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buy t-shirts to help boy with brain tumour

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
Government organization (NGO)is selling T-
Shirt for six peopleyear-
Old man with brain tumor
Cheong Shuan Fung, who was diagnosed with a tumor four years ago, is undergoing chemotherapy at Ismail hospital in Sudan (HSI)in Johor Baru.
Chang Wuhong, his 43-year-old father, said his son was blind.
\"What I really worry about is that he has no appetite.
\"He is currently protected at HSI due to a high fever,\" he said when he met.
The frequency of chemotherapy will depend on the condition of his son, Cheong said.
He said several NGOs contacted him after seeing his son on social media.
Qiongmin Khek Songshi Yek Cultural Association raised funds to build houses and sell T-shirtsshirts.
Donations will be donated to Shanfeng.
The chairman said they hold a fund.
Fundraising activities held in conjunction with the Winter Solstice Festival (Dong Zhi).
\"Dong Zhi is also a United celebration and we want to honor this spirit by helping an Feng,\" he said . \".
Meanwhile, Fauziah Mokhtar, deputy head of Pulai PKR division, asked Johor welfare department to help families.
\"We want Malaysians to lend a helping hand,\" she said . \"
To help, call Cheong at 016-709 8735.
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