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by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
It\'s a very annoying thing to hit a bird. -
Or at least we hope so.
When snow and rain fly, when the wind blows white sand like a knife, when the temperature drops, ducks and geesecan almost kill themselves.
On the most windy days, a thick layer of warm clothing keeps us warm, but waterfowl hunters also need medium-weight clothes in cold weather, especially in the early seasons of the South latitude even in teal and Canadageese, or in the snow of spring, those perfectly warm days --goose forays.
The biggest brand in the outdoor clothing industry provides a comfortable environment for duck and goose hunters.
Choose from a waterproof, insulated foul-
Weather gear can keep precipitation, wind and cold in the bay, or stay comfortable on warm days, as moisture management means sweating, rather than keeping the elements outside.
Even the classic wader has been modernized: Although the thicker neoprene style will definitely retain the location of any waterfowl Arsenal, the lighter, breathable style will keep you in
These days, it\'s easy to stay comfortable while hunting ducks or geese.
The following is just a sample of clothing that can achieve this goal. [
Slightly] Illustrations
REALTREE is the pinnacle of Bill Jordan\'s years of experience in designing and marketing camouflage patterns, Realtree Max-
4 is a pattern that provides maximum effectiveness in the open terrain and in your favorite duck swamp.
The pattern blends the realistic, layered elements of cattail, Xiaomi, Milo, corn cob, sunflower, oak and maple leaf, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life in the hunting industry\'s largest camouflage artwork.
Latest camouflage products, Realtree AP,. k. a. All-
Purpose, there are all the details to make it work, whether you are from the bottom of the river bank, the flooded wood, or from the blind in the wild.
The color and layout of the pattern is neutral, open, high
Contrast and reality.
The AP design takes into account the nature of the mother and the impact that the washing machine will have over time, and even if it is worn out badly, it remains in contrast. [
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Discount 3 for camouflage unlimited CamoSystems
Size required for any waterbird.
The real network imitates life.
Like leaves, fight against harsh environments by UV treatment with waterproof polyurethane coating and rot/mildew
Resistance formula.
CamoSystems uses reversible, shiny-
Free color for light and durable, remaining sand
Free and flexible at temperatures of minus 40 to 140 degrees.
The new 2011 m, net offers a flight mode.
Outdoor activities create three water birds
Hunting specific camouflage patterns. KW-
1 was developed to hide the ground blinds in the harvested fields, but also to mix well in light
Colorful terrain and wetland vegetation.
The pattern of swamp grass is narrow.
Because the leaves of these plants are the same size as Reed, red and flooded corn.
The buck brush was designed from the duck\'s view in the air, using a combination of Blur and interior
A slightly darker focus brush on the background gives it a neutral-
Tone, woodland look.
All three patterns can be found in the breadth of Avery Waterbird hunting products, from field blinds to gun cases, to blind bags, in addition, there are also waders, jackets and pants avery camouflage patterns featuring medium and thick shirts, trousers and layered wool. [
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Moss Oak camouflage designed to find waterfowl.
The duck eye mask includes digitally reproduced images that you can see in any environment on your flight in North America.
When it is observed from the bird, it blends very well.
Eyes see, as effective in the cornfield as in the flooded Wood.
The pattern includes the base of the real dirt color, two
Features layered elements of millet, wild oats and corn straw, representing wet and dry ground.
Reed, Johnson grass, soy and natural grass increased by 3-D effect. Break-
Up infinity uses six separate deep layers for real detail and clearer definition, which effectively breaks your profile and covers the wood and sitehunt settings.
The latest progress of this breakthrough
The Up model uses advanced digital technology to create more depth and vision
The confusing contrast is combined with the perfect realism. Break-
UpInfinity is available from more than 100 Moss Oak license holders such as clothing, hunting accessories, guns, etc. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
The Drake waterbird system eqeq wader jumper and jacket is designed to be paired with wader or bibs in a variety of camouflage patterns that blend with any outfit and environment.
They now include the updated HyperShield 2.
0 waterproof technology to increase air permeability and waterproof ability.
Rubber zipper in the middle
Trunk lanyard and a magnetic chest pocket to hold the phone of your duck or goose and make this your choice
Wear a jacket for the stadium.
Avery is outdoors, who needs to be blind when you have killer GhillieSuit?
These include lightweight nylon
Mesh liner with ventilation net and KillerWeed ghillie material to help you hide in the Edge environment by covering the human profile.
It can be worn on the lamp clothes in the early season, or on the insulated dude when the temperature drops.
The suit is available in full-
The terrain and open countryside can be integrated with any background or vegetation.
The top and bottom are sold separately, one size fits all. [
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Bass professional store bone-
Red Skull with dry film-Kawarshaak 4-in-
1 Wader Parka is waterproof and breathable.
Thin oil on the body, Hood and arm, rough appearance, torn fabric at the curtain, reinforced stitching at high
The pressure zone makes the park very durable.
The coat also includes a large hood, collar, adjustable cuffs with neoprene, large cargo pocket, collar-
Warm, internal security pocket and zipperoff game bag. [
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Gore Beretta
Tex waterproof shell jacket-waterproof and breathable through Gore
Tex, including fleece neck liner, removable cover and none
Slip shoulder butt.
Medium for cold
In winter weather, the zipper of the jacket protects the sleeves, chest and handswarmer pockets.
The pocket of the Shot shell remains practical and stretched internally
String ensures perfect fit.
ToastyXtrema Bibs includes more insulation to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Heavy-
Any size Hunter can adjust the shoulder strap and the quilting insulation makes these bibs the warmest pair you \'ve ever had. [
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Colombian sportswear are shivering in the cold hunting history.
Company executives-
Now, the noch camouflage water bird jacket uses a technology that eliminates moisture and provides heat boost without static electricity or bulk.
The waterproof coat also includes a reversible underliner, a removable adjustable hood and plenty of pockets.
The shorter length means that it is perfect when worn with wading birds. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
FILSON Guide waterbird sweater is designed for serious duck and goose hunters with water and other functionsrepellent oil-
Finish material on shoulder and outside arm for moisture and wear resistance. The shelter-
The fabric is also wrapped around the wrist to keep the arms dry while resting on the knees while sitting on the wet wading for a long time.
The waist and interior are woven from the first-cut merino wool.
This versatile sweater also includes a right
Patches and buttons should be taken to control ventilation. [
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Under armour created Skysweeper Extreme, which is constructed of 100% polyester fiber and is waterproof and breathable, blocking the most lasting elements. A three-
Layering starts with full coverage, using an ultra-lightweight, durable scratch-resistant material that is also wind-proof and waterproof, adding breakthrough film for more weather
There are more on this coat
When the temperature drops quickly, the soft fleece lining provides excellent warmth and comfort. A six-shell-
The circulating housing bracket helps keep you ready for a quick reload. [
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Under armour developed a model with three-
Layered protection system starting with soft poly
Comfortable wool face, then wind
Moisture-proof film to enhance weather defense.
A comfortable flight is the last barrier against elements. Light butheavy-
Located on the arm, shoulder and hood, Duty material provides additional wind-proof and waterproof performance for your shooting shoulder, as well as additional padding. [
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Ubder armour Wader pants are part of the Skysweeper collection of waterbird clothing designed for comfort when working under a neoprene or breathable Wader.
Including 200-
Fast construction with four weights
Stretch in a way to eliminate uncomfortable shifts and bindings when moving.
Foot horse stir keep the trouser legs not sliding while pulling the wading, they will be wet to keep dry and comfortable, even when hiking to the distant blinds or setting up bait[
Slightly] Illustrations
ONYX hunting clothing with exclusive weather-
Proven technology in the Arctic
Shield waterbird coat and bib with headto-
Prevent snow, sleet or any other late toes-
The harm of winter.
Coloring with Max-
4. This coat is full of details that any waterbird Hunter can appreciate: zip pocket, extended back seat, non-
Slip shoulder and chin cover with Hook/ring closure unit.
Camo bibs includes accessory rings, adjustable snow skirt cargo pockets and zip pockets for additional storage.
The analog collar andlegging form of the evolution of the under armour ColdGear base includes smooth, elastic fabric, improved fluidity andaccelerated drying time.
The Fiatlock seam remains comfortable to wear under other layers, and advanced technology neutralizes the microorganisms that cause the body to smell.
Both the shirt and leggings allow the skin to moisture faster and dry, allowing you to stay on the court for another hour.
Mocks include shoulder sleeves to promote a full range of sports.
They offer camouflage patterns in Realtree and Moss Oak, as well as black. [
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Gloves and hats AVERY outdoor neoprene hand warmer made of 3mm neoprene, waterproof seams and spacious wool
Hand compartment with lining.
They include 10 shot shell loops, two flap pockets with Velcro closures, a large zip back pocket, three elastic choke tube sleeves, a snaphook key ring holder and a zip to store all the extra essentials waterproof pocket for valuables.
The oversized knit cuffs and two queen-sized hooks can also connect the hand warmer to your wading.
It is adjusted to 60 inch in Moss Oak Shadow grass or rest-Up camo. [
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FILSON adopts the traditional structure to make the medium-weight curtain insulation cap tough, weather-resistant and stylish. A classicsix-
The panel ball cap design keeps your head warm and dry on the swamp, it also includes earmuffs, which can be folded to the inside when it\'s cool, and then when it\'s colder outside
Crown is insulated with black nylon lined polyester quilting. The 3-
Inch bill will give you shade when shooting the duck or goose on top of your head in bright sunlight, and the elastic band will guarantee comfort even in strong winds. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
Under armour\'s radar aimed at the cold of the invention of the anti-aircraft gun gloves-
Bad weather hunting water birds in wet environment.
This old glove includes a latex hand that adds feel and grip, as well as a waterproof upper, designed with a corner brace to fit the sleeves of the superwaterbird jacket.
This shape ensures that your hands and arms remain dry and warm while dealing with wet bait or helping your hound to board the ship.
The gloves are lined with wool, add warmth, and blind camper in Moss Oak ducks. [
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ARMOUR Flex insulated camping gloves 100% water-
Prevent dry hands and keep warm in the coldest weather with 80 grams of insulation.
These gloves are made with grippypalms and can hold onto your cold shotgun or muddy bait firmly.
An adjustable cuff keeps ventilation and water in place.
Gloves are provided in AP or Max
4 and Moss Oak rest-
Or blind disguise. [
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Under Armour, wool peas are just tickets for temperature drops, wind blows and Early Cold
Take a boat tour in the morning.
This hat is part of a cold gear selection designed for demanding elements, including a 100% wool structure for high weightto-
Warm ratio and low profile, so it does not interfere with vision or shooting.
Provide beans in Realtree AP or Max-
4 Moss oak trees to rest-
Up or duck blind camouflage option, or five solids-
Color combination.
Jesse\'s outdoor clothing offers quality custom embroidery on the hat
Shirts, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and other clothes.
They will put your company name and logo on the shirt and hat of your choice, with various styles, colors and camouflage patterns.
Embroidery designs featuring hounds, ducks, geese and other game species are available. [
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The DRAKE Big Man series waders are loaded with the same features as the Drake waders and have been a huge success, it also includes scalable side panels and oversized accessories to better accommodate
Main features include rechargeable call Pocket Shop with waterproof zipper, internal hand warmer, adjustable boots
Lok system, durable HD2 reinforcement
Wear area with buckle
Free shoulder straps.
6 front shell rings and 600-
Grammy shoes.
Blind in Moss Oak Beach or duck, orRealtree Max-4. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
DRAKE waterfowl system provided in DRAKE (
Mid-year technology)and LST (
Eq wader series of Eqschool camo series features high efficiency and retro
Check out the brown camper and past Moss Oak patterns.
Drake teamed up with Moss Oak to put the original shaded grass pattern back in place for old-fashioned campus stakeholders.
Despite the time back camouflage-
It is wise that these players stay high
The technical structure and useful functions for serious waterfowl. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Bass pro store warm and durable, Red Skull-
The dry extreme wading is ideal for finding waterfowl, keeping it dry and comfortable even after several hours of kneeling;
Standing crouchingThe three-
The Ply stretch case is resistant to puncture and wear, and the other layer of neoprene makes up the outside and stands up in the worst weather. A high-
The back design allows for deeper wading and the boots that come with it are covered in disguise to keep the Hunter in disguise.
Look for them during the Moss Oak break
And RealtreeMax-4. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Visit the shallow cabela\'s-
Water curtain, jump
In muddy rivers or lying in muddy fields, shooting ducks while shooting geese, this sturdy but flexible Millennium safari wading jeans are perfect.
They fit comfortably, with regular hunting pants but include light, lace
Boot Construction, cargo pocket on legs, waterproof zip fly and button waist and belt ring to work with BuddyLokaccessories.
Also included are removable elastic straps.
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