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charity t-shirt to benefit vermont flood victims

by:QiMeng     2019-10-04
As a transplant from Vermont to California, I watched with horror the bridges, roads and houses of Green Hill state hit by floods after Hurricane Irene.
So far, although the loss of life is small, the damage to infrastructure is huge.
There are some major roads that are still impassable and I find myself wondering what I can do for 802 (
Yes, there is only one area code in the whole state).
A few minutes ago, I received a wearable answer in my inbox: Charity T-
Shirt with the words \"I am with VT\" printed with the outline of the state.
Creator, Rochester, Vt. -
Independent apparel company based in Vermont
Has promised to sell all profits for $25 shirts (
An estimated $15 for a shirt)
The Red Cross is trying to get absinthe back on its feet.
The company consists of 2 out of 7-
Adam Blair (
Who designed the shirt?
His sister, Sarah Durant, and their mother, Cheryl Harvey (She\'s the sixth one herself.
For Vermonter).
Blair said since the charity T-
The shirt started live at about 9: 00. m.
About 55 tickets on Tuesday, Eastern time (
Many shirts)
Already released.
The shirts can now be booked online and are expected to be printed in September 15, Blair said.
\"They will ship from New Hampshire so we don\'t have any problems with delivery,\" Blair told The Times on the phone on Tuesday . \".
\"You can tell people, T-
We also have shirts on our website. -
But they will not ship until the postal service is restored.
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Gucci has launched a $100 bracelet to benefit Japan\'s earthquake relief efforts.
Fox Foundation and Polo Ralph Lauren made dog tags for Parkinson\'s disease research-
Adam TschornPhoto: all profits sold by independent Vermont apparel
I\'m with VT T.
Shirts will be sent to the Red Cross to benefit victims of the recent floods in Vermont.
Credit: Independent Vermont apparel company
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