Earle is a Spanish teacher and sports director at Julia Morgan.
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