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brooks brothers steakhouse: how\'s that for tasteful shopping?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
There is a way to stop hungry shoppers from leaving the store to eat.
Brooks Brother, 195-year-
A spokesperson for an established luxury clothing company told NPR that it hopes to open a restaurant next to its flagship store in Manhattan next summer.
According to the New York Post, the restaurant will be a steak house
We believe that this is the right cooking accompaniment to provide a beautiful business suit for the moneyed suit.
This is not the only high.
Terminal retailers entering the food industry.
Ralph Lauren has a restaurant next to Michigan Avenue in Chicago and another in Paris. (
Ironically, the incarnation of Chicago
There are inspired dishes such as esscargot, tartare steak and bouillabaisse, while the menu in Paris has a full page of hamburgers and steaks. )
The tropical lifestyle costume collection Tommy Bahamas has a restaurant in about a dozen stores serving grilled tuna and rum mojitos.
At some shopping locations in Bass Pro store, an outdoor entertainment retailer, customers can order their hands
Crocodile and catfish with crumbs on the attached Seafood Grill.
Rob Goldberg, senior vice president of marketing at Tommy Bahamas, said the restaurant could be a great transport driver
Diners read the goods carefully while waiting;
Shoppers may stay for a drink.
Goldberg said they also provided the company with another way to express the brand: not only through the color and feel of the clothing, but also through the taste and aroma of the food.
\"For us, the restaurant is a very rich way to tell the story of our lifestyle because it touches all the senses.
\"Matching clothes and food is not fresh: On 1905, former Marshall Field in Chicago opened a restaurant on the seventh floor, as well as other department stores such as Macy\'s and Nordstrom\'s.
Even Ikea has the Swedish food market.
But Eric Anderson, a marketing professor at Northwestern University, says these recent catering businesses are part of a bigger trend in experiential brand management.
\"Many retailers are very focused on managing their brands through customer experience,\" Anderson said . \".
\"It\'s not just the product they sell anymore.
There are many examples of this.
Anderson points out the whole food market: not only is this the place where his students shop, he says --
This is where they date.
There is also an outdoor retailer, REI, whose flagship store in Seattle is like a climbing wall.
According to The Wall Street Journal, luxury carmaker Bugatti has launched a range of men\'s and accessories during Milan Fashion Week.
City decoration company—
It has the hipster store of the same name, as well as the anthropologist and houseand-
Terrain Garden Shop
Plans to build a shopping village in a small town near Philadelphia.
Local government officials we have interviewed say that this is still just a concept, but 6. 5-
The acres can include one-person Sports, terrain, boutique hotels, spa or sports studios and several restaurants.
Of course, not every clothing company should launch a restaurant, Anderson said.
\"If your core competency is clothing, what business do you have in running a restaurant?
Goldberg said: \"Despite this, the food business still works for Tommy Bahamas: sales at retail locations in affiliated restaurants have increased by an average of 20 to 25%.
Before trying on shirts, he said, people \"try on the size of the restaurant \".
But he also admitted that the risks were high.
Especially in terms of food.
Diners are ruthless.
A non-flavored dish, a rude waiter, or a long wait time may mean that the customer will not return to the food or shirt.
\"In restaurants, we produce a perishable item every 11 minutes,\" Goldberg said . \".
\"Every plate is a reflection of your brand.
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