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by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
The father of Robert Ruak once said that you have to be crazy to be axk (or goose)hunter.
There is an undeniable masochism in every death.
Waterbird Hunter--
Such a person would rather sit in the eyes of a wet duck than watch football on a comfortable sofa.
When the weather forecasters are excited to post travel advice and suggest that it is best to spend the weekend in it, we immediately start collecting and stacking equipment to prepare for the duck hunting activities in the morning, when our faithful hounds diligently observe with thum\'s slamming tail and raised ears. [
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Modern foul, of course. weather gear--high-
Tech coat and baselayers, bulletproof wading, better insulation, water-
Gloves and hats fall off-
Venture into the kind of weather that makes ducks and geese absolutely kill themselves, and I took a bite.
Today\'s waterbird gear keeps you dry when wet, and dry when cold and comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature has prepared for your favorite swamp or stubble. [
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Labels like Gore
Tex, thin oil, wind
Sai Quan
Heathave to go-
Any duck and goose wing technology.
When the first duck or goose in the early morning puts down their mesh landing gear, you may still tremble uncontrollable, but this is more likely due to her excitement than to numb feet, roughsoaked skin.
You can rely on modern fabric to keep rain and snow wet on the outside and on the warm side, the best wading, though it gets through a bunch of bayonets and Beaver inserts
Holes and the latest camouflage patterns allow you to disguise from the most terrible birds. [
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Today\'s waterbird clothing is better in every way. [
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Pattern and material of realtree max-
4 HD camouflage provides maximum effectiveness in openterrain or your favorite waterbird haunts, whether it\'s an open-air playground, cattail point, or flooded Wood.
The pattern combines the realistic, layered elements of cattail, millet, Milo, corn cob, sunflower, oak and maple leaf, cedar and oak limbs, plus a wide variety of other plant life, become the biggest camouflage art in the hunt industry. [
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Outdoor activities create three water birds
Hunting specific camouflage patterns. KW-
1 was developed to hide the ground blinds in the harvested fields, but also to mix well in light
Colorful terrain and wetland vegetation.
The pattern of swamp grass is narrow.
Because the leaves of these plants are the same size as Reed, red and flooded corn.
The buck brush was designed from the duck\'s view in the air, using blur and in-
Focus the brush on a slightly darker background to keep it neutral
Tone, woodland look.
From field blinds to gun cases to blind bags, all three patterns can be found on the width of the Avery Waterbird hunting product. In addition.
Mike\'s Prairie Wings have a wide variety of wading, wool jackets and trousers, medium-thick shirts and trousers, and layered wool with an average camouflage pattern.
Moss Oak duck blind camouflage specially designed for waterfowl.
Duck Blind includes digitally copied images that cover almost any environment on the North American flight.
When it is observed from the Bird\'s field of view, it is mixed so well that it is as effective in cornfields as in flooded Wood.
The pattern includes a base of real dirt color, two
Representing shades of wet and dry ground, featuring layered elements of millet, wild oats, corn straw, Reed, Johnson grass, soy and natural grass, creating 3-D effect. [
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The woodland CAMO system Flyway pattern provides camping nets. Ultra-
Lite mesh with polyurethane coating and military series are available.
Each includes UV treatment, 100% waterproof material and polyurethane coating
Die resistanceresistant. The 3-D, leaf-
Like a net of leaves, color
Reversible, lightweight, durable, quiet and sand-free.
From minus 40 degrees to 140 degrees, it is processed to eliminate gloss or glare and is available. [
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Columbia Sportswear jacket and the ground floor provide comfort and functionality for hunters
Heat up the water.
Waterproof and breathable fabric is completely sewn
Seal to prevent wet and cold temperatures.
Parka features a detachable adjustable wind shield with balls
The brim, underarm ventilation and plenty of storage in the pocket.
The shorter length is ideal for wearing on a wading bird.
Wader Widgeon waterbird bib is made of waterproof and breathable fabric with very good seamssealed.
The insulated bibs have a stretch
Zip back and lower leg.
Bass pro shops redhead shooter waterbird system includes an amazing lightweight and durable shell that combines with the company\'s six-clueless backbone waterproof film and adds micro
Layered thermal insulation for warm reflections without volume and retention of 97% of body heat.
The ventilation system helps to adjust the body temperature, while the loader pocket and waterproof zipper allow a full range of movement during shooting.
Shooter coat and jacket includes a snapshot
Detachable hood, waterproof pit zipper, double storm flap, twoD-
Rubber Ring-
Shoulder and Elbow, neoprene/velcro-
Closed zipper, waist cord and rubber zipper.
Cake in your pocket
Hidden Storm-
Flap chest with waterproof zipper, chest magnetic closure card holder, two front speed loader housing and safety arm.
Extra coats included
Long rear, while the jacket is cut by bomberstyle.
The shooter bib is the same structure as the ShooterParka/jacket.
The harness system features a mesh back flex design with you while shooting or walking.
Wool in your pocket
Lin kangaroo, two front slashes wool-line hand-
Warm and two front quick loader housing
Stay away from storm flaps and drainage grosses. Rubberized-
Knee pads, sides-
Extended chest panel and fulllengthankle-to-hip two-
Waterproof zippers are also included. [
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Beretta Gore, USA
TEX waterproof shell-waterproof and breathable through GoreTex.
Case with fleece neck liner, removable hood and none
Slip shoulder butt. Waterproof-
Zip, chest and handsWarm pockets.
Adjustable closed cuffs, tuck-
Flap in closed magnetic pocket, drain-grommeted box-
Case load strengthening pocket, side entrance, back extension, bottom stretch-string, hand-warmer-
Pocket control internal waist stretchstring and bi-
Swing back has introduced other features.
Xtrema Bibs includes insulation to keep you warm
Keep it dry and comfortable even when sweating.
Other features include connection and adjustable heavy-duty-
Shoulder strap on duty, channel quiltedinsulation, heavy dutyduty two-
Zipper, waterproof closure.
Napoleon andrupp
Warm pocket, elastic side corner support, groomed cargo pocket with waterproof zipper, Stride-
Easily prefabricated knees, 18-inch over-
Start the cover flange and start the close tab. [
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Cabela\'s waterbird wool sweater and vest helps hunters stay comfortable on the coldest and coldest days with no shrinking layers.
100% of the cloth
The knitted wool structure includes a layer of breathable wind shear film that cuts off the strongest wind and stays warm in bad weather.
They are provided in Advantage wetamouflage and can be worn separately on dry days, including a jumper design with a button
Neck and hands-warmer pockets.
The vest includes a Berberfleece lining that captures extra heat and a complete
Zip with handswarmer pockets.
Synthetic jackets and vests can be worn in the early days or in the warm mid-term
In the late season.
Low weight, loft-affordable synthetic down-
It\'s like a natural fall, but there\'s no tendency or high-priced label to take pictures.
Jacket zip-up front slash pocket, one complete
Zipper length, high collar, zipper
Waist and elastic cuffs.
The soft, quiet polyester case and taffeta lining make it quiet and comfortable.
There are chest bags and two front bags on the vest.
Look for it in Realtree Max
Blind Oak duck.
Waterfowler\'s bird belt allows hunters to carry basic blind or field gear, plus a limit on the number of ducks ---
Put the weight on your waist and remove it from your shoulder.
Cushion waist panel stable package and provide back support when wading or standing knee
Deep in the swamp.
It has three storage bags, a mesh security bag with a key holder, twinwater-
Bottle/thermos cup with six rings-and-
Ring bird strap, attachment-
Ring and 10 easy-
Elastic shooting-shell loops.
It came from inRealtree Max-4 camouflage. [
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Drake waterfowl system MST (MID-
Seasonal technology)
Air-proof clothing and WINDPROOF air-proof vest with high matching
High quality wind-proof laminate that blocks even the worst wind but provides breathability. Both are water-resistant.
Jackets and vests include vertical Magnattach call pockets with magnetic closure, vertical safety pockets with zipper closure, and lower hands-
Warm pocket with zipper.
Both cars feature Moss Oak and Realtree and several popular camouflage patterns in black and olives. [
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Filson polartec shooting jumper is ideal for layering underwear or wearing alone on warm days.
It is insulated but highly breathable, lightweight and durable. The hard-finish mid-
Light weight, smooth surface, so no
Pilling, fast drying, isstain-and water-
The elastic-resistant cuff fits comfortably around the wrist and slides under the jacket for easy layering.
Including left-andright-
Stitched starburst shooting pad
Rope hem, Quarter-
Zip neckline and two zip front pockets.
Waterbird/Uplandcoat is a classic concealer-
Hunting jacket for water-repellent,wind-resistant 8. 5-
Mask cloth with Oz cotton oil finish.
One of its biggest features is the frontloading, nylon-
Lined game bag with groyststo drainage.
The shorter cut can accommodate a push or hip belt.
Comfort facilities include moleskin-
Lining collar with snapLabel front, woollinedhand-
Warm pocket, right-
Shoulder-to-shoulder shooter pads, adjustable snaps and an expandable bellows pocket large enough to hold a whole box of housing.
Under armour\'s radar-aiming anti-aircraft gun jacket is durable rip
Stop the fabric to maintain a strong barrier against briars and obstacles.
TheSkysweeper also uses the proprietary armourstorm waterproof/wind-proof/breathable structure to keep you dry and warm in the most inpatient situations.
It also includes fleeceling to better maintain body heat.
Other features include a UA shootingshoulder patch that increases the comfort of shooting and offers a magnetic call shop to keep the equipment organized and convenient, with digital patterns or Moss Oak duck blind
The cold gear base is the ultimate base for moderate to extreme cold weather, designed to maximize warm and moisture transport while minimizing volume.
The soft, brushed inner layer is locked in warmth and quickly extracts moisture from the skin to evaporate. Compression-
Fit the model to relieve muscle fatigue.
They can also be in a loosefit Quarter-
Zipper shirt-
Fitted leggings and high collar shirts.
The ground layer can be obtained in some Moss Oak and realistic tree camouflage patterns. [
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Gloves and hats * bass pro shots redhead enduraskin head cap light weight, soft and comfortable with elasticityfitting.
Smell included-
Control the treatment to make it fresher, temperature-
Adjust the fabric design to provide comfort for the warmest early days
The coldest season recently --season dates.
For the life of the hat, the smell control agent will never wear out.
It also includes powerful stains
Release and fastdry technology.
Light weight, wet Strut zone gloves
Sweaty gloves with acrylic fiber
Warm knit case. Quick-
Dry materials make them ideal for use alone in the early seasons, or in the waterproof glove lining when the temperature drops sharply.
They have rubber palms to make sure to hold your shotgun firmly when wet or frozen, and to maximize dexterity when loading or handling equipment.
The most suitable size [
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* The Columbia Sportswear horicon marsh gloves are waterproof and feature thermal reflection and insulation technology to keep warm and dry in any weather.
The baby couple, herricon swamp Hatfeatures, is the same.
Heating Technology and foldingup earflaps.
* Classic American Beretta ball cap, 6-
The panel baseball cap, which provides a handsome touch in the warm early season, is worn under a coat or in town while running errands.
The basic model includes the overall camouflage finish, while the other has leather trim on the edges in addition to full camouflage coverage.
Adjusting the strap can accommodate almost anyone.
When shooting on bright days, wide sides can keep the sun away from your view, or it rains when the weather warms. [
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* Armour hurlock gloves are made of high water-
Lightweight wear-resistant breathable material that allows maximum flexibility when loading or handling gears. Thefour-
The way to stretch the fabric is to use it alone on a cold morning, or as a glove lining in a heavier hand --
Wear clothes when hunting in extreme weather.
They include durable nylon surfaces and silicone grippalms to finally control wet or cold guns.
Blind-eating Moss Oak duck.
* Jesse outdoor clothing offers premium custom embroidered hats
Shirts, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and other clothes.
They will put your company name and logo on the shirt and hat of your choice, with various styles, colors and camouflage patterns.
Features embroidery designs for hunting dogs, ducks, geese and other game species. [
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Pants under water pants shoes * CABELA\'s Super Heavy ziptough andleak-proof.
The Super Duty zipper allows the hunter to quickly and easily answer the call of nature without undressing.
Don\'t block the way you get your shotgun.
Durable armor-
The flexible fabric covers 5mm of neoprene to prevent puncture, 200-
In the freezing condition, the gram dilute acid super insulating material can keep the feet baked.
They also include separate left and right hands.
Warm chest bag and double D
Accept the ring of most accessory bags.
Available in Realtree Max4. [
Slightly] Illustrations
* Drake waterbird system mst mudder knee boot is a mixed boot of neoprene and rubber combined with Drake DawnTo-Dusk (D2D)
Multiple in Comfortrac systemlayered foot-bed and sole. The 17-
Designed for active hunters, Inchboot provides ankle support in unventerrain and is self-traction on all surfaces
Clean the lugs sole.
The 5 mmneoprene liner provides insulation and cushioning.
Other features include calf adjustment with heavy duty angle
Toe guard and back foot guard-
Off tag, available in olive if or Realtree Max-4. MST (
Mid-season technology)
The character of the big Han wading bird is the same as the success of the Drake wading bird.
The Big Man Series includes an expandable side panel and an oversized accessory for better accommodating tall men.
Main features include rechargeable call pocket, shop mall with waterproof zipper, internal hand warmer, adjustable boots
Lok system, durable HD2 reinforcement
Wear area with buckle
Free shoulder straps, 6 front-
Casing and 600-
Grammy shoes.
Old classmates camouflage pants can be used in MST (
Mid-season technology)and LST (
Technology)Eqwader line.
The old camo series features effective, retro-
Take a look at the \"brown camo\" and past Moss Oak patterns.
Drake brought back the original shaded grass pattern with Moss Oak for the old-fashioned Camo wading bird. Despite back-to-the-
These wading people maintain their height --
Technical Construction and useful functions for severe waterfowl. Realtree (800)992-9968 realtree.
Outdoor activities (800)333-
Average 5119.
Oak Tree ()662)494-8859 mossyoak.
Camo Unlimited (866)448-
2266 camounlimited.
Sports clothing in Colombia (800)622-6953 columbia.
Com bass store/Red Head (417)873-5028 basspro.
Beretta, USA800)929-
2901 berettausa. Bella\'s (800)237-4444 cabelas.
Waterfowl system (866)521-
5012 drachwatercom Filson (866)860-8908 filson.
Com under (888)727-
6687 armor.
Professional stores (417)873-5028 basspro.
Sports clothing in Colombia (800)622-6953 columbia.
Beretta, USA800)929-2901 beretta.
Com under (888)727-
6687 armor.
Jessie\'s outdoor clothes800)442-
9446 jessesoutdoorwear. Bella\'s (800)237-4444 cabelas.
Waterfowl system (866)521-
5012 water birds.
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