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caroline flack heads to her high-street fashion launch after saying love island \'shouldn\'t be made a scapegoat following reality star deaths\'

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
On Thursday afternoon, Caroline freak was photographed heading to launch a fashion partnership with River Island.
The 39-year-old Love Island host caught her eye when wearing a yellow-structured suit jacket and a small black denim shorts, giving her the enviable full display of her reclining legs.
Rocking the palm of black and white-
Caroline is wearing torn denim shorts and a pair of patented cardigan shorts. she is petite.
High toe boots
Caroline spent a long time in Spain preparing for the show\'s hit.
Expected to return, the host showed her gorgeous glow.
Show off her French manicure, a strict star with the pilot-
Stylish shades and loose waves wear her golden hair.
Caroline looked very unhappy without any effort, highlighting her features neutrallytoned make-
Smooth lips.
After Caroline defended the island of love, two former players Mike tallasitis and Sophie Greaton unfortunately committed suicide.
While she sympathized with the tragedy, she told Metro: \"Reality TV should not be made a scapegoat.
It\'s about young singles having fun and getting to know each other in an amazing villa under the Spanish sun.
She also revealed that all islanders were taken care of before and after their stay on the island and \"suggested that these issues are much more serious than ITV2 Convention \".
Since then, ITV has revealed that islanders will receive social media and financial training and psychological help within 14 months of the end of the program.
Jeremy Kyle was fired after a guest committed suicide and the channel was criticized but the money-
Not Maker Love Island.
On Wednesday night, Caroline went to Instagram in a Q & A and revealed her new clothing collection on River Island. The 22-
The Holiday Collection today includes dresses, belt denim shorts, luxurious satin shirts and printed matching suits.
Caroline was found to have come to a river island store in central London and shook some of the collection.
In a recent Q & A, Caroline also revealed that she hasn\'t seen any new island lovers yet.
\"I \'ve been working on it so I know all about them, but I didn\'t see them until they were in the village,\" she said . \".
She also admitted that if Love Island was there when she was young, she would be happy to attend if she had not yet become the focus of the public.
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