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business; incognito, polyester boogies onto the playing field

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
Robert Johnson March 21, 2004 from the spring-trained baseball player, Tiger Woods at the golf course and Andy Roddick at the tennis court, more professional athletes appear in fashionable, fast uniforms and sportsweardrying fabric.
Smooth and smooth--
But it\'s not a new kind of Pima cotton, or a mixture of camel and cashmere.
What is this mystery fabric? Try polyester.
Yes, a kind of light paper.
Thin casual-
Suit material may be the hottest in sportswear.
Maybe the coolest and driest thing.
\"The clothing giant teamed up with polyester to beat the old disco pair
\"Knitting image,\" says Neil Schwartz, marketing director at Sports Scan Info, a consumer research firm in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Polyester Fiber\'s acceptance and dissemination influence in the $5 billion sports apparel industry was driven primarily by Under performance apparel, which began in 1995 and is based in Baltimore.
The company\'s sales in 2003 amounted to $0. 12 billion, including other garments such as polyester shirts, shorts and outerwear and underwear.
Kevin Plank, founder and president of Armour, said in an advertisement: \"Cotton is our goal.
Of the 10 people who exercise in the gym or play on the golf course, 7 are still wearing cotton.
Polyester is a tough sale for those who remember \"fever on Saturday night\", but more and more people are trying.
\"Advertising cotton still holds 70% of the market share in sportswear fabrics, but its grip is getting more and more unstable.
Global cotton supply has recently declined due to drought in China and Australia, both of which are major cotton growers.
\"Cotton has had a technical War with polyester in sportswear to provide the best feel and feel suitable for people to exercise and exercise,\" Black Brown said . \", Professor of Agricultural Economics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, United States textile industry center.
\"The last thing you want when you\'re in a war is to interrupt your supply line.
\"Not surprisingly, established sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok have been affected by the competition of upstarts like Under Armour and the high price of cotton, launching their own polyester
Manufacturers of other brands-
Including dock workers approved by Clint Eastwood, Levi Strauss and Tema-
Allow a higher proportion of polyester fiber to be added to some clothes, allow faster drying, and enable manufacturers to control costs.
There is a lot of motivation to use cheaper fabrics and promote their advantages: Cotton wholesale prices rose 52% last year, polyester fiber is only one now
The fourth is the price.
\"Everyone wants to keep prices the same in this economy\" and stressed the high
David Hagler, director of golf apparel at Nike, said the technical quality of their fabrics, and its Dri Fit range includes $60 polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, 92% polyester and 8% spandex.
\"We add value with artificial materials that dry faster when worn so they feel comfortable for longer periods of time,\" he said . \"Hagler said.
\"Right now, we are going beyond dry clothing to provide more wind protection, increase stretching to improve movement performance, and they are better in color and shape.
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Usually, consumers do not see the polyester fiber mentioned in the advertisement.
Instead, clothiers uses terms such as technical fabrics, microfiber and moisture management systems.
The repackaging of polyester is critical to its new success, said Lynn Carle, a marketing professor at the University of Oregon who is engaged in consumer psychology research.
\"In fashion, quality is sometimes an ambiguous concept,\" he said . \"
The improvement in polyester makes some sportswear companies swing, making their cotton garments similar to polyester in all respects.
Advertising is a production technology that has been promoted in the high-tech field.
A cotton golf shirt called Silk.
This means soaking the cotton in a chemical finish and then treating it with caustic soda solution while stretching ---
A process that expands the fiber and makes the fabric smooth and shiny, similar to polyester fiber.
Many labels point out that the costumes have been stripped. -
Not once as it used to be, but two or three times.
Rick Hendy, vice president of marketing for cotton companies, admitted: \"Silk light makes cotton shiny and used to be synonymous with cheap and man-made materials . \"
A New York-based trading group
He did not apologize.
\"Cotton must learn to be versatile,\" he said . \"
\"We must adapt and be tenacious.
\"This is what polyester does.
Born in 1929 in the laboratory of DuPont chemist W. H.
They are made of chemicals that are mainly present in oil.
Due to certain changes in the formula, it is used in the manufacture of fibers, films and plastics.
First polyester
The brand polyester suit appeared in the 1950s and was advertised as made of miracle fiber and can be worn for 68 days without ironing and still looks decent.
Polyester Fiber is so popular and cheap that many small textile mills at former gas stations have appeared all over the country.
But most of the fiber produced is so low quality that polyester is known for being cheap and uncomfortable.
Johnny Carson stepped up the fall, noting ironically in the conversation --
It shows that polyester fiber is also used to make soft monologuedrink bottles.
Today, the marketing of polyester fiber as a technical fabric attracts many people\'s shopping instincts.
\"Polyester marketers are responding by reaching out to human intuitive desires for new and certain numbers,\" said Terry schlever, vice president of fairways and green sales, a golf apparel manufacturer in Shelton, Connecticut. But Ms.
Schlever is a champion of cotton.
\"Our company is built on clothing that has a traditional look and feel,\" she said . \".
We will never change.
We have never done a polyester shirt or a polyester shirt.
\"The fairways and green brands are only available for sale at Country Club and Golf Resort shops and the price of shirts is between $70 and $80. Ms.
Schliefer admits that during the current resurrection of the synthetic fabric, she may lose some sales of clothing for at least some polyester fibers.
\"But I think a lot of these customers will come back in the long run,\" she said . \".
\"Cotton coat has a history of thousands of years.
It turns out that I don\'t think it will go away.
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Unknown, polyester Buji on the playground.
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