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charlottesville exposes new threat for college campuses

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
On college campuses, white supremacists and others
Right-wing extremist groups see fertile ground for spreading information and recruiting followers.
But for many universities, the deadly attack at a rally near the University of Virginia last weekend exposed a new threat.
The rally in Charlottsville left universities across the United States. S.
Prepare for more clashes between extremists and protesters against them.
It also puts schools in an increasingly tense situation as schools try to ensure campus safety in the face of recruitment efforts by white nationalists and new immigrants
Nazi groups upgraded outside of campus flyers and online messages and balanced it with freedom of speech.
\"People are more and more willing to go to the streets,\" said Sue riselin, former police chief at the University of Wisconsin --
Madison is the executive director of the International Association of law enforcement officers on campus.
\"It looks like something that might be a little bit in the shadow has turned into sunshine, and now it\'s exposed to the outside and everyone can see it.
\"On the eve of Saturday\'s rally, young white men wearing kha pants and white polo wholesale t shirts wholesale marched on the campus of the University of Virginia, shouting racism and anti-racism with torchesSemitic slogan.
The next morning, many people wore helmets and shields and clashed with the counter.
A protester killed a 32-person in front of a car rushing into the crowd-year-
19 old people were injured. Far-
More rallies are promised by right-wing groups.
On Monday, Texas A & M University canceled plans for the September white life issues rally.
Two days later, the University of Florida rejected a request for white nationalist Richard Spencer to rent campus space for the September event.
Spencer and his supporters challenged the court.
Since colleges want to know which campus will be next, Riseling\'s team will organize a series of training activities in October to help the campus police prepare.
\"If you\'re sitting on a campus where this doesn\'t happen, think about your waking --
\"Call,\" she said . \".
Last year, racist leaflets appeared on university campuses, which experts say is unprecedented. The Anti-
The defamation Alliance counted 161 white supremacist \"offside events\" on 110 University campuses from September to June \".
Oren Segal, director of the group\'s center for extremism, said the criminals could not be considered harmless trolls.
\"A few of you may not take it seriously.
But we are concerned with those who do so. \"Said Segal.
Matthew Heimbach, 26year-
The old leader of the white nationalist traditional workers\' party admitted that distributing leaflets on campus was a cheap way to generate media coverage.
\"If it triggers the right people, a dollar worth of paper can be $100,000 for media attention,\" he said . \".
As a student at Towson University in Maryland, Heimbach made headlines by forming a \"White Student Union --
A group that the school refuses to formally recognize
And information like \"white pride\" scrawled with chalk on campus sidewalks.
His college days have passed, but Heimbach still sees the university as a promising place to expand his team.
He says college students are managing four chapters of his team.
\"The whole dynamic has changed,\" Heimbach said . \".
\"At the white nationalist conference 20 or 30 years ago, I used to be the youngest person.
\"The foundation of the ideological market, a selfdescribed \"alt-
The \"yes\" non-profit education organization says it is providing legal aid to students who have \"hate facts\" posters or leaflets hanging. \" The \"alt-
\"Right\" is an anti-white nationalism.
Jewish and anti-Semitism
Immigration populism
Jason Van Dyck, a lawyer for the Foundation, said he represented a student at Southern Methodist University, who was accused of posting leaflets on campus last year, saying, why shouldn\'t White women date black men?
Van Dyck added: \"The student has not been suspended or dismissed.
\"Just because a speech makes someone uncomfortable or offensive, it doesn\'t violate the student code of conduct,\" he said . \".
Dozens of schools have publicly condemned the violence in Virginia this week, and some have learned that they have enrolled students at the rally \"Unite the Right.
The University of Reno, Nevada, said it opposes prejudice and racism, but concluded that the expulsion of 20-year-old Peter Cvjetanovic \"has no constitutional or legal reasons\"year-
An online petition requires old students and school staff who attend the rally.
Other schools, including Washington State University, condemned the rally, but did not specifically target students attending the rally.
Campus leaders say they have taken a thin line in the fight against messages from hate groups.
Many people try to protect language. even if it is offensive, they realize that hate language makes students feel unsafe.
Some schools are trying to counter extremist messages through town hall and activities that promote diversity.
Others are trying to avoid drawing attention to hate speech.
After posting leaflets last year to promote white supremacy at Purdue University, Mitch Daniels, president of Purdue University, declined to discuss the incident in detail.
\"It\'s a transparent effort that can entice people to overreact and thus give them the very small marginal group attention they shouldn\'t get, and we refuse to do that, daniels said in a statement at the time.
Cameron Paget, 23year-
Georgia State\'s senior, before he decided to organize a speech for Spencer this year, only set foot in campus activities. Padgett sued —successfully —
Spencer spoke at Auburn University on April after the school tried to cancel the event.
\"My motivation from the beginning was freedom of speech,\" he said . \"
Padit called himself \"an identity\"
Not a white nationalist.
Insisting on \"fighting for the benefit of the white man\" does not make him a racist.
Padit said he was not harassed for working with Spencer and was not afraid of any harassment.
\"There are a lot of people just sitting behind the keyboard,\" he said . \".
\"But if no one wants to show their faces, what do we do?
\"As a freshman at Boston University last year, Nicholas forntes looked for other students who shared his ideas
The view is correct, but most of them find political relations on the Internet. The 19-year-
The old man started his own YouTube show and spread his views through social media.
But when he heard about the \"unity justice\" rally in Virginia, he seized the opportunity to build connections in the real world.
\"From online to actually assembling somewhere,\" he said . \".
\"We shake hands and we look into the eyes of others.
In fact, we have some unity in this campaign.
Less than an hour after a car hit a group of counters
Protesters, Fuentes, posted a provocative post on Facebook promising \"a wave of white identity is coming \".
\"After receiving an online death threat after the rally, Fuentes has withdrawn from Boston University in hopes of heading south to Auburn University in Alabama.
\"I\'m ready to go back to my base and go back to my roots,\" he said. \"assemble the troops and see what I can do.
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