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chabad california launches friday light campaign

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
Chabad in California is launching a massive campaign to encourage Jewish women to Light Shabbat candles.
33 years ago, Lubavitcher Rebbe launched the first campaign to distribute Shabbat candles, and once again went all out after the group purchased more than 1 million candle packs, each candle pack is a bracelet on the wrist, along with a leaflet on prayer and information about Shabbat.
Candle packs are in Hebrew, French, Russian and English (
Photo: Israel
In preparation for the \"Friday\" campaign, t-
Many volunteers will distribute candles across California, and they print shirts.
A special group was also set up to provide information on candles
Lighting time around the world.
Rabbi Ali Bateman, an active member of California\'s Chabad, the project\'s behind-the-scenes planner, said the organization floated a \"test balloon\" for the project last year, in which they distributed more than 200,000
Printed shirt (
Photo: IsraelThe test-
English message is attached to the candle, but for larger candles --
The organization has printed the materials in Hebrew, French, Russian and Spanish, says Bitman.
\"The campaign conveyed to the citizens of the world the words of rubaviche Rebe about the candle mitzvah --
Said Bateman.
\"The response we have heard so far is only from the heart --warming.
\"The campaign across the United States has been a dizzying success, and now we are turning to the whole world-we are busy illuminating the world,\" he said . \".
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