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carteret, old bridge consider uniforms for students

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
Midland County-
Next year, for some students who live in Old Bridge and Carteret, pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale may be the required outfits.
Officials from two school districts in the Midlands county are discussing whether to adopt the school uniform policy.
They said the move could improve school safety, curb peer pressure and eliminate distractions in the classroom.
They will be authorized to wear uniforms along with a few areas of the state.
Matthew sullikowski, a school board member who led the initiative, said a survey would be sent to old bridge residents in January asking if they would approve the policy.
Sullikowski wants a khaki clothand-
Starting next year, primary and secondary school students and high school generals in 2011 will need polo uniforms.
This policy will affect 16-10,000 students
School district, he said.
Sulikowski said he had the idea after finding that about 20% of public schools across the country have a unified policy.
The biggest reason, he said, is safety.
\"Anyone can enter the building and you can\'t tell who these children are,\" said Sulikowski . \".
\"They all look similar because they wear whatever they want.
With the uniform, you can pick it on the spot if the intruder really enters the building.
Although most schools have strict dress rules, only about 24 New Jersey schools have a uniform policy --
It includes Plainfield, Trenton, Neptune City, Newark, Atlantic City and Asbury Park.
In Middlesex County, a primary school in New Brunswick, two secondary schools in Woodbridge, and Perth Amboy students from kindergarten to eighth grade all need school uniforms.
Regional spokesman Brian Wilson said that Amboy High School in Perth is now scheduled for implementation in 2011.
A recent trend is that schools offer clothing menus.
Frank bellessio, a spokesman for the New Jersey School Board Association, said that students can wear clothes on the approved program list there.
Students at Carteret asked for school uniforms, and parents said some students were under pressure to keep up with the fashion trend.
Dozens of parents lobby the school board of directors, which has set up a committee to investigate the bringing of school uniforms to 4,000
Student district next year
Fred Gesler, vice chairman of the school\'s board of directors, said only a few parents opposed it.
\"It\'s very expensive to keep up with the Jones couple,\" Gerstler said . \".
\"This also takes away the learning time when you have any distractions.
This is another problem to eliminate distraction.
Carteret considered uniforms in 2002, but when officials learned that the area would have to pay about $200,000 for a low purchaseStudent income.
The question now is once again whether the area is affordable.
But Gerstler says uniform prices are lower now and there are sales even in places like Wal-Mart --Mart and J. C. Penney.
Gerstler said that the uniform proposed by Carteret
This may include collar shirts, khaki cloth pants, skorts, skirts and shorts for the summer months --
It could affect all five schools in the area, including high school.
Kenneth Popovich, principal of Carl Sandburg Middle School, Old Bridge town, said he liked the idea of unity because it would relieve pressure on parents and school officials if students were to dress too provocative, they must condemn them.
Senior Bridge School Board member Abhisit Desai said school uniforms could be 75% cheaper than what most students are wearing now.
But he admits the policy could kill himself. expression.
\"It\'s a bit far from the creativity that students can show,\" Desai said . \".
\"It makes it a 1984-
Beautiful environment.
New Jersey Local News Service reporter Aliyah Shahid has contributed to the report.
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