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casual is working full time

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
\"People always ask me if I\'m interviewing for a new job,\" she said, as insurance executive Tara Guizot went to the Century City office in a rare suit . \".
The trend of casual wear has grown to today, 27-year-old Matt Smithyear-
Old Century City lawyers are seeking a \"connection\" on Tuesday \".
\"He wants to go to work in a suit, but he knows he will be laughed.
Instead, Smith wears a tie every Tuesday, hoping others in the office will follow suit.
So far, there is a couple.
\"It\'s just something interesting,\" he said . \"
Forget leisure Friday
In many workplaces, as the company\'s dress code has replaced fedoras and white gloves, it is casual every day.
From executives to receptionists, office workers now wear almost everything they want, sometimes revealing more cleavage, tattoos and body fat than colleagues
The workers want to see.
T-style of clothingshirt-and-jeans-
More than a decade ago, Silicon Valley\'s tech giants had even spread to law firms, accounting firms and corporate headquarters ---
The traditional fortress has kept Brooks Brothers generations of salesmen busy teaching customers how to fold the silk pocket square.
Polo shirts, sweater sets and custom casual pants--
What do many companies think is \"business leisure? -
Has given way to the sling top, rubber flapflops, T-
Shirts and jeans
This trend has even triggered
Pros choose a more buckled rebound-down look.
\"Wearing a tie was once a qualified sign.
But it\'s consistent to wear clothes now, and it\'s rebellious to wear clothes, \"said Robert Stephens, who founded the geek team Best Buy.
Computer Maintenance Service
Team members exercise for a short time
White shirt and black tie.
Credit young workers, who brought who-cares-what-I-
The attitude of wearing, their compartments, leisure-everyday trend. The hip-
Jeans and Silk
Their favorite screened T-shirts have caught up with the aging baby boomers, and many of them have started their careers from a closet full of pinstriped \"power\" suits.
Many women think they no longer need to dress properly.
Be taken seriously in the office like a man.
Today\'s casual wear also reflects the needs of parents who want to stay comfortable in staff meetings and their children\'s football practice.
Employers who used to take a hard line with suits and pantyhose realized that they could lose valuable employees unless they relaxed.
Many see their loose dress code as a potential recruitment tool.
\"It really helps us, especially for workers in Gen X and Gen Y,\" said Miriam vardak, senior vice president of Virginia International.
Some young workers told her that they would not consider a potential employer if they had to wear a suit and tie.
But today\'s lax dress code raises tough questions for managers, such as what is acceptable and what is too hasty, offensive or exposed.
Whether formal or informal, most companies have dress codes.
\"The company wants to be neat and clean, one notch higher than what you might wear at home,\" said John Challenger, head of recruitment firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.
But some workplaces seem to have given up hope.
General Mills, packaging food giant
, There are no formal rules until the middle
Spokesman Kirstie Foster said that 1990, now just ask the staff to \"dress for your day \".
The company recommends that \"in the days when employees schedule meetings with customers or external customers, traditional business attire may be more appropriate. \"Credit --or blame --
T-Wait starshirt-and-
Apple Computer ceo Steve Jobs in jeans
Because of the demise of ties and pencil skirts
If they can take off their suits and still be rich, many people think they should be free to do so, said the challenger.
This also explains that this shift is accidental.
Baby boomers \"feel the need to express themselves through work and become winners on this stage,\" said Peter Ross, partner at market research firm Yankelovich Inc.
Mannes dressfor-
He said the success suit worn by many young women in the 1980 s with a soft bow proved the ambition. But as Gen-
Xers entered the labor market at the end of 1980, \"they don\'t feel the need to show the feeling of \'I have to be a winner,\'\" Ross said, although many people are also driven. Gen-
Also known as the Echo wave generation-
Between the ages of 18 and 26. -
\"There is a more relaxed set of standards, and they particularly dislike being told what to do,\" Rose said . \".
He said a bare mid-waist or cargo pants might look sloppy for people in baby boomers, \"but in the Echo it would say, \'I need comfort.
The interview of \"echo tide\" wearing the nose ring without thinking, while the peak period of birth or root
\"Xers will think you\'re crazy,\" Rose said . \".
At the age of 29, Olga Shmuklyer, a public relations consultant in New York, crossed the line between Generation X and Generation Y.
\"My generation just wants to stay comfortable at work, but I can see how older people see us and think we\'re too casual,\" she said.
\"Older staff also do the same when dealing with children, sick parents and their own leisure activities.
\"People are too busy now,\" said Marshal Cohen, chief analyst at marketing information company NPD Group . \".
\"They are getting more and more into generic products and they can go to work and gym in it.
\"No one goes home again between each activity;
\"They don\'t have time or gas,\" he said . \".
Cohen said the fashion industry took advantage of the casual shift in clothing tastes, with $250 worth of jeans and $300 worth of jewelry flip --flops.
However, even some designers who profit from this trend are surprised by the casual dress of employees today.
\"You can\'t wear open clothes when I work at Marshall Field University --
Toe shoes, no matter how hot it is in the summer, you always have to wear hoses, \"recalls Anne Cahill, director of merchandising and design at Liz claiberne Inc.
Now she sees \"I \'ve never dreamed of wearing something to work\", including the woman who recently wore a bra on the floor --Top without straps.
\"For example, who did it? \" she said.
\"We are contributors to this situation,\" admitted Cashill . \". The New York-
The US-based company owns Super
Casual Juicy collection of fashion and Lucky Brand Jeans.
\"It\'s a very good thing for many of our businesses,\" she said of leisure trends . \".
The popularity of casual shoes has exceeded one of the last office dresses. no\'s --bare toes.
Guizot, vice president of insurance, said her workplace lifted the ban about a year ago.
Employees are still asked not to wear rubber flip covers
She said, \"but a lot of people will.
\"However, when the employees crossed the line, the executives of other companies told awkward conversations. At Merit Cos.
Employees dress in violation of the company\'s dress code-
For example, those wearing shorts and flip covers
Top with slippers or straps-
Sometimes they are sent home to change clothes.
Most people admit their mistakes.
Angela Genaro, director of human resources at Aliso Viejo, said stand up and take gentle condemnation with ease
Property Management Company.
\"When an employee said, \'Oh, when I got dressed this morning, I thought it might be suspicious,\" she said. I was always surprised.
But in some high
Technology companies, even rubber flip covers
The flip flops do not lift the eyebrows. \"Flip-
MySpace I Parker, 28, is the purchasing manager of MySpace. \"slippers are my summer shoes,\" she said . \".
Com in Beverly Hills
On the most recent business day, Parker was wearing jeans, a water-colored vest with lace and black beach shoes everywhere.
She said that she and her colleagues worked very long, so \"it was good to work in an environment that was not too tense about appearance\", although they did dress up for meetings with customers.
The decline in weekend clothing has now triggered some counter-trends, Cohen said.
Especially the baby boomers, he says, are trying to \"separate themselves from the younger generation \".
The same is true for ambitious junior professionals.
This reversal is most obvious in men.
Sales of men\'s custom clothing totaled $5.
1 billion compared to $4 in the 12 months ended.
According to the data of the NPD, the previous year was 6 billion.
Sales of women\'s custom goods have been flat.
Victoria Johnson says she has never bought a business casual dress.
\"For me it means the business is sloppy,\" 47-year-
She\'s in charge of Los Angeles.
Management consulting company.
Wearing a navy straight dress with a jacket, high heels and pantyhose, Johnson said she thought \"Your appearance is your business card;
It will speak before you speak.
\"A good first impression ---
Or at least memorable. -
12 years ago, when Stephens started the geek team, that\'s what he wanted.
A year later, after watching the movie Apollo 13, the moment of \"aha\" came.
\"Everyone at NASA mission control is in uniform ---
Shorts, black pants
White long sleeve shirt and clipon tie.
They just don\'t know.
\"NASA doesn\'t even wear it like this anymore,\" Stephens added . \" But his customers like it. *(
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Dress for Success?
Here\'s where some people think it\'s appropriate to be in the office.
Traditional business leisure-
Casual suit (men)
Suit (wool trousers)women)
Casual pants NowBusiness casualKhaki (men)
Custom Navy casual pants (women)Way-
Hawaiian shirts, Oxford shirts, casual jeans (men)
Cargo pants rope (women)
* Silk tie (men)
Bow silk top (women)
Temporary business-
Polo shirt (collar)men)
Silk scarf sweater twin set (women)Way-
CasualGold chain (men)
Stretch vest (women)
* ThenWingtip shoes (men)Leather pumps (women)
Now business personnel (men)Flats (women)Way-
Casual shoes (men)Beaded flip-flops (women)
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