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charge of the bike patrol

by:QiMeng     2019-10-05
Police officers in casual wear ride around on mountain bikes as part of a new community policing model.
Police in shorts and casual polo T-
Shirts riding mountain bikes will soon become a common sight for communities across Singapore.
Will also be closed-
Circuit television cameras at key entry and exit points of the Housing Commission (HDB)
Block and multiple
By 2016, storey\'s parking lot was designed to give police more attention to the ground.
These are just two of a range of initiatives launched by blue-clad men and women as part of major action reforms to embrace the new community policing model.
Teo Chee Hean, Singapore\'s deputy prime minister, told parliament on Thursday that changes in Singapore\'s population structure, attitudes and community needs meant that the police had to adjust their strategies. “Our front-
Front-line police play a vital role in working with local communities to address community safety and security needs, \"said Teo, who is also the interior minister.
\"In short, in our improved model of community policing systems, we will deploy more police officers on the ground to engage with the community more actively and, depending on local needs, provide closer services for crime prevention and combating crime.
\"The idea is to get the police deeper into the community so they can commit crimes --
Combat capabilities are closer to the community.
First of all, this ambitious plan will involve the re-organization of the neighborhood police center (NPCs)
Launched in 1997.
S. , the second interior minister, announced changes in Parliament
Iswaran said a criminal strike force would be set up in each center.
\"Our officials will be able to gain a better insight into the local terrain, which in turn will be more effective in cracking down on local crime.
\"Community liaison and preparation teams in each center will be strengthened to form a new community policing unit.
\"Community police will also be assigned to specific beats and will be on foot and bike patrols,\" Iswaran said . \".
\"This will enable them to build a broader network of relationships with community stakeholders.
\"In order to ensure that the new force has sufficient personnel, 450 additional officials will be recruited over time.
He said it would increase the strength of each center by an average of 13.
The Hub Network will also be expanded to 35, and by the end of this year two new hubs will be open in the western part of woodlands and Punggol.
Iswaran said the police aim to complete the restructuring by the end of 2015.
In addition to wearing more boots on the ground, police will also use technology.
\"Our experience has shown that police cameras can effectively help investigate and prevent crime,\" Iswaran said . \".
He added that while the camera will not be monitored \"in real time\", the footage recorded can be used to help solve the crime problem.
Police will start at 300 HDB blocks and multiple
Multi-storey parking in Singapore.
Bicycle patrols are a major strategy for many Singaporeans, indicating that police are fully engaged in community policing.
When the smaller community police station was introduced in 1983, the bicycle-riding police were a pillar.
Hri Kumar Nair, chairman of the government\'s parliament\'s legal and home affairs committee, said the strengthening of foot patrols has helped to establish \"greater links\" between police and residents \".
But he says people must also be \"cautious about setting unrealistic expectations \".
\"The camera can\'t cover all the incoming and outgoing routes, and even if the face of the perpetrator can be seen, there is no guarantee that he can be identified,\" he said . \".
\"Even with patrols, and while more people are present, it is impossible for the police to be everywhere all the time. ” —
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