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by design : an entrepreneur who is successful to a t

by:QiMeng     2019-10-05
The slogan on the chest of Skyler Thomas illustrates all this: \"I can\'t even think directly.
\"From the beginning of 1990, when he conceived a T-
Shirt like this-your-
Face the comments because \"no one knows I\'m gay\", \"What\'s the difference between being gay\" and \"wardrobe is used to wear clothes\"year-
The old humorous actor is panting.
Over the past four years, what he called the Calver city company \"Don\'t panic\" has grown into a company with a market value of $2. 5-
Millions of businesses including wholesale business and Mail
Order Catalog ((800)45-PANIC)
Retail (
West Hollywood, New York, Miami Beach, San Francisco and Providence, Pa. )
Stores, excluding those opened last month in Soho, London.
Although many gay and lesbian men quickly accepted Thomas\'s ideology and began wearing his Ts as a symbol of unity and pride, others ---
Straight gay man-
Hesitant about the blatant information.
\"They\'re definitely on the verge of being annoying,\" admitted Thomas . \".
Even some gay people are not sure if they like them.
\"Some critics argue that it is dangerous to promote one\'s sexual orientation in a world full of gay bashing.
Thomas agreed that \"people must be wise in what to wear and where to wear\", but he also believed that his clothes could help eliminate gay stereotypes.
\"By default, a certain number of people are just homophobic,\" he said . \".
\"They have never decided how to deal with gay people because there are no people in their lives who are ostensibly gay.
Many of these people just laugh when they see someone wearing one of my shirts (In the message)
It\'s not necessarily a monster to see people wearing it.
At that moment, the obstacles disappeared.
\"Still, Thomas says he has never intended to be a spokesperson for the gay rights movement.
More entrepreneurs than activists, he thought of doing T-
A shirt for money. making scheme.
\"I came up with some gay themes because of Los AngelesA.
\"The gay pride festival is coming and I think I might get a booth,\" he recalls . \".
Thomas convinced a friend to lend him $6,000 to buy the equipment he had installed in his spare bedroom in his West Hollywood apartment and went to work.
\"I printed 75 T.
Shirt, think either too much or not enough.
\"On the same morning, he returned to the press he had used.
\"When I got home, I flipped through the wardrobe and printed everything clean,\" Thomas said . \".
By the end of the week, he had sold 500 shirts and recovered most of his investment.
\"It\'s really wild.
People walk into the store and ask if they have \"no one knows I\'m gay\" shirts that the whole country knows by the end of the festival.
\"Lisa Minelli was an early fan.
The tired artist did a tough show in New York and asked Thomas to print her a T-
Shirt with \"Don\'t Panic.
\"Thomas ended up using the words as his company name.
* Within a few weeks of the gay pride celebration, shops with a large number of gay followers started calling to order.
Skyler completely changed the whole T-
\"The shirt thing,\" said Dennis Swan, buyer of Drake department store on Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Avenue.
He left the comedy behind.
\"Thomas also managed to bring some of his men\'s and women\'s general shirts into chains like Merry --Go-
Round and Messi Pioneer Square in New York.
In fact, these stores and other similar stores make up 40% of the company\'s retail orders.
With the growth of the business, its product portfolio is also growing.
A best-selling book is a glass Christmas tree ornament with a ribbon of AIDS awareness;
Part of sales revenue (
Nearly $200,000 so far)
Go to the United States to do AIDS researchAmFAR).
Other items that don\'t panic include everything from OUTch!
Coffee cups, key chains, wallets, handbags, beach towels, jewelry, watches on temporary tattoos and metal AIDS awareness ribbons and baseball caps on \"bad hair day.
But 80% of sales still come from Ts.
\"For a generation that has no way out and no one talks about their homosexuality, the shirt has become an identity,\" said Thomas, who moved out of his apartment, moved into a rental house in West Hollywood.
\"They are a symbol of something bigger than us.
They told us it\'s okay to be gay.
It feels good.
\"Skyler Thomas, a man who sampled slogans from Skyler\'s information --bearing T\'s.
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